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Experience Cua Lo - The ideal check-in and stress-relieving destination for a hot summer day

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If you still wonder about information about tourist attractions such as where to eat delicious food, where to stay comfortable, where to play, in this article, HoaBinh Tourist will share with you Cua Lo experiences, all information about Cua Lo tourism. Cua Lo, what time should go? What to eat, what hotel to stay at?… so that you can know all the information about the door and plan the best for your Cua Lo trip without buying a tour from any travel agency. 

Discover a poetic and modern Cua Lo

Where is Cua Lo?

Cua Lo is located in Nghe An province in central Vietnam, about 16km from Vinh city, about 300km from Hanoi and about 1400km from Ho Chi Minh City. Here is where many of the most beautiful beaches in our country are spread.  

Cua Lo is very popular with tourists in the North as a resort and weekend entertainment place, in addition, it is also a place where visitors combine when visiting Sen Village, Uncle's hometown.

Cua Lo in Nghe An is famous for many attractions that attract many tourists

The poetic beauty of Cua Lo 

Cua Lo has many small mountains and many islands and peninsulas, Cua Lo tourist areas are built more and more, making Cua Lo tourism bring both wild beauty and modern, youthful and dynamic beauty.

Coming to Cua Lo, enjoying the clear blue sea, fine white sand and cool, refreshing air will help you have a great vacation. Do not hesitate any longer without booking a Cua Lo tour of HoaBinh Tourist to travel with many attractive incentives.

Admire the poetic and modern beauty of Cua Lo

Where to explore Cua Lo? 

Traveling to Cua Lo, do not miss the attractive destinations below:

Cua Lo Beach

Coming to Cua Lo tourism, it is definitely impossible not to swim in Cua Lo beach, the beach is about 10km long, clear water and small waves. You can freely swim and take many beautiful photos here. It's great to go to the beach to avoid the heat in the summer, isn't it?
Cua Lo beach has a play area for children, families can let the children have fun at Hoa Cuc Park with many interesting games.

Immerse yourself in the clear blue water of Cua Lo beach, enjoy peaceful moments

Lan Chau Island

Lan Chau Island is dearly called Ruc Island by the people here because of its large toad-like shape. This is a place that many tourists love to take photos, on the island there is also a royal palace of King Bao Dai that can zoom in and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Lan Chau Island - the green pearl of Nghe An

Hon Ngu Island

From Lan Chau port, you can buy a canoe ticket of 180,000 VND/person to visit Hon Ngu island. This place has the ancient Ngu pagoda and extremely delicious cobia specialties. Along with that is a cool and refreshing fairy beach bath.

Hon Ngu Island - lyrical but powerful beauty

Quynh Beach

Quynh Beach is a complex of 7 adjacent beaches in 7 communes of Quynh Luu district, Nghe An province. The beaches of Quynh beach are all extremely beautiful beaches and still retain the wild and poetic look, the seafood source here is also very rich.

Coming to Quynh Beach, visitors will have the opportunity to capture the majestic beauty of nature and taste delicious and flavorful Central seafood dishes. Quynh beach has gentle sandy beaches, light waves are not too big, bringing an unusually calm feeling.

Quynh beach - the charming muse of Cua Lo, Nghe An

Lotus village in Uncle Ho's hometown

Coming to Nghe An, you should not miss the opportunity to visit the house Uncle Ho was born and raised in Sen village. Only 35km from Cua Lo with a ride time of about 30 minutes. Coming here, you will be able to see the peaceful village scenery, enjoy the peaceful moments that are filled with pride.

Lotus village in Uncle Ho's hometown - a destination not to be missed when coming to Nghe An

Van Loc Temple

Van Loc Temple is one of the tourist attractions near Cua Lo with historical - cultural value, suitable for those who want to experience spiritual tourism activities. This temple was built in Le Trung Hung's reign, located in Nghi Tan ward, Cua Lo town.

Due to its favorable location, in front is the peaceful Cam River, behind is Lo Mountain, on the right is Dragon Mountain, on the left is Tuong Son Mountain, creating the "dragon adoring, tiger worshiping" posture as well as providing charming landscape painting. In 1991, Van Loc Temple was ranked as a National Historical and Cultural Relic by the State.

Van Loc Temple - one of the interesting destinations in Cua Lo, Hoi An

Cua Hoi eco-tourism area

Cua Hoi tourist area is about 5km south of Cua Lo center and 15km west of Vinh city. Located on an area of ​​5 hectares with a coastline of 500m, this place is an ideal resort for those who want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere.

Cua Hoi eco-tourism area attracts many visitors every year

Lo Son Pagoda

If it comes to tourist attractions in Cua Lo, you should not miss Lo Son Pagoda. This is one of the most famous pagodas in Nghe An. Lo Son Pagoda (also known as Pho Am Tu) was built under the reign of King Le Du Tong.

Lo Son Pagoda - A place marking long-standing cultural and historical features

Cua Lo Port

Cua Lo Port is located on the south bank of Cam River, in Nghi Tan, Cua Lo, which is a convenient location for international trade in goods. This port area is also an ideal tourist destination not to be missed by visitors.

Arriving at Cua Lo port, you will have the opportunity to learn about marine economic activities as well as people and culture here, watching the beautiful scenery due to this port area owning a prime location.

Cua Lo port is a convenient location for international trade in goods

Bai Lu Resort

Bai Lu Resort is a high-class eco-tourism resort located in 2 communes Nghi Yen and Nghi Tien, Nghi Loc District, Nghe An Province.

Because there is Lu Son mountain standing behind, the resort is called Bai Lu. Today, Bai Lu has become a high-class resort in Cua Lo that fully converges three elements of sea, mountain and forest, with green grass and trees, always giving visitors a relaxing and close experience with nature.

Bai Lu Resort is a high-class eco-tourism resort

Owning a system of luxurious rooms and a system of large-scale restaurants, Bai Lu Resort is always ready to serve visitors with fresh and attractive sea specialties. Besides, there are also high-class services available such as massage, campfire, karaoke, recreational fishing, love bicycle, etc.

What month should to go to Cua Lo tourism?

What month should to go to Cua Lo is always a question many tourists ask. Below, HoaBinh Tourist will reveal to you the most ideal time to visit Cua Lo.

✔ In April and May: This time starts in the summer, the weather is not too hot, the weather is very pleasant, suitable for sightseeing, sightseeing, taking pictures of the sea without worrying too much about the weather. crowded situation.

✔ In June, July and August: This is the peak season in Cua Lo, tourists gather here a lot. If you travel at this time, you should book a room in advance to avoid running out of hotel rooms.

✔ In September, October and November: The peak season has passed, this is the time to travel before winter comes, at this time the weather is also softer, the price of the service is not too expensive.

Traveling to Cua Lo every month has its own beauty

Hotels in Cua Lo that visitors can stop

Cua Lo is a famous destination in the Central region, so there are many accommodation options here for you to choose from, ranging from hotels and motels with many different preferential prices. Here are some places to stay that HoaBinh Tourist suggests for you.

  • Muong Thanh Grand Cua Lo Hotel: Binh Minh, Nghi Huong, Cua Lo.
  • Summer Hotel: 268 Binh Minh, Nghi Huong, Cua Lo.
  • Holiday Cua Lo Hotel: 4th Street, Block 1, Thu Thuy Ward, Cua Lo.
  • Tuan Anh Cua Lo Hotel: No. 07 Nguyen Nang Tinh, Thu Thuy, Cua Lo.
  • Anh Uy Hotel: No. 05 Nguyen Canh Que, Thu Thuy, Cua Lo.

If you have difficulty in booking or need support and advice, immediately contact HoaBinh Tourist for dedicated support!

What to eat when traveling to Cua Lo?

Cua Lo specialties are extremely diverse with a variety of fresh seafood, which you can enjoy right at the shops along the beach with cheaper prices in town. Please check the price carefully before using. HoaBinh Tourist suggests some specialties that you should try.

Coming to Cua Lo, don't forget to enjoy the specialties here!

  • Cua Lo jumping squid: If you go to Cua Lo without eating squid, it's like you haven't been to Cua Lo, the squid is caught and processed on the spot with salt, pepper, and lemon. If you do not like to eat raw food, steamed squid and grilled squid are also very delicious.
  • Seven-course cobia, a new specialty in Nghe An, is processed into many dishes; fish salad, steamed fish with lemongrass, fried fish heart, fish hot pot, fish porridge, fish skin and deep-fried fish fins.
  • Cua Lo fish sauce and fish sauce are specialties that can be bought and used in daily meals or as gifts after a trip to Cua Lo.

In addition, you can try other specialties of Nghe An such as clam porridge, molded cake, eel porridge, Thanh Chuong tim, Do Luong rice cake, crab paste, Vinh orange, gai cake from Coconut, Ram Mot from Nghe.

Some notes when Cua Lo tourism

In order for your trip to Cua Lo to be the most perfect, HoaBinh Tourist would like to note some of the following points:

  • Remember to prepare enough clothes for swimming: bikini, swimming goggles, flip-flops and remember to use sunscreen or you will go black. After bathing, you must immediately wash with clean water.
  • In the peak season, the weather is hot, you should only swim before 9 am and after 14 pm so as not to affect your health.
  • It is recommended to prepare waterproof bags for your phone because you will be taking a lot of photos at sea. To ensure safety, you should wear a life jacket when swimming and absolutely do not go too deep.

Above are the Cua Lo tourism experiences that HoaBinh Tourist shares with you. Hopefully the above information will help you to refer to the information to prepare well for the upcoming trip to Cua Lo. If you have any questions, please contact the hotline 0913.311.911 for support!



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