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Conquering Capital Land With Hanoi Travel Guide

Unknown 19/06/2023 20

Hanoi 36 streets, Hanoi street iced tea, Hanoi lemon tea, etc. are short and simple descriptions, but can gather all the most simple things of the land of the capital of a thousand years of civilization. If you are curious about these simple things, please save the following HoaBinh Tourist experiences that we share.

Hanoi 36 streets still always keep the old nostalgia

Tourist season in Hanoi - Season of the nostalgic

Weather in Hanoi is divided into four distinct seasons. Each season here brings its own beauty that no other place has. Therefore, visitors can travel here at any time of the year.

  • Flowering season:

Hanoi is always full of flower seasons all year round: January peach blossom, February ban flower, March lotus flower, September - October lotus, milk flower, October - December chrysanthemum flower...

Be mesmerized by the poetic scenery in the blooming season in Hanoi

  • Autumn - early winter:

This is the time that is always chosen and given and poetic with so much romance. Hanoi from autumn to early winter is the most beautiful time of the city. The weather at this time is less hot, the sun is mild, in the cold, there is also the scent of milk flowers spreading sweet fragrance throughout the neighborhood.

Autumn goes - winter comes, Hanoi has a new look

Famous destinations in Hanoi tourists should not miss

Concentrating in the city center are places that should not be missed when coming to Hanoi.

Hoan Kiem lake

Located right in the heart of the capital is Hoan Kiem Lake - a lake associated with the history of the capital. Around Hoan Kiem Lake is a historical architectural body, becoming one of the must-see places for anyone when traveling to Hanoi.

The relics related to Hoan Kiem Lake area include: Turtle Tower, Ngoc Son Temple, Dai Nghien, The Huc Bridge, Pen Tower...

Hoan Kiem Lake - a famous destination loved by many tourists

Hanoi's Old Quarter Area

Hanoi is famous for 36 streets, this place is always a place that many tourists come to visit and explore. Starting with a residential area located outside the city, the neighborhood is always busy and bustling with handicraft and trade activities.

When traveling to Hanoi's Old Quarter today, visitors can still enjoy the ancient space that has been tinged with time of the houses with tiled roofs and low-style moss walls.

Hanoi Old Quarter still retains the beauty from the beginning

Ba Dinh Square - Uncle Ho's Mausoleum

This place is one of the most important historical sites in the Capital in particular and Vietnam in general. Ba Dinh Square is where Uncle Ho once read the Declaration of Independence, giving birth to Vietnam. And it is also here that Uncle Ho's mausoleum was built to commemorate the merits of the old father of the nation.

The area behind Uncle Ho's mausoleum is the Presidential Palace relic, where Uncle Ho used to live and work. There are houses on stilts, fish ponds, gardens…

Ba Dinh Square - the place to mark the historical moment of Vietnam

Traveling to Hanoi is always an ideal choice for both domestic and international tourists. Not only possessing famous sites and monuments, this place is also a culinary paradise and visitors should not miss it. Let's explore Hanoi with HoaBinh Tourist today for the most memorable experiences. To book a Hanoi tour, please contact the hotline: 0913.311.911 for advice, detailed quotation and tour booking quickly. Come and visit Hanoi one day not too far away.



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