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Asia Park Da Nang: Review of entertainment experiences from A - Z

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If you are looking for a famous and bustling entertainment destination suitable for all family members, Asia Park Da Nang is one of the suggestions worth considering. This place gathers countless thrilling games and many impressive designs for you to freely live virtually. Let’s join HoaBinh Tourist to explore Asian Park, right in this article below!

Introducing about Asia Park Da Nang

Asia Park is an extremely famous entertainment destination in Da Nang with a total area of up to 868,694 square meters and is divided into 3 main areas, including a modern outdoor amusement park, a park area culture, and finally the central area with the typical highlight of the Sun Wheel.

At the outdoor entertainment area, you will see dozens of unique games famous around the world. Not only do they bring strong feelings, but they are also eye-catchingly designed with many surrounding scenes and decorative props.

The cultural park brings together art works that simulate the landscape and architecture of 10 famous countries in Asia. No need to go far; you will be immersed in a miniature Asian world in the heart of Da Nang. These countries include Japan, Korea, China, India, Nepal, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam.

And finally, when mentioning Asia Park, we cannot ignore the characteristic Sun Wheel symbol. If you have the opportunity to come here at night, you will see the giant roundabout shining brightly in the heart of the coastal city thanks to 13,000 beautiful LED lights.

Where is Asia Park located?

Where is Asia Park Da Nang located? This is the question that many tourists are most interested in. The specific address of this interesting and unique project is 01 Phan Dang Luu, Hoa Cuong Bac, Da Nang. The park is located right in the heart of the city, so visitors can easily get here without wasting much time.

Opening hours of Asia Park Da Nang

Asia Park Da Nang operates from 3:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. every day of the week. However, in order to meet the entertainment needs of both people and the huge number of tourists, the park will operate until 10:00 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Because Da Nang is a coastal city in the Central region that is often affected by climate, depending on the specific weather situation of each season, operating hours may also change.

Explore games at Asian Park Da Nang

1. Sky Treasure

Coming to Asia Park, you definitely have to try to enjoy the thrills on the roller coaster. If you are a speed enthusiast, you will definitely not be able to resist the zigzag curves on the spiral train tracks. The train carrying a maximum of 20 people rushed at an extremely fast speed of about 80 km/h for 2 minutes.

Note: The Sky Treasure game limits players to children under 120cm; children between 120 and 132cm must play with an adult to ensure safety.

2. Love Lock

Love Rock at Asia Park is a paradise for K-pop enthusiasts. You should invite your close friends or lovers to experience the musical space of the land of kimchi in this space.

Sitting on the cruise ship, you will listen to the familiar and famous melodies of famous music groups. This game does not have strict height limits; players over 1m25 can play alone. For children aged from 1m to 1m25 who want to experience the game, you need to be accompanied by an adult.

3. Dino Island

Dino Island at Asia Park Da Nang is an island of extremely interesting dinosaurs. In 1 minute and 30 seconds, you will visit the island and explore the world of dinosaurs from the prehistoric period. A very lively scene design helps visitors have realistic experiences. Children under 90cm need to be accompanied by someone when playing Dino Island.

4. Festival Carousel

In addition to heart-stopping adventure games, Sun World Da Nang Park also has a more gentle carousel festival. You will be brought back to your childhood when sitting on the brilliant round ferris wheel with sparkling lights. The wooden horses glow even brighter in the evening, spinning slowly for 2 minutes. This game is limited to children under 90cm who need to be accompanied by an adult to ensure safety.

5. Happy Choo Choo

True to its name, Happy Choo Choo at Asia Park Da Nang is a game that helps you have fun and happy experiences. Sitting on a fun train, visitors will explore the vast, deep blue ocean, which contains many mysteries. In particular, the railway tracks move quite gently, so they are suitable for families with young children.

Note: Happy Choo Choo is only for children 90cm or older and accompanied by an adult.

6. Treehouse Playland

When you come to Asia Park Da Nang, you definitely have to participate in the Treehouse Playland game. The game has a special design shaped like a tree trunk, as its name suggests.

Entering here, visitors will transform into birds, squirrels, woodpeckers and many other animals looking for food. In particular, the colorful space promises to be an extremely genuine check-in background in Da Nang for fans of virtual living when participating in this game.

7. Garuda Valley

If you want to find a stronger, more shocking and heart-stopping feeling, don't miss Garuda Valley in Asia Park Da Nang. Sitting on a roller coaster and experiencing continuous twists and turns for 1 minute and 30 seconds will surely be a feeling you will never forget. The train only has 16 seats, but the number of passengers wanting to experience it is very large, so you will have to queue for a long time. Children under 90cm should not play this game.

8. Firefly Forest

Asia Park has countless attractive games, and Fireflies Forest is one of them. Don't forget to fasten your seat belt tightly when participating in the game because you will be flying high in the sky with beautiful fireflies. It feels like you're living in a Tinker Bell cartoon.

However, Fireflies Forest limits the player's minimum height to 115cm. Children from 100cm - 115cm need an adult to play with them.

9. Ninja Flyer

How can you not try Ninja Flyer when coming to Sun World Da Nang Park? This is one of the games that attracts the most tourists, and the queue is always crowded. You will be transformed into a mysterious ninja flying in the air.

Like most other games, Ninja Flyer also limits player height to over 90cm. And children from 90cm to 105cm must be accompanied by an adult.

10. Kabuki Trucks

The last game that Ttravel must definitely recommend if you have the opportunity to come to Asia Park in Da Nang is Kabuki Trucks. If you are a car enthusiast, how can you stop being excited when entering the world of cars? You will participate in an exciting race. Convertible cars promise to bring an extremely "yomost" feeling to racers.

Note: Players from 1m to 1.15m need to be accompanied by an adult when participating in Kabuki trucks.

Other works you should visit when coming to Asia Park

Clock tower

The clock tower located right at the Sun Wheel has a special architecture that combines the cultures of 10 countries at Asia Park Da Nang.

A dragon boat sprays water

Sun World Da Nang's dragon boat dock has an area of 20 square meters located right on the banks of the romantic Han River. You will be able to breathe the cool air blowing from the river while admiring the bustling city.

Maitreya Buddha statue

The Maitreya Buddha statue is placed in a solemn position on the grounds of Asia Park Da Nang. The statue is sculpted entirely from monolithic stone, is 4.7 meters high, and weighs up to 20 tons.

Play area for EFC children

Families traveling with children can take them to the EFC play area. This place includes many games such as tubing, car racing, ball house, air gun shooting, carnival games, electronic slot machines, etc., which are extremely interesting.

What should I eat at Asia Park Da Nang?

Coming to Asia Park Da Nang, visitors have many dining options, from popular to high-class, from Da Nang specialties to foreign dishes. Within the park, there are restaurants Panda, Ninja and Jummie that specialize in serving Chinese and Japanese dishes. In addition, you can also go to the buffet restaurant, which has more than 100 different dishes.

Asia Park Da Nang is truly an entertainment and dining complex for all ages, from the elderly to children. HoaBinh Tourist hopes you will have wonderful relaxing moments here with your friends and loved ones! For any information you need advice on, please contact our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.


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