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Explore of May Rut Islet – The Hidden Gem Of Phu Quoc

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May Rut Islet of Phu Quoc Island is like a hidden gem waiting for a chance to shine. The charming beauty of the small island has made many tourists fascinated and want to find an opportunity to explore it once. HoaBinh Tourist will reveal to you some interesting information about this place!

May Rut Island with its wild beauty attracts all touristsMay Rut Islet with its wild beauty attracts all tourists

Introduction to May Rut Islet

May Rut Islet is a small island in the An Thoi bay complex, located about 10km from the town center in the direction of the sea. Among hundreds of large and small islands, May Rut stands out thanks to its wild and rustic beauty.

Compared to other islands, May Rut has a rather sparse population density. Specifically, there is only 1 family of 3 people living here. That is Ms. Bay Yen's family.

Compared to Dam Ngang Islet and Mong Tay Islet, May Rut is the most remote island in the bay complex of Ngoc Island. The journey to this destination will demonstrate the patience of visitors. Overcoming a long distance, you will see a beautiful picture of nature.

May Rut Island is divided into 2 parts: May Rut Trong Island and May Rut Ngoai IslandMay Rut Islet is divided into 2 parts: May Rut Trong Islet and May Rut Ngoai Islet

The scenery of May Rut Islet is still wild because there are not many residents. The fine white sand stretches, the sea water is emerald green, you can see the bottom. This is the attraction of the small island for those who love to travel, love adventure and explore.

May Rut Islet is divided into 2 different parts:

May Rut Ngoai Islet

The beauty of this place is quite wild and majestic. The islet is completely separate from the rest of Phu Quoc. This place has not had human intervention, so it still retains the natural appearance that nature gives. Visitors to the islet will have their own space to immerse and enjoy what nature has to offer.

May Rut Ngoai Island with many interesting diving activities attracts tourists to experienceMay Rut Ngoai Islet with many interesting diving activities attracts tourists to experience

May Rut Trong Islet 

If May Rut Ngoai Islet has wild and majestic beauty, then May Rut Trong Islet brings you the warmth of human love and the wonderful beauty of nature. No one knows when the island existed, until people came to explore the small island and saw that Ms. Bay Yen's family had lived there for a long time. Many people even joked that her family was like "the owner of the island".

Tourists coming to the island will feel the warmth of humanity, the hospitality of her family as well as the natural beauty and kindness of the Southern people. This is what makes tourists from far away attracted and want to visit more.

May Rut Trong Island - A check-in destination as pure as distilled water that is loved by young peopleMay Rut Trong Islet - A check-in destination as pure as distilled water that is loved by young people

Address, directions to move to May Rut Islet and ticket price

Address of May Rut Islet

Location of May Rut Island in Phu Quoc Island District, the exact location of the island is to the west of An Thoi Bay. This is the farthest island on Pearl Island, promising many interesting things when you overcome your patience to set foot on it.

How to go to May Rut Islet

Visitors need to go to Phu Quoc Island first to check in at the hotel and plan to go to May Rut Islet. You should go by plane to save money and time. After landing at the international airport, take a taxi or use the shuttle service to the hotel to rest before starting a new, exciting journey.

You can ride a motorbike, taxi, or car to get to An Thoi port at the southern tip of the island. After arriving at the port, you will take a boat or tourist canoe. This is also the only way for visitors to reach May Rut Islet.

- Taking a boat: At An Thoi port, there are many shops providing boat rental services. The rental price will range from 2,800,000 VND/ boat. However, you will have to go on a small boat to get to the big ship because it cannot anchor on shore.

- Going by canoe: Compared to going by train, going by canoe will help you save a significant amount of time. Canoes can depart from Duong Dong town, visitors do not need to travel to An Thoi port. The cost to rent a canoe to move will be about 2,500,000 VND/ trip.

Visitors can travel by boat or canoe to reach May Rut islandVisitors can travel by boat or canoe to reach May Rut islet

Ticket price to visit May Rut Island 

May Rut Islet is a famous tourist destination and is completely free of charge. However, you need to prepare a budget to rent boats, canoes and spend on other necessary expenses.

What is attractive about May Rut Islet?

Beach tourism is an opportunity for you to open your eyes to natural beauty and try out underwater activities. In particular, the journey to May Rut Island will bring visitors more unforgettable experiences than ever.

Swimming in the clear blue sea at May Rut Islet, Phu Quoc

Thanks to its separate location from other places, May Rut Islet has a wild and rustic beauty. This place does not have too much human intervention, and the air is fresh and cool. Stopping here, your mind and body can relax and recharge with new energy. You even have many fond memories of the generosity of the natives.

The sea water on May Rut Islet is very clear and shallow—not too deep. Therefore, you can safely play and swim in the sea. Immersed in the cool water, having fun with friends—nothing is more wonderful, isn't it?

The island's sand is so white and smooth that your feet feel like they are being cradled on a strip of silk. Walking around the island, following the white sand beach to the north, you will see rocks that have been smoothed by the impact of ocean waves. There are many species of sea creatures living here for visitors to see.

Scuba diving to see coral at May Rut islet

The waters of May Rut Islet are home to more than 100 species of hard and soft corals. Because of that diversity, this is like a paradise for tourists to freely dive into the water to see them with their own eyes. If you come to visit this place, you must definitely try this fun activity!

Diving to see coral is a popular activity among tourists when coming to May Rut islandDiving to see coral is a popular activity among tourists when coming to May Rut islet

Visitors will be fully equipped with protective equipment to dive into the sea to see the corals and touch them to feel their authenticity. Around the coral reefs, there are schools of small fish swimming around, adding to the interesting feeling for visitors.

May Rut Islet’s marine ecosystem has up to 125 species of fish, 150 species of molluscs, and rare marine species such as clams, sea urchins, etc. Participate yourself, and you will be amazed “Paradise is here.”

Take a super nice check-in photo at May Rut island

The beautiful scenery of May Rut Islet is the perfect place for you to take beautiful, divine photos. Tourists coming here just need to dress nicely, look beautiful, and ask a friend to take pictures of those wonderful moments to show off to their friends. These are also photos that keep memories of the trip of youth.

Green coconut groves are nestled on the long beach of white and clear sand. Swings, hammocks of white clouds arranged everywhere make the beautiful scene more outstanding. These are all familiar photography angles for tourists when coming to May Rut Islet.

Coming to May Rut island, don't forget to check-in the 1-0-2 photosComing to May Rut island, don't forget to check-in the 1-0-2 photos

Experience the sunset on the island

The activity that tourists must not miss when going to the beach is watching the sunset on the island. The feeling of sitting on the beach, looking out into the distance, and enjoying peaceful moments with your loved one is truly wonderful and memorable.

Camping overnight on a deserted island

Visitors who want to separate from the city can stay on May Rut Trong Islet to camp. You can set up camp, light a fire, grill a BBQ on the island, chat all night with friends, and welcome the sunrise the next day. Because May Rut Trong Islet is uninhabited, when camping, please prepare all the essential items.

Exciting fishing experience

If you want to test your patience, you can try fishing. The experience of fishing for big fish by yourself and then bringing it home to process and enjoy is always great. If you have the opportunity, visitors to the island should try it once!

Experience the cuisine of the island

May Rut Islet possesses a diverse biological system, so there are many delicious dishes for visitors to experience. You don't need to worry about eating, everyone can even taste many new specialties that are not available everywhere, such as grilled sea urchin with onion grease, herring salad, etc. After returning to the city, you can buy dried, soaked, and simmered processed seafood as gifts for friends. 

Experience sitting on a yacht to explore the beauty of May Rut islandExperience sitting on a yacht to explore the beauty of May Rut islet

Note when visiting May Rut Islet

Before traveling to May Rut Islet, visitors should prepare a careful plan. The most important thing is the timing. In addition to noting the time, when traveling to here, visitors need to pay attention to other issues such as:

  • Proactively book bus, plane, and train tickets in advance for both departure and return to save money.
  • Bring all the necessary items to protect your skin from the sun in Phu Quoc.
  • If you go diving to see coral and take photos, you should go from morning to noon. At this time, the sea water is clear and blue, making it convenient for underwater activities.
  • Protect personal property carefully to prevent unwanted theft.
  • Consciously protect the marine environment, do not litter indiscriminately to protect the landscape and environment of May Rut Islet as well as Phu Quoc Island.
  • Prepare lots of beautiful outfits to have beautiful, enchanting photos that attract millions of likes.

The beautiful scenery of May Rut Islet is very beautiful and attractive. HoaBinh Tourist will have a perfect plan to come to this famous place to create many memorable memories with your companions! If you have any questions, please contact us via hotline: 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.


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