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Experience traveling safely in crowded places during the festive season update 2023

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Currently, the situation of losing personal items occurs more and more in crowded places, especially during the holidays. So is there any way to minimize this situation? HoaBinh Tourist would like to confirm that there is. Follow us in this article to save yourself safe travel experiences in crowded places during the holiday seasons.

The irresistible attraction of crowded areas during the festival season

The focus is bustling and vibrant - there's no denying the attraction that crowded places bring to any trip. It could be a colorful festival, a famous landmark, a vibrant performance, or a legendary check-in symbol of a certain city.

Understanding and calmly handling situations is the key to survival when stuck in a crowdUnderstanding and calmly handling situations is the key to survival when stuck in a crowd

Those who come to it don't have an appointment. Everyone who meets them shares the same excitement and enthusiasm when admiring and enjoying the strange and bustling atmosphere that is not found on any normal day. They spark joy and spread great excitement, even among strangers!

And for each festival season to take place fully and comfortably, what we need to do is protect that common joy in each person's own consciousness! That's why you need to understand and be equipped with survival knowledge and skills to handle situations in crowded places so that every trip is always safe and secure.

Troublesome situations and tips for safe travel in crowds

Shoving and jostling lead to trampling

The haunting stampede tragedy that claimed the lives of more than 150 people on Itaewon Street, Seoul (South Korea), has become one of the worst crowd incidents in modern times. The main cause of human loss is suffocation. So what is the secret to survival here?

Information compiled by the Washington Post shows that the first thing to do is recognize the signs and assess the complexity of the crowd. A steadily moving crowd suddenly stops, which is a sign that the density is increasing.

At this time, listening to the crowd is very important. If you hear annoying complaints and painful cries, things are starting to get out of control. This is the decisive moment to find a way out. Some people who escaped early at the event in Seoul said they felt like the situation was becoming unsafe and promptly left.

Once the crowd stops moving, your priority is to stay still, keep your arms free, protect your chest, and conserve oxygen. To stand firm, you need to brace yourself but also move with the crowd rather than doing push-ups. At this time, the dense crowd can surge, ripple, and move in waves.

The festive season creates an irresistible attraction for those who love to exploreThe festive season creates an irresistible attraction for those who love to explore

Martyn Amos, an expert in crowd science and Professor of Computer and Information Science at Northumbria University, offers “go with the flow” advice: “You have the ability to resist the flow or pressure of the crowd," but you do not have the ability to win against an overwhelming majority.

Rep. Paul Wertheimer of Crowd Management Strategies, a crowd safety consulting service in Los Angeles, advises: Keep your legs in a boxer position, legs apart, one foot in front of the other, and head first. slightly curved pillow. At this time, you need to be ready to handle situations more than ever.

Once the crowd becomes too dense, your arms may get pinned to your sides. Now try to use your dominant hand to grab your opposite forearm; this creates a sort of shield in front of your chest, with your elbow acting as a splint against other impacts. It will help protect the chest and maintain a breathing zone. Also, if you have a backpack, quickly swing it forward across your chest.

Largely because short people are at higher risk of oxygen restriction than tall people. So don't bring children into crowds, but if it happens, put them on your shoulders or carry them so they wrap their legs around your waist. Don't try to pull them with your arms.

Another notable thing is that screaming only wastes energy and oxygen. Experts say that most survival crowds are relatively quiet because everyone consciously tries to help each other. What you need to do now is stay calm and hold your head high to get maximum air instead of continuing to jostle, scream, and make the situation worse.

If you accidentally drop your phone or any other item, just ignore it. Because after bending down to pick something up, it's difficult to return to your original position. If you fall or stumble, do your best to get up, but if you can't, the key to survival right now is to roll into the fetal position, lie on your left side, and protect your head. Remember that you are most vulnerable if you lie on your back or stomach.

Pickpocketing and theft

Not all places are equipped with good security, and even with strict arrangements, the risk of pickpockets and robberies can still occur when you lack precaution. Therefore, the first thing you need to do when you come to a strange place is to find out in advance the location, behavior, and travel experience reviews (if any) about that area to be less surprised and not become “children's delicious bait” or “a new mat - never experienced” in the eyes of crooks.

Theft and pickpocketing are always the top problems to watch out for in crowdsTheft and pickpocketing are always the top problems to watch out for in crowds

Streamline personal belongings to carry around; it is forbidden to be gullible and ask strangers to help with luggage; use sturdy bags and do not leave behind items out of sight; always pay attention to observe the physical collision;... will be a useful secret to help you avoid theft in the crowd. In addition, it is necessary to limit the frequent opening of backpacks and bags because they both make it difficult for you to control the situation when distracted looking for messy things in the bag, as well as an opportunity for crooks to have the opportunity to observe and “locate” prey.

The shortened bag strap that fits within your reach will also help you avoid being snatched. And remember to turn off the "goldfish brain" mode when you go out to eat so you don't forget your personal belongings at the seat when you leave!

Lost in the group traveling together

When traveling in a new place, especially a foreign country, being unfamiliar with the roads is inevitable. So a map, a fully charged phone with GPS, 3G support, etc. are "savior" items that you always need to carry with you. Do not forget to carefully note down the hotel's phone number, address, or name card for lookup information, as well as pay attention to landmarks near the accommodation such as churches, squares, train stations, etc. for convenience. Find directions when lost.

In case you lose your way, it is important that you keep a calm attitude and avoid panic or fear because your timid appearance will make the crooks soon "catch the wave" to disturb you. In this situation, you can ask the locals for directions or accompany the tourists to ask the guide for directions. This is a group that knows the topography of the area or has skills in a foreign language to help you troubleshoot. If you can't find help from people around you, you can quickly go to a roadside store, buy a small item, and ask for directions.

Do not forget to make emergency contact with your companions to locate the enemy. At close range, the parties can signal by taking actions to locate each other, such as: raising their hands high, holding a prominent object, etc., as well as describing their standing position with recognizable features.

Learning about the sightseeing area in advance will help you avoid getting lostLearning about the sightseeing area in advance will help you avoid getting lost

Strangers entice, invite rudely

In addition to simple positive purposes such as introducing products and interacting between shops and passersby, crowded places are also ideal practice places for those who specialize in attracting tourists for many other purposes. It could be black market ticket brokers before big concerts, vulgar offers at crowded fairs, or nagging pleas to sell-for-a-sale a certain product/ service for sale (certainly at an exorbitant price)...

Even if you are really interested in the offers, carefully observe the seller for any suspicious signs, for example: go with accomplices; do not bring the item in hand but only offer the mouth;... Absolutely do not follow the lead into the deserted, zigzag alleys because you may be isolated from a group of scammers.

When faced with a situation of forced invitation, what you need to do now is keep two things carefully in mind: calmness and a safe distance. Politely refusing and quickly leaving the position being manipulated is always the best way to avoid trouble.

In addition, you should limit longer conversations to avoid setting up a scene that causes misunderstandings. Avoid physical contact with strangers to ensure safety from violence or hallucinogenic substances, if any.

Consciousness and knowledge - the key to survival and saving the source of all crowd troubles

The chaos of the crowd can come from many objective reasons, but whether it is stabilized or not depends on the sense of self-control of each person participating in it. Carefulness, understanding, the spirit of participating in civilized play, and the sense of not competing and pushing are always the vital keys to extinguishing all opportunities for trouble.

Understanding first aid skills is helpful in dealing with crowd troublesUnderstanding first aid skills is helpful in dealing with crowd troubles

Even in the worst situation, equip yourself with first aid skills to be able to rescue yourself and those around you. Prepare a pair of sturdy shoes to support your feet in the crowd. Have a map in hand with clearly marked important paths in case you get lost; research, refer to the instructions for cardiopulmonary resuscitation, artificial respiration when necessary, etc.; all will be the "exit" direction, and you must silently thank yourself for your understanding in this process. some moment.

In order to make each trip more complete than ever, HoaBinh Tourist hopes that the above useful information can be used as travel luggage to help you "pocket" in necessary cases. For any information you need advice on, please contact us via Hotline: 0913.311.911 - 0939.311.911 for 24/7 support.


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