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Explore the pristine Ta Puong waterfall among the mountains and forests of Quang Tri

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Quang Tri not only has the burning Lao wind, but it is also known as one of the attractive destinations on the Central region's tourist map, in addition to already famous names such as Cua Viet Beach and the international border gate. In Lao Bao, Ta Puong waterfall is an attractive destination that is very popular today. It fascinates visitors with the typical natural wilderness of Truong Son mountains and forests, where visitors will return to nature to enjoy the breathtaking beauty of forests, rocks, and water. Let's explore the magical beauty of this waterfall with HoaBinh Tourist through the article below.

Where is the Ta Puong Waterfall in Quang Tri?

Ta Puong Waterfall is located in Trang Ta Puong village of Huong Viet commune, Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province. This place is 90 km from the center of Dong Ha city and about 3 hours away from Phong Nha-Ke Bang. To get to Ta Puong waterfall in Quang Tri, visitors can travel in two ways.

The first way is for visitors to go from Dong Ha along Route 9 to Huong Hoa district, then follow the Ho Chi Minh Highway West branch to the Se Pang Hieng bridge, then turn right and go another 300m to see a signboard. Visitors walk another 1km. To reach the foot of Ta Puong waterfall.

The second way is to depart from Quang Binh; tourists also follow the Ho Chi Minh Highway West branch. From the territory of Quang Binh province, tourists go about 25 km to the Se Pang Hieng bridge and then continue going another 200m, turning back. Go another 300 meters, and you will see a signboard. Walk another 1km to reach the foot of the waterfall.

The wild beauty of Ta Puong waterfall is stunning

Ta Puong Waterfall is a beautiful landscape with charming wildness. The name "Ta Puong" in the language of the Bru-Van Kieu people means "the place where a waterfall falls from a high mountain.".

The Ta Puong waterfall system in Quang Tri has 3 points:

  • The waterfall located at a higher position is called the upper waterfall, or Ta Puong 1 waterfall.
  • The waterfall located in a lower position is called the lower waterfall, or Ta Puong 2 waterfall.
  • Ta Puong 3 is at the bottom.

Normally, when visiting and exploring Ta Puong waterfall, people will follow the route to explore the upper waterfall and then go to the lower waterfalls.

On the way to Ta Puong Huong Hoa waterfall, visitors will enjoy the pristine nature of the mountains and forests with high slopes, heaving rocks, primeval jungle with ancient trees, and the sound of the wind. From far away, the chirping of forest birds can be heard, and the sound of a waterfall can be heard.

Amidst the immense green of the mountains and forests, Ta Puong waterfall rushes from above, forming a pure white ribbon across the jungle. The waterfall is about 10 meters high, flowing from halfway up the mountain through steep cliffs to the lake at the foot of the waterfall. The lake system here has many lakes of all sizes combined with natural rocks of all shapes to create a very interesting scene.

The waterfall here has a very large water flow, creating a strong flow that is maintained year-round. Visitors can stop next to the large rocks on both sides to admire the wild and majestic appearance of the waterfall's pouring white foam. The lakes here are both clear and cool, a place to soak, relax, and unwind. very good heat.

Ta Puong 2 waterfall is not as high as the above waterfall, from the top to the bottom of the waterfall, it is only about 10 meters high, but the width of the waterfall is much wider. Accordingly, the waterfall spreads over a large surface with many rocks and rapids; the lake below is up to 5 thousand meters wide; and the water is so clear that you can see the bottom.

In particular, the water here has a very beautiful and eye-catching turquoise color. If the lakes of the upper waterfall are small and only suitable for taking a dip, then in the lake of the lower waterfall, visitors can enjoy swimming, kayaking, and rafting to admire the picturesque nature.

Ta Puong 3 Waterfall is the most beautiful and attractive waterfall in the system of 3 waterfalls. From a distance, the waterfall is very soft and winding like a strip of silk. The lake at the foot of the waterfall rolls with cool, clear blue water. Visitors can stop. sightseeing or swimming. The area at the foot of Ta Puong 3 waterfall also has a large, flat, rocky beach that is an ideal place to camp or stop.

The Ta Puong waterfall system of Quang Tri still retains its inherent mystery because it has not been affected by human impact or commercialized tourism exploitation. In the middle of the mountains and forests of Western Truong Son, the beautiful white waterfall adorns the beautiful natural picture here, which is both poetic and charming.

After a long journey, reaching Ta Puong waterfall and immersing yourself in the beautiful nature here will surely make visitors forget all their fatigue and feel excited. In the midst of wild nature, visitors can immerse themselves in listening to the sounds of the deep green mountains and forests mixed with the joyful sound of cascading waterfalls. Immersing yourself in the cool, clear water is definitely a wonderful thing for anyone.

The itinerary to explore Ta Puong waterfall combines attractive tourist attractions

Along with exploring Ta Puong waterfall, visitors can combine exploring many attractive tourist attractions on this discovery route. Normally, the itinerary to explore Ta Puong waterfall in Quang Tri will start with trekking activities along the path to the waterfalls.

On the way, stop to explore Ta Puong Cave, a destination with an extremely special geological landscape. Ta Puong Cave in Quang Tri is more than 200 meters deep into the mountain. The cave entrance is 10 meters wide and has two different parts. On one side is a clear stream, and on the other is a very wide sandy beach. The stream in the cave has different depths and is 4-5 meters wide at its widest point.

In the cave, there are many stone ears of all shapes, and the cave's dome is as high as a palace. To explore the beauty of Ta Puong Cave with its splendid stalactites, visitors should bring a flashlight. According to local residents, this cave can be many kilometers long, and during the war, it was also a shelter for soldiers.

From Ta Puong cave, go another 200 meters to reach Ta Puong 1 waterfall to admire the beauty of the picturesque waterfall. Pouring from a height of 35 meters, the waterfall is like a stream of flowing white clouds. Wading through the stream and continuing on the dangerous trail for another 200 meters, you will reach the Ta Puong 2 waterfall. The waterfall is hidden in the middle of a primeval forest canopy with pristine wilderness, like a paradise.

The exploration schedule will continue about 200 meters further to Ta Puong 3 waterfall. This waterfall has another convenient access road; visitors will walk in the middle of the forest parallel to the A Xoc stream and go another 1km to reach it. Ta Puong 3 waterfall to admire the pristine and splendid beauty of the waterfall. After having fun and admiring the scenery, visitors can enjoy local culinary specialties such as chicken sticks, local grilled pork skewers, grilled wild fish, vegetables, wild banana flowers, etc.

In the exploration itinerary, visitors can combine a visit to Trang Ta Puong village to explore the lives and unique customs of the Pa Co and Van Kieu ethnic groups. If you have more time during your schedule to explore Ta Puong waterfall, you should stop at famous tourist destinations on the Khe Sanh-Ta Puong arc that are popular with tourists when exploring the Truong Son range, such as Ta Con airport, Sa Mu Pass, or Chenh Venh waterfall.

Ta Puong Waterfall, with its wonderful scenery, is an ideal address for visitors to experience the wildness and majesty of nature, so please close this attractive list for your upcoming journey to explore Quang Tri. To admire the wonderful beauty of Ta Puong waterfall, please quickly contact HoaBinh Tourist through our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for advice, quotes, and dedicated support.


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