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Explore 8 destinations in Vietnam that are more beautiful than heaven

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As a developing country, Vietnam possesses many strong points for tourism development. In addition to new lands outside the territory, many travel believers still choose to explore and check-in at tourist destinations in Vietnam. Not only finding new “virtual living” places, visitors also feel and rediscover the heroic history of the nation, as well as the wonderful natural landscapes of the South. Let’s travel with HoaBinhTourist explore 8 most beautiful destinations in Vietnam right now!

Mu Cang Chai – Yen Bai

Going to 300km from Hanoi, but tourists still do not stop falling in love with Mu Cang Chai, Yen Bai. This is one of the most prominent names when people want to visit and enjoy the beauty of the Northwest mountains. Not only domestic tourists, the “golden towns” here also attract many followers from all over the world.

Mu Cang Chai is brilliant with terraced fields

Mu Cang Chai is brilliant with terraced fields

Coming to Mu Cang Chai, you should watch the ripe rice season from September to October. The best places to watch the “golden season” are Mong Horse hill (Sang Nhu village), Tu Le commune, La Pan Tan… Viewed from above, the valley below opens magnificently with each patch of brilliant fields, stretching to the top of the sky, interspersed with simple brown roofs and dreamy streams.

In addition to terraced fields, Mu Cang Chai is also the leading trekking paradise in Vietnam. Crossing Khau Pha pass, going through Hang Sung bamboo forest, conquering Pu Nhu waterfall, … you will feel great satisfaction, as if you have overcome yourself.

After visiting the mountains and forests, stop at the Mu Cang Chai ethnic minority villages to taste Tu Le sticky rice, apple cat… If you are more “brave”, you can try eating fried bee pupae, crispy roasted grasshoppers… both fat and fleshy.

Pu Luong – Thanh Hoa

Leaving the Northwest to the South, you must definitely visit Pu Luong, Thanh Hoa. If you think that the check-in place in Vietnam only has terraced fields similar to the Northwest, you are wrong! Pu Luong is beautiful and has much more diverse landscapes. Do not forget to book flight tickets to Thanh Hoa early to easily hunt for deals!

Pu Luong - a peaceful and poetic land

Pu Luong - a peaceful and poetic land

First, we can visit this place in the mid-summer months – when the green rice is just germinating. The cool air and green fields on the hillside will make you feel that Pu Luong is completely different from other places.

Besides, these terraced hills are surrounded by Pu Luong nature reserve – very suitable for “doing” a trekking trip through the forest. Or, you can rent a hotel in Ba Thuoc overlooking the terraced fields to see this wonderful scenery.

If you want to discover the identity and life of the people here, you should visit Kho Muong village. In the simple stilt houses, we will taste typical dishes, follow the children of ethnic minorities to visit the fields, wade streams to visit waterfalls, … extremely interesting. In addition, the gate of heaven in Ba Thuoc district with a super-best check-in view, through the clouds will make any “virtual living” believer nervous!

Trang An – Ninh Binh

Among the Vietnamese tourist destinations that hide the most cultural and historical values, Trang An – Ninh Binh is certainly the top name. This relic was recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage in 2014.

Trang An - World cultural and natural heritage

Trang An - World cultural and natural heritage

This scenic area gathers the architecture associated with the majestic ancient capital of Hoa Lu, hidden deep in the magnificent limestone mountains and the dreamy winding river. If you are a believer in cultural or spiritual tourism, some of the following architectures will make you “heartbroken”: Tran Ninh Binh temple, Tu Tru temple, Suoi Tien temple,…

In particular, we can rent a boat to turn the water, cross the lotus lake and golden rice fields to Vu Lam palace – one of the most beautiful architecture in this place. In addition to man-made monuments, Trang An is also the capital of caves with many strangely shaped stalactites, through forests/ clear lagoons. Some caves that are highly appreciated by tourists are: Nau Ruou cave, Ba Giot cave,…

To get to Trang An, you can book a plane ticket to Hanoi and continue traveling by bus/ limousine/ motorbike to Ninh Binh. Travel time will be around 2:30, so you can take advantage of the scenery along the way.

Hue city 

Not only famous for the ancient citadel that is kept almost perfectly, Hue tourism also has many other famous check-in points that we cannot ignore. This is also the reason why flight tickets to Hue are warmly welcomed.

Hue city increasingly attracts domestic and international tourists

Hue city increasingly attracts domestic and international tourists

One of them is Vong Canh hill and Thien An hill right near the city center. While Vong Canh hill “scores” with a majestic view of the young water, Thien An hill is more peaceful with dreamy roads among pine forests.

After taking pictures on Thien An hill, right next to it is Thuy Tien Lake with a magical beauty that will make you fall in love at first sight. In addition, Thuy Tien Lake also preserves a dragon-shaped work that has now been dyed with moss, creating an extremely fanciful picture.

In Hue, there are also splendid ancient temples, for example: Thien Lam pagoda with brilliant and majestic Southern architecture; Thien Mu Pagoda with the Pen tower piercing the blue sky, located in the middle of charming mountains;… In addition to the above landmarks, travel devotees quickly found many new check-in points in Lap An lagoon, Ru Cha forest, lonely tree in Ha Cang village,…

Hoi An – Da Nang

How many people travel to Vietnam can skip Da Nang, and how many people come to Da Nang without visiting Hoi An? This town at the mouth of the sea is more poetic than any other place in Vietnam, with rows of golden low-rise houses, bougainvillea flowers blooming in front of the door, dreamy cobblestone streets and Hoai River running through town.

Hoi An - an interesting destination with many unique cultural features

Hoi An - an interesting destination with many unique cultural features

Just book a plane ticket to Da Nang and you can explore this beautiful city. After that, you can continue to take a bus/ taxi or rent a motorbike to move to Hoi An in just 1 hour by car.

Hoi An during the day has a lot of tourists. You can visit Faifo cafe, go to the rooftop to check-in with the background of a brilliant panorama of Hoi An behind, go to Sunday in Hoi An to see the beautiful interior and take pictures of “virtual living” right in front of the shop, about Tam Quan Ba Mu Pagoda and checkin in front of the huge bas-relief in front of the gate,…

At night, Hoi An is even more vibrant. At this time, we can participate in the traditional card game by the river, go for a walk on the lantern street, cross the bridge pagoda or sit on a boat to drop lanterns, etc. All these activities are very interesting!

Visit and relax at the most beautiful beaches in Nha Trang

Vietnam has a long coastline and many beautiful islets, so the coastal Vietnam tourist attractions attract a lot of visitors every year. Among them, we must definitely mention Nha Trang – the pearl of the Far East located right in the sunny central strip of land.

Coming to Nha Trang, you can't miss the beautiful beaches

Coming to Nha Trang, you can't miss the beautiful beaches

If you have ample time, you can choose to travel to Nha Trang by bus or motorbike. If you want to save travel time, you can hunt for flight tickets to Nha Trang with 1 hour 50 minutes departing from Hanoi and 1 hour 10 minutes departing from Ho Chi Minh City.

The most beautiful beaches in Nha Trang today are Hon Mun, Yen Hon Noi, Binh Hung and Binh Ba islands, Diep Son islands, etc. All of the above names have the same characteristics as long sandy beach, fine sand on the side. next to the clear sea water. Besides, if you are a fan of adventure travel, surely the activities of scuba diving to see corals, canoeing, surfing, … here will make you satisfied.

In addition to the island and beautiful beaches, Nha Trang also has many other check-in points, such as Nha Trang Oceanographic Institute, Nha Trang iron bridge, Nha Trang stone church, Yang Bay waterfall, Long Son pagoda,… and many luxurious nightclubs: Skylight Havana, Sailing Club, The Wave Bar,…

Phu Quoc Island – Kien Giang

Speaking of the sea, besides Nha Trang, the most famous place that is definitely mentioned will be Phu Quoc. This island district in Kien Giang province offers a rare luxury getaway in the midst of unspoiled nature, plus lots of great fun activities.

Phu Quoc - Pearl island attracts millions of tourists

Phu Quoc - Pearl island attracts millions of tourists

At this point, you should book a 5-star Phu Quoc resort with really “genuine” decor such as JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Resort & Spa, Salinda Resort Phu Quoc Island … to check-in the luxurious room in the room first. Outdoor swimming pool and picnic on the beach will be the next series of exciting activities.

In addition to having fun at the resort and beaches, Phu Quoc also has many other famous “virtual living” spots such as Rach Vem fishing village, Dinh Cau cape, An Thoi train station,… After exploring, we can visit Chuon Chuon Bistro & Sky Bar, Golden Sand Bar,… to sip excellent drinks.

Ho Chi Minh City 

Many foreign and even domestic travel followers, every time they go to the South, will definitely stop by Ho Chi Minh City – an attractive place to visit in Vietnam. As the country’s leading economic development, Saigon has many famous “virtual living” spots such as:

Ho Chi Minh - A city with many unique entertainment and entertainment spots

Ho Chi Minh - A city with many unique entertainment and entertainment spots

  • Historical places, museums: Notre Dame Cathedral, city post office, Fine Arts museum, Independence Palace,…
  • Spiritual sites with special architecture: Buu Long pagoda, Ba India Mariamman temple, Vinh Nghiem pagoda, Ong pagoda – Nghia An Hoi Quan,…
  • Luxury shopping areas: Vincom Dong Khoi, Landmark 81, Bitexco Financial Tower, Saigon Center,…
  • Exciting public places: Nguyen Hue pedestrian street, Saigon Waterbus, Beer alley: Lost in Hong Kong, Bui Vien West street,…

Above are the most beautiful tourist destinations in Vietnam today. From the Northwest to the South, everywhere in Vietnam, there are beautiful lands, brilliant works, and rich nature to explore. Do not hesitate any longer, please quickly contact HoaBinhTourist via hotline: 0939.311.911 to book a tour now!!!


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