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Explore Quan Ba Twin Mountains, Ha Giang, in the most detail in 2023

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Quan Ba Twin Mountain is one of the most attractive tourist destinations. Coming here, visitors will discover the beauty of nature and heaven. This is also one of the most prominent places in Ha Giang. If you have a trip to Ha Giang, this will definitely be an indispensable place. Let's join HoaBinh Tourist to learn more specifically about this interesting destination!

Quan Ba Twin Mountains - a natural masterpiece that everyone wants to check-in when coming to Ha GiangQuan Ba Twin Mountains - a natural masterpiece that everyone wants to check-in when coming to Ha Giang

Where is Quan Ba Twin Mountain in Ha Giang?

Referring to Ha Giang, tourists are no longer familiar with some destinations such as Dong Van stone plateau, Lung Cu flagpole, or milestone number 0, along with extremely dangerous passes, but forget that they are in Ha Giang. There is also an extremely beautiful place called Quan Ba Twin Mountains.

Right after stopping in Ha Giang, your first tourist destination is definitely milestone number 0 in the Ha Giang city area. You will definitely continue to come to the tourist destination of the Quan Ba Twin Mountains.

Located in Tam Son town, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang, right on National Highway 4C, finding this place is extremely easy and convenient. You can stop here at any time to check-in and explore the beauty of the twin mountains.

The circumference of the two mountains is nearly 1000m2, the area is approximately 3.6haThe circumference of the two mountains is nearly 1000m2, the area is approximately 3.6ha

How to get to Quan Ba Twin Mountain

About 46 km north of the city, you have to cross the steep Bac Sum road with steep and dangerous roads. From here, you can see the image of nature, mountains, and forests, as well as the image of all things proliferating.

From Bac Sum slope to here, the road is relatively dangerous but does not discourage visitors and captures all the beauty of this place.

To get to the Twin Mountains, you can travel by many different types of vehicles, such as cars or motorbikes. Many tourists often choose to travel by motorbike, especially those who love backpacking, to get here more conveniently.

In the middle of the rocky forest and terraced fields, two mountains emerge with interesting shapes and stances that attract many backpackers to visit every yearIn the middle of the rocky forest and terraced fields, two mountains emerge with interesting shapes and stances that attract many backpackers to visit every year

When should you go to Quan Ba Doi Mountain?

You can come here at any time of the year. Every season, Quan Ba twin mountains bring visitors extremely different beauty.

Spring here is the time when everything sprouts, the intersection between the new year and the old year. Visitors will admire the pristine beauty of white plum trees or peach blossoms peeking out from the extremely attractive mountains and forests. In particular, you can also experience the cold of winter and the beauty of the mist in the air, adding to the extremely magical images of the valley at the foot of the mountain.

When summer comes, visitors will be able to see the wild and majestic twin mountains of Quan Ba while wearing the deep green color of terraced fields in the rainy season. This is also the time when people enter the rice planting season. Not only that, the late afternoon sunsets are an extremely beautiful time to take unique check-in photos, don't miss them.

Autumn is the most beautiful season of Quan Ba twin mountains with vast rice fields dyed golden, signaling that the harvest has come. At this time, Ha Giang has an extremely cool climate, so many tourists choose to come here to visit.

When winter comes, visitors will see a completely different image of the unusual beauty of Quan Ba twin mountains. You will feel the cold that penetrates your skin or the smoke throughout the small alleys in the villages where people live rising up to the twin mountains, bringing a strange, hazy feeling. Twin Mountains are a unique beauty of Quan Ba. At any time of the year, the natural beauty of this place is extremely pleasant, don't miss every moment.

Quan Ba Twin Mountain wears a green shirt when the rice fields are in full bloomQuan Ba Twin Mountain wears a green shirt when the rice fields are in full bloom

Admire the beautiful scenery of Quan Ba Twin Mountain

Quan Ba Twin Mountains are one of the symbols of Ha Giang, having existed for hundreds of millions of years and were formed through the movement and tectonic process of nature. Along with that, the continental crust of the earth is fractured into limestone mountains, the transition place between limestone layers and soil mountains.

The reason why people here call it twin mountains is because two mountains have the exact same shape and are symmetrical to each other, appearing in the middle of the Northwest mountains and forests, along with terraced fields interspersed like bowls of rice fields. Adding an extremely lively vitality to the magnificent natural scenery of this place. This image is extremely magical and wild but no less majestic.

It can be said that the twin mountains are the crystallization of natural beauty and geological formations. This place is also recognized by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism as a national scenic spot, a pride and at the same time a highlight that helps Dong Van stone plateau become more lively.

With beautiful terrain and extremely fresh weather in the high mountains, this place has become an attractive destination when traveling to Ha Giang. Not only will you be fascinated with the structure and shape of the twin mountains, but you will also be able to admire the green terraced fields mixed with undulating mountain ranges that add highlights to the beauty of this place. Quan Ba Twin Mountains will be a space for you to find silence as well as find a truly peaceful space here.

Marvel at the romance at duskMarvel at the romance at dusk

Some notes when going to Quan Ba Doi Mountain, Ha Giang

To make your visit to Quan Ba Twin Mountains more complete, please note some information as well as some notes below:

  • In the winter, prepare your belongings and long-sleeved clothes to bring because the temperature in Quan Ba often drops very low.
  • In the summer, you should choose lightweight, comfortable clothes and a light windbreaker to wear outside because in the early morning and late evening, the temperature in Ha Giang often drops low.
  • If you visit Quan Ba Twin Mountains by motorbike, you should maintain your vehicle before traveling.
  • Stopping at Quan Ba twin mountains, visitors should not forget to enjoy attractive specialties such as Men Men, black bone chicken, soybeans...
  • Please prepare some snacks and drinks on the way to Ha Giang to replenish your energy.

Above is all the detailed information about the tourist destination of Quan Ba twin mountains if you are planning to come to Ha Giang to visit Quan Ba twin mountains as well as some other tourist destinations that you are looking for. If you don't know where your travel journey will start, please contact HoaBinh Tourist via hotline: 0913.311.911 - 0939.311.911 for more detailed information as well as Ha Giang tour schedules!


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