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Admire the romantic ocean scenery at 5 ocean view cafes in Vung Tau

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"Capturing" the romantic, charming ocean scenery in one of Vietnam's leading coastal cities is always a travel experience sought after by many tourists. Quickly make a check-list of 5 sea view cafes in Vung Tau right here so that your exploration journey this summer will have more interesting options. Let's explore with HoaBinh Tourist these 5 sea views that are as good as distilled water.

1. Soho Coffee

  • Address: 66 Ha Long, Ward 2 (Dua Beach), Vung Tau City

Soho Coffee is an extremely hot sea view cafe in Vung Tau that is sought after by many tourists during their trip to the coastal city. The restaurant is located right on the vibrant Ha Long Street, a prime location that creates favorable conditions for you to combine with your schedule to visit other tourist attractions in the inner city area.

The facade of this famous coffee shop in Vung Tau stands out in white, and the inside area uses two gentle white and blue tones to help the shop become extremely luxurious and sophisticated. Soho Coffee impresses with its spacious, airy design and focuses on using many trees and flower vases to create small "chill" corners for visitors to comfortably relax.

In particular, the direct view of the romantic ocean scene is definitely the "golden" highlight that makes the Soho Coffee space much more valuable. With this classy background, no matter where you stand, you can take photos that are as beautiful as those of a magazine.

2. Gazebo Beach Front Lounge & Cafe

  • Address: 90 Ha Long, Ward 2, Vung Tau City

There is certainly no need to promote too much about Gazebo Beach Front Lounge & Cafe, one of the extremely famous sea view cafes in Vung Tau, located on bustling Ha Long Street.

Gazebo Beach Front Lounge & Cafe is located right in front of Front Beach, a prime location that allows visitors to admire the panoramic view of the poetic and romantic ocean. The cafe space is designed to be airy with lots of green trees, and the seating areas are arranged in "golden locations" so you can take quality photos with a charming sea backdrop.

Besides the experience of watching the sea, this interesting Vung Tau tourist destination in the evening also has exciting music performances, DJs, etc. Young people who are looking for a vibrant entertainment stop, don't forget to add this impressive name to your list of "must-try" experiences. Coffee shops on weekends are often very crowded; if you plan to visit, you should book a table in advance.

3. Small Male Sunset

  • Address: Village 2, Long Son commune, Vung Tau City

Duc Nho Sunset is a sea-view cafe in Vung Tau, located about 30 minutes by car from the city center. Although located relatively far from the inner city, the store still attracts a large number of tourists from all over to experience entertainment, relaxation and photography with the vast, charming ocean background.

Duc Nho Sunset Space is designed to be open so that visitors, no matter where they sit in the restaurant, can still see the romantic sea view. The restaurant's menu includes basic dishes such as cocktails, mocktails, juices, coffee and some snacks for you to enjoy while relaxing.

In particular, while experiencing the above-sea view cafe tour in Vung Tau, visitors also have the opportunity to participate in boating for 199,000 VND per hour—an interesting tourist activity you definitely should not miss at Duc Nho. Sunset. In addition, the store's location is relatively close to the seafood area, so you should combine your visit schedule to explore attractive coastal cuisine.

4. Marina Club

  • Address: 03 Ha Long, Ward 2, Vung Tau City

Marina Club is a famous restaurant and lounge cafe complex located in the romantic Pineapple Beach area. This place is famous for its luxurious "tropical" space facing the sea. The restaurant's seats are arranged in prime locations on the ocean's edge, making your travel experience more romantic and interesting.

This famous sea view cafe in Vung Tau offers many travel experiences for visitors. You can comfortably relax with a strong cup of coffee and admire the peaceful sea scenery; plan a romantic meal with your loved one; hunt for the captivating sunset scene; or go virtual with countless beautiful sea and sky backgrounds like movies.

The drink menu of the sea view cafe in Vung Tau Marina Club stands out with coffee and cocktails, and for the culinary experience, the restaurant offers a seafood menu with many fresh, delicious options that are enough to satisfy your taste buds. makes all true believers "crazy.".

5. Lightroom Coffee

  • Address: 2/23 Hai Dang, Ward 2, Vung Tau City

Another address of a sea view cafe in Vung Tau that you can refer to for your coastal city travel itinerary this summer is Lightroom Coffee.

Standing out with its romantic sea view location and airy, spacious space of up to 200 m2, this cafe is an ideal stop for guests looking for a place to relax and watch the "chill chill" sea. on the Vung Tau tour. Tourists who want to visit Lightroom Coffee just need to move along the road up to the small Hai Dang mountain. At the sharp bend, go straight for about 100 meters to get there.

Possessing a luxurious European style and a vast contemporary view, the famous coffee shop in Vung Tau offers an "extremely good" virtual living location that enthusiasts of "taking photos" cannot miss. In particular, the "golden" position also helps Lightroom Coffee directly welcome the extremely romantic sunrise and sunset scenes, promising to help check-in enthusiasts hunt for countless dreamlike photos.

Above are the top 5 amazing sea view cafes in Vung Tau that HoaBinh Tourist shares with you. Hopefully, these 5 cafes will be on your list of stops when traveling to Vung Tau. If you have any questions, please contact our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for dedicated advice and support.


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