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20 beautiful tourist destinations in the North that you must visit once in your life

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The North is the cultural cradle of a thousand years of civilization for our nation. Therefore, this place has created many places for us to visit and travel. In particular, nature is also very favorable to the Northern landscape, creating tourist destinations that attract millions of domestic and foreign tourists every year, and we definitely have to go once in our lives. Follow HoaBinh Tourist to explore the top 20 attractive destinations in the North now.

1. Hanoi: 36 streets with thousands of years of civilization

  • Address: Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Advantages: There are many places to visit, preserving much of the ancient architecture.
  • Disadvantages: Some areas are not cleaned well.

Although located in the heart of the busy capital, the old town still retains its ancient culture and architecture. This place includes 36 streets, and each ward sells a different type of clothing. Some other locations in the inner city of Hanoi are: Thang Long Imperial Citadel, West Lake, Hoan Kiem Lake Walking Street, December 19 Book Street, Ta Hien West Street,...

Coming here, we can buy typical products and souvenirs of Hanoi to take home as gifts for family, friends, and relatives. The bustling, busy atmosphere of the streets and roads, but somewhere in the old town, there are still ancient, peaceful corners of previous generations.

2. Sapa: Cloud hunting in the foggy city

  • Address: Sa Pa, Lao Cai, Vietnam.
  • Price: About 550,000–750,000 VND per person.
  • Opening hours: 7:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m., from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: Majestic scenery, wonderful scenery.
  • Disadvantages: The air is very cold because it is very high.

The air is completely fresh, but the temperature is quite cold, which will also be a wonderful experience for domestic and foreign tourists. If you have the conditions, definitely come here once in your life to feel and witness the highest place and majestic beauty of Fansipan Peak.

Fansipan Peak is not only the roof of Vietnam but also of Indochina. Its massive height created a majestic scene. When you come here, you can almost touch the clouds. Some other places in Sapa, such as Stone Church, Ham Rong Mountain, Muong Hoa Valley, Ancient Stone Beach, etc., that you should not miss.

3. Ha Long Bay, Quang Ninh: The beauty of the world's natural wonders

  • Address: Ha Long Bay, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh.
  • Price: About 290,000 VND per person.
  • Opening hours: 8:00–18:00, from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: clean, spacious, beautiful and majestic scenery.
  • Disadvantages: There are quite a lot of tourists, so you have to jostle.

It is one of the famous caves located in the Ha Long Bay area. The cave is located on Bo Hon Island and was discovered by the French in 1901. Hearing the name of the cave, we also know that its majestic and magnificent beauty makes everyone who comes here amazed.

If you have been to Ha Long Bay, you must definitely visit Sung Sot Cave once to see all the beauty of this place. There are also other beautiful and famous places, such as Hon Ti Top, Ba Vang Pagoda, Lan Ha Bay,...

4. Cat Ba Island, Hai Phong - Pearl island in the middle of the Gulf of Tonkin

  • Address: Cat Hai, Hai Phong, Vietnam.
  • Price: About 12,000–165,000 VND per person.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: There are many places suitable for taking photos, including many hotels and resorts.
  • Disadvantages: During some peak seasons, there will be a lot of tourists, making it difficult to book a room.

The Cat Ba archipelago has more than 300 large and small limestone islands; each island has a different shape and nature. This place is no less beautiful than Ha Long Bay, but its beauty is still a bit wild.

Cat Ba Island is a place that combines forests and mountains. Majestic wild natural forests, beautiful beaches. That has attracted many tourists who like the sea and the mountains. If you have the opportunity to come here, don't miss this beautiful place that nature bestows!

5. Co To Island, Quang Ninh: Unspoiled Beauty

  • Address: Co To, Quang Ninh, Vietnam.
  • Price: About 230,000–250,000 VND per person.
  • Opening hours: 6:00 a.m. from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: wild beauty; many places to visit.
  • Disadvantages: There are not many types of transportation, and tourism services have not yet developed much.

The Co To Island occupies a quite small area; the shape of stacked rocks creates a unique feature of the island. Here, you will admire the wild, but no less beautiful, natural scenery.

The gentle scenery, clear blue sea water, and long white sand beaches are a very suitable place for those who want a peaceful relaxation space. If you don't have a place to travel yet, this is an ideal place you can consider.

6. Ban Gioc Cao Bang Waterfall: Majestic beauty at the Border

  • Address: TL 211, Dam Thuy, Trung Khanh, Cao Bang, Vietnam
  • Price: About 50,000 VND per person.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: extremely fresh air; impressive and majestic natural scenery.
  • Disadvantages: There are not many tourist amenities.

The waterfall is where the borders of Vietnam and China meet, so it attracts many tourists from both countries. Being greatly favored by nature, the waterfall has an extremely wonderful beauty.

Combined with majestic nature, there is extremely fresh air and a very peaceful space. The sound of the waterfall creates a piece of music amidst the vast, vast mountains and forests. If you have the opportunity, come here once to fully experience the beauty of this beautiful waterfall.

7. Ba Be Lake, Bac Kan—charming scenery

  • Address: Nam Mau, Ba Be, Bac Kan, Vietnam
  • Price: About 26,000–46,000 VND per person.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: beautiful and poetic; fresh air suitable for holidays; and tiring working days to relax.
  • Disadvantages: Tour ticket prices are still a bit high.

Ba Be Lake is a famous ecotourism destination in the Northeast in particular and in the North in general. If you have the opportunity to go to the North, come here once and you will not be disappointed. Coming here, visitors will be immersed in the fresh air and beautiful scenery of the country. Not only that, we will enjoy special dishes that are only available here.

This place is also home to different ethnic groups. Traveling to this location will help you not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but also expand your understanding of the cultures of the ethnic groups.

8. Nui Coc Lake, Thai Nguyen—miniature Ha Long Bay of Thai Nguyen

  • Address: Thai Nguyen, Vietnam
  • Price: About 130,000 VND per person.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: large, airy space.
  • Disadvantages: It is quite crowded on holidays and weekends so you have to squeeze in.

Although Nui Coc Lake is an artificial lake, its beauty cannot be denied. There are many places to visit and entertain here, so we can bring relatives and friends here to travel on weekends.

Amusement spots in the Nui Coc Lake tourist complex include caves, water parks, and Thieng Thac Vang Pagoda. In addition, there are many restaurants and popular eateries with delicious dishes, attracting many tourists. Come here to rest and have fun with your family when you have the chance!

9. Ba Vi, an Ideal weekend tourist destination

  • Address: Ba Vi National Park, Van Hoa, Ba Vi, Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Price: About 10,000–60,000 VND per person.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: many places to visit, poetic scenery, peaceful space, close to nature.
  • Disadvantages: This is very large, so walking will be tiring.

Ba Vi National Park is like a natural museum of our country. This is one of the largest national parks in our country in the North. The national park is not completely exploited and renovated. The beauty and majesty of nature, plants, and animals are still very well preserved. This is a natural forest seemingly immersed in the magic of mist.

With a number of tourist attractions such as Thien Son Suoi Nga, Ba Vi ancient church, cactus greenhouse, Son Tinh Camp, Khoanh Xanh Suoi Tien,...contributing to creating the characteristics and attracting tourists to National Parks.

10. Yen Tu Mountain: Spiritual tourism, towards the Origin

  • Address: Thuong Yen Cong, Uong Bi City, Quang Ninh, Vietnam.
  • Price: About 40,000 VND per person.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: beautiful scenery, rich flora, and fresh air.
  • Disadvantages: The mountains are quite high. If you walk, you will be very tired.

Yen Tu Mountain is a very suitable place for those who like fresh air and quiet space. Favored by nature, the mountain has many beautiful landscapes suitable for those who like to live virtually.

And especially, there are many temples built, creating a sacred and peaceful feeling. The plants here are very rich and diverse, contributing to painting a colorful and vital picture of nature.

11. Mai Chau, Hoa Binh - Rustic beauty among the mountains and forests

  • Address: Mai Chau, Hoa Binh, Vietnam.
  • Price: Free.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: Majestic, wild scenery, fresh air.
  • Disadvantages: The road is a bit difficult to walk.

Located west of Hanoi, Mai Chau is a district of Hoa Binh, about 130 km from Hanoi (about 3–4 hours by car). Mai Chau attracts tourists with the rustic beauty of the mountains and forests and the hospitality of the people here.

Coming to Mai Chau, you will have the opportunity to admire the beauty and feel the wonderful culture and cuisine here. The terrain is a valley, so Mai Chau's climate is always cool and pleasant. You can come to Mai Chau at any time of the year.

If you come from October to December, you will see the peach blossom garden and white plum blossom in Mai Chau. If you go in March and April, you will be able to immerse yourself in festivals and see banyan flowers, the typical flower here.

12. Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc - National primeval forest

  • Address: Tam Dao, Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam.
  • Price: Free.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: Majestic, wild scenery, cool air.
  • Disadvantages: Few places to play.

Tam Dao is surrounded by the Tam Dao National Primeval Forest. This place has fresh, cool weather, with an average temperature of 18 degrees Celsius. This is an ideal destination for resort tourism and eco-tourism thanks to its fresh nature and cold air.

You can come in any season of the year. In addition, Tam Dao also has many destinations that you should not miss, such as: Central Square, Tam Dao Church, Tam Dao Market, television tower, silver waterfall,...

13. Trang An, Ninh Binh - Majestic natural beauty

  • Address: Trang An, Ninh Binh City, Ninh Binh Province, Vietnam.
  • Price: About 100,000–200,000 VND per ticket.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: beautiful scenery, cool air.
  • Disadvantages: high price, crowded.

This is the place that appears in many famous movies, such as The Untold Story of Tam Cam, Kong: Skull Island, and Thien Menh Hero. Trang An Ninh Binh is a place that always attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit and explore.

Nature has created a majestic Trang An Ninh Binh with many beautiful landscapes that move people's hearts. The ideal time to go to Trang An Ninh Binh is from January to March of the lunar calendar. This is the time when the sky is clear, and many festivals take place at this time. You can both visit and attend the festivals.

In addition, the weather from November to December has a lot of rain and bad weather, so you should not travel to Trang An at this time.

14. Moc Chau, Son La - Northern mountainous landscape

  • Address: Moc Chau, Son La, Vietnam.
  • Price: Free.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: Northern mountainous landscape, mild climate.
  • Disadvantages: The road is a bit difficult to walk.

Moc Chau is a district located in Son La province, about 180 km northwest of Hanoi. This place has four distinct seasons, characterized by the highlands, so the climate is mild and cool all year round.

If you come to Moc Chau in each season, you will feel different characteristics. In general, Moc Chau's climate is cool all year round and is an ideal destination to travel to at any time. 

Moc Chau is famous for historical relics such as Dai Yem waterfall, Son Moc Huong cave, pine forest, Phieng Luong peak,...

15. Do Son, Hai Phong - "famous port land" beach

  • Address: Do Son, Hai Phong, Vietnam
  • Price: Free.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: many beautiful beaches.
  • Disadvantages: Crowded with tourists.

Do Son is a district of Hai Phong, located about 20 kilometers southeast of the city center. This is a resort with many beautiful beaches. This place also attracts many visitors who want to visit, swim and climb mountains. From Do Son, you can also take a speedboat to Cat Ba, Ha Long Bay, and Tuan Chau to visit.

You can visit at any time of the year, but this place is most beautiful at the beginning of the year and in the summer. At the beginning of the year, there are often festive activities, visits to Ba De temple, and the Dau Island festival.

16. Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai - The most beautiful terraced fields in Vietnam

  • Address: Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai, Vietnam.
  • Price: Free.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful.
  • Disadvantages: Still wild, the road is a bit difficult to travel.

Mu Cang Chai is located about 300km northwest of Hanoi. This is a place famous for its beautiful terraced fields. Every ripe rice season makes everyone who comes here flutter.

Every September, many tourists from everywhere come here to admire the most beautiful terraced fields in the country. In addition, in May and June, the scenery here is also beautiful during the pouring water season.

Attractive places here include: Tu Le Town, Khau Pha Pass, La Pan Tan Terraced Fields, Lim Mong Village, Thac Mo, Thai Village,...

17. Huong Pagoda - Sacred land of Buddha

  • Address: Huong Son, My Duc, Hanoi, Vietnam.
  • Price: Free.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: Majestic and ancient scenery.
  • Disadvantages: Crowded, prone to theft.

Huong Pagoda is located in Huong Son commune, My Duc district, about 50km from Hanoi city center. This place is known as one of the most unique spiritual destinations. Huong Pagoda is also a place with many other ancient and sacred temples and pagodas.

The Huong Pagoda Festival is very famous and is the reason why many people from other places come here. The festival lasts for 3 months, starting on January 6 and lasting until the end of March.

The main routes that you can choose when coming here are Thien Tru-Huong Tich, Long Van, Tuyet Son, Thanh Son...

18. Tam Chuc Pagoda: Ancient beauty in the middle of a mountainous Land

  • Address: Ba Sao town, Kha Phong commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province.
  • Price: Free.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: Majestic, ancient scenery.
  • Disadvantages: wide, so walking is quite tiring.

Tam Chuc Pagoda belongs to the newly formed spiritual tourism super complex project in Ha Nam. This is considered the largest temple in the world.

With a landscape of up to 5000 hectares and many rare treasures. This place is located in a very spiritual position, with the back of the pagoda being That Tinh and the front being Luc Nhac Lake. In here, there are also six islands that are said to represent six bells from heaven.

Outstanding works in this complex include the Jade Pagoda, Tam The Palace, Phap Chu Palace, Quan Am Palace, Tam Quan Gate, and the International Meeting Room.

19. Dong Van, Ha Giang - Beautiful wild stone plateau

  • Address: Dong Van, Ha Giang, Vietnam.
  • Price: Free.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: Majestic, ancient scenery.
  • Disadvantages: wide, so walking is quite tiring.

Dong Van is located 160km from Ha Giang city. This is one of the special limestone areas formed by environmental conditions and development periods spanning hundreds of millions of years.

Dong Van is a place that preserves ancient features from afar, in addition to showing the bold culture of highland people and the most typical cuisine here. In addition, there is also an old town and an old market with architecture dating back hundreds of years. 

20. Van Don Quang Ninh - Majestic natural beauty

  • Address: Quang Ninh, Vietnam.
  • Price: Free.
  • Opening hours: from Monday to Sunday.
  • Advantages: Majestic, ancient scenery.
  • Disadvantages: wide, so walking is quite tiring.

Van Don Quang Ninh is an island district located about 50km from Ha Long city center. This place has wild beauty, majestic mountains and beautiful beaches. In addition, you should also try the cuisine here because seafood is highly appreciated for its nutritional content and freshness.

You should go to Van Don in the summer. At this time, you can see the clear blue sea water and the long stretch of fine white sand. In addition, if you want to immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of festivals, come in the 6th lunar month. From the 10th to the 20th of the 6th lunar month, the Quan Lan festival takes place. This is a festival praising the national heroes who sacrificed their lives against the Yuan Mongols.

Hopefully, HoaBinh Tourist's article will help you have the best perspective to choose suitable tourist destinations. For any information you need advice on, please contact our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.


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