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Discover the majestic and poetic Phoenix Ancient Town with HoaBinhTourist

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Favored by nature with the majestic and poetic beauty of the mountains and forests, blended with the ancient, peaceful and romantic of the famous ancient citadel in China, Phuong Hoang Co Tran creates a charming painting with beautiful scenery 1-0-2. Let’s explore this famous tourist destination with HoaBinhTourist now.

Truong Gia Gioi National Nature Reserve

One of the famous tourist attractions in Phoenix Ancient Town that HoaBinhTourist would like to introduce to you is Truong Gia Gioi. This place is located in the northwest of Ho Nam province, China.

In particular, the terrain here is quite unique, between the rising area of the highlands of Van Nam and Quy Chau provinces and the low lying area of Dong Dinh Lake. This has contributed to creating a beautiful fairyland, from mountains and rivers to poetic valleys and wild primeval forests.

Besides, this place is also known as “Pandora on earth” with majestic sandstone forest, about 20 minutes drive from the central area of Zhangjiajie. This is a natural park, because there are more than 3,000 columns and cliffs, with columns 800m high. Between the rock pillars are caves and ravines, streams, native trees, inhabited by many species of temperate climate flora and fauna.

Beauty like a fairy scene of Truong Gia Gioi (Ho Nam, China)

Beauty like a fairy scene of Truong Gia Gioi (Ho Nam, China)

Tianmen Mountain Heaven Gate

Tianmen Mountain, one of the most beautiful and special mountains in Truong Gia Gioi. To reach the top of the mountain to visit and pray, visitors have to go all the way 11 km long winding around the mountain.

This road is quite steep, increasing in height from 200 m up to 1,300 m with 99 zigzag turns. However, the cable car system helps visitors quickly get closer to Heaven’s Gate.

At the foot of the mountain, only half of the journey is reached, to reach Heaven Gate, visitors have to climb 999 stone steps, vertical, divided into 3 lanes, with handrails, so it is also less dangerous and tiring.

Although the road is arduous, as soon as you reach the top of this tourist destination in Phoenix Ancient Town, a whole scene like in the Buddha realm appears before your eyes, making everyone feel satisfied.

Tianmen Mountain – The treacherous road leading to Heaven’s Gate

Tianmen Mountain – The treacherous road leading to Heaven’s Gate

Northern Gate Ancient Citadel

The North Gate Ancient Citadel, also known as the “Northern Tower”, is located on the north side of the Phoenix Ancient Town. This place was built during the Ming Dynasty, and is one of the cultural heritage recognized by the state.

This tower is a long-standing work associated with the historical ups and downs of Phoenix Ancient Town and the spiritual life of the people here.

Today, the tower is still very well restored and preserved, showing its importance for preserving ancient Chinese cultural values.

Ancient North Gate Ancient Citadel in the heart of Phoenix Ancient Town

Ancient North Gate Ancient Citadel in the heart of Phoenix Ancient Town

Hong Kieu Bridge

Hong Kieu Bridge was built in the late Minh – early Thanh dynasties (more than 300 years apart), mainly with wood and stone materials. This is also a famous place in Phoenix Ancient Town.

The bridge was built with ancient architecture, consisting of two floors: the first floor is mainly used for traveling between the two banks; The upper floor was built for the purpose of visiting and worshiping.

The unique feature is that next to the main bridge connecting the two sides of the river with four stone pillars, visitors can go on a smaller stone bridge directly leading to the second floor of the Floor. It is the two stone bridges stacked on top of each other that create a unique feature in the architecture of Lau Phong Thuy Hong Kieu.

Ancient North Gate Ancient Citadel in the heart of Phoenix Ancient Town

Ancient North Gate Ancient Citadel in the heart of Phoenix Ancient Town

The old streets in Phoenix Ancient Town

In Phoenix Ancient Town, it’s hard to choose the most beautiful time of the day because the charm of this small town changes from moment to moment.

In the morning, get up very early and jog along the banks of the Da Giang River, the cold of the early morning will make you shiver. You will see a misty scene in Da Giang, everything is blurred like in a fairy tale.

Da Giang River – the soul of Ancient Town Phoenix

Da Giang River – the soul of Ancient Town Phoenix

When it is sunny, sharing old town travel experiences suggests that you should hold a camera and wander around the old town to immediately capture impressive moments. You can sneak into a stall selling handicrafts or brocades of the Turks.

Here, you are spoiled for choice of items such as: shirts, bags, brocade rugs or beautiful handicraft products… These things are great as souvenirs.

In the afternoon, when the sun goes out, the sunset falls, Phuong Hoang Co Tran is like an ink painting. In the evening, lanterns spread all over the alleys, making the whole old town seem bright and splendid.

Above are some sharing of HoaBinhTourist about the places to visit in Phuong Hoang Co Tran. Hope the article will help you have moments of fun discovery. For more information, please contact the hotline: 0939.311.911 for detailed advice as well as answer all questions.


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