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Explore Vung Tau tour to have the most impressive experiences

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Vung Tau tours are being sought after by many tourists for this summer trip. Vung Tau has a long stretch of blue sea and white sand, surrounded by undulating mountains. Along with famous landscapes and cultural works in all directions. If you want to immerse yourself in the cool blue water and watch the sunrise and sunset every day, come to the Vung Tau tour of HoaBinh Tourist to explore the beautiful, peaceful Vung Tau.

Vung Tau, a coastal city with many attractions

Vung Tau is an ideal tourist destination, with many high-class resorts and famous seafood restaurants. This place attracts a large number of domestic and international tourists every summer. Immerse yourself in the rushing sea water and understand more about Vung Tau's historical relics.

Not only that, this place has a unique culinary culture waiting for tourists to "eat" the ocean. There are also countless entertainment spots, bars, and cafes in Vung Tau that are extremely chill. It allows you to comfortably check in, take photos and create your own sparkling, beautiful photos.

Vung Tau is a city in Ba Ria-Vung Tau province, 9km away from Saigon. Vung Tau is known as a coastal city because it possesses beautiful, pristine beaches and attractive entertainment spots for sightseeing and exploring the majestic natural scenery. The spiritual culture is unique and famous, and the people here are extremely friendly.

More interestingly, in addition to the opportunity to immerse yourself in cool sea water regardless of the season, visitors coming to Vung Tau can also experience and explore other unique destinations such as the lighthouse, Christ the King statue, May Park Lake, Da Xanh Lake, Pig Hill, etc., and many other attractive attractions.

Which season is best for a unique tour to Vung Tau?

Vung Tau has an extremely wonderful climate with rarely "visited" storms and a fairly short rainy season. The temperature is quite stable, ranging from 25 - 28 degrees Celsius, so visitors can travel to Vung Tau comfortably at any time of the year. Each season in Vung Tau has its own unique festivals, and nature has its own "transforming" beauty.

The period from November to April and the time before or after Tet are the ideal times to visit Vung Tau. If you want to go on a tour to Vung Tau, come during this time to enjoy its beautiful beauty. Near Tet, Vung Tau is filled with beautiful cherry blossom streets that captivate many tourists. If you love the beauty of poetic natural scenery, come to admire the beautiful scenery and unleash your "virtual" life.

In addition, in the second lunar month, visitors should come to Vung Tau to immerse themselves in unique cultural festivals. Especially the Nghinh Co festival, which is held on February 12 of the lunar calendar every year, has an extremely large scale and includes many activities such as boat racing, singing, lion dancing,... Next, from February 16 to 18, there is also the Nghinh Ong festival, which is also extremely attractive, with cheerful singing performances, bustling drumming and beautiful martial arts performances.

May to October is the perfect time for tourists to book a tour to Vung Tau. The weather at this time is extremely cool, pleasant, with beautiful sunshine, and very suitable for swimming. Visitors will be immersed in the long white sand beaches and enjoy seafood.

List of attractive destinations in Vung Tau tour

If you have traveled to Vung Tau, you should not miss these hot destinations. Right now, HoaBinh Tourist will "reveal" it to you!

1. The Lighthouse is extremely beautiful and sparkling

In Vietnamese history, the lighthouse in Vung Tau was the oldest building. Since 1862, it has been started and built by the French colonialists. Up to now, the Lighthouse has become a popular tourist destination. Not only is it historically and architecturally significant, but the lighthouse is also a sea view point.

Having the most beautiful view in Vung Tau, when night falls, this place shimmers and magically "captures the hearts" of many young people. To make your Vung Tau tour the most unique, don't miss the lighthouse built on top of Nho Mountain! You can go up to the lighthouse by motorbike or car, both conveniently.

2. A giant statue of Christ the King

Also known as Lord Giang Tay, it is located near Vung Tau Lighthouse. It has unique, magnificent architecture and holds countless records for the statue of God in Southeast Asia.

What's more interesting is that the way to get to the statue of God is that you have to climb thousands of stone steps. To reach the top of Nho Mountain, where the statue of Christ is located, and admire the scenery of the Vung Tau Sea. The feeling of looking down from above at the vast natural scenery of heaven and earth seems to blend together.

Let's look at the giant statue of God. The pure, fresh air will help you melt away all your fatigue. However, to visit and admire this place, remember to wear polite and discreet clothes!

3. Vung Tau tour cannot lack beautiful beaches

Vung Tau is like a big, beautiful island because the whole city is surrounded by sea. Coming here, you will be able to freely "conquer" all beaches, large and small. And you cannot miss Truoc Beach, the most famous beach in Vung Tau that attracts a large number of tourists because this beach has a long stretch of white sand, gentle waves, and clear water that is extremely safe for playing and swimming.

Besides, if you love peace and enjoy watching the sunrise or sunset, come to Truoc Beach, Long Hai Beach or Dau Beach, Nguyet Vong Beach and also Freshwater Pass Beach.

4. Visit the unique architecture of Bach Dinh

Bach Dinh is a unique tourist destination in terms of architecture, culture, and the famous relics of Vung Tau. This was once the residence and resort of historical figures such as King Bao Dai. The view of Bach Dinh is extremely cool and fresh because of the lush green trees all year round.

The French-style architecture attracts tourists to learn about it and check in very beautifully. Besides, Bach Dinh is located very close to the Ba Ria-Vung Tau Museum, helping you travel to many destinations easily.

5. Have fun at the Ho May Park destination

This is a tourist area that combines many services, such as spiritual culture or entertainment. In addition, there are also places to relax, camp and take the cable car to see Vung Tau. This is a tourist area that attracts a large number of tourists of diverse ages to enjoy.

What should you eat to "put the ocean in your stomach" in Vung Tau?

Besides the interesting destinations of the famous Vung Tau, do not miss the unique culinary culture here!

1. Enjoy irresistibly delicious Khot cake

Banh Khot is a famous snack among locals. Not only is it loved by the people here, it also "captures" the hearts of many tourists. An extremely rustic cake made from fragrant rice flour and filled with shrimp and other spices. Served with raw vegetables and a little sour and spicy dipping sauce that visitors will never forget.

2. The specialty of apricot fish salad is a must-try

This is one of the dishes that is always ranked at the top of the Vung Tau tour menu and is extremely loved by tourists. Fresh fish salad is the most attractive specialty of fishermen in Vung Tau waters. To make this delicious dish, people must choose fresh fish. Then make the scales, wash and remove the bones and marinate with lemon, garlic, chili and vinegar spices mixed with mushrooms.

Besides, the dipping sauce for the fish salad is extremely delicious and meticulously mixed. They use pulled fish bones and cook them with roasted peanuts and crushed sesame seeds. Add a little shrimp paste or soda for a delicious "cat" dipping sauce.

Try a piece of the sweetness of fish, the flesh of peanuts, sesame mixed with the sourness of star fruit, the astringency of bananas, and the aroma of raw vegetables. One bite makes you want to bite many more; try it once for a delicious taste that will never fade away.

3. Vung Tau stingray Hotpot, famous delicacy

Stingray hotpot is always on the list of dishes that tourists are curious to try when coming to Vung Tau. This dish is extremely familiar at every family meal and reception party for Vung Tau people. And in restaurants and eateries, this famous, delicious stingray hotpot is indispensable.

4. "Excellent" delicious lobster blood soup

Lobster blood pudding - a new specialty, attracting many tourists to explore Vung Tau cuisine. To have lobster blood pudding, chefs will need to prepare shrimp weighing more than 1kg. Lobster blood pudding will be white in color, added to the meat from the shrimp claws, and then seasoned. Add some peanuts and herbs like coriander, perilla and coriander; enjoy with fish mint, sour star fruit, sliced bananas and rice paper.

Just now, we have the information about the Vung Tau tour that we shared. With white sand beaches, blue water, unique attractions and fresh seafood, it will make your heart "flutter" and make you want to come to Vung Tau right away to immerse yourself in a peaceful place. So, what are you waiting for? "If you like it, you have to move.". Book Vung Tau tour tickets now at HoaBinh Tourist through the hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911!


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