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Exploring Top 8 destinations in "Northwest paradise" Sapa with Hoabinh Tourist

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Sapa - the Northwest paradise attracts all visitors by being favored by nature, located among the mountains and clouds, still retains many beautiful, silent constructions and unique ethnic villages. If you are also a lover of Sapa, let's Hoabinhtourist to follow the article below to discover great check-in destinations right away!

1. Swing Sapa

Located in the center of town, Swing Sapa not only attracts young people who love local check-ins but also tourists from all over the world. Owning a special terrain, coming here, you can both admire the overwhelming natural scenery, and "live virtual" with a space like a fairyland no less than Bali and immerse yourself in the cold and pure air of the Northwest. 

swing-sapa Swing Sapa - A check-in paradise loved by young people

On the high mountainside, standing at Swing Sapa, we can see every piece of green forest below Hoang Lien Son National Park. In particular, at the foot of this place, there are many flower gardens facing towards, creating a magnificent scene of "offering flowers".

This place seems to gather all the best "check-in" backgrounds of Vietnam and the world, such as: Bali's infinity swing, Buddha's hand hunting clouds, Dalat's ladder to the clouds, The statue of a lover's head, a lonely pine tree on the top of O Quy Ho... With an entrance price of only 50,000 VND/person, you must definitely experience Swing Sapa even once!

2. Muong Hoa Valley

Coming to Muong Hoa valley, you can feel the wildest Sapa. The valley is located more than 10km from the town center with a bit of a bumpy road, however, once you get there, you will definitely feel it's worth it! Muong Hoa is famous for its immense terraced fields, overlapping each other to create golden stairs like the way to the real heaven. If you want to fully enjoy this moment, you can come here from September to November.

muong-hoa-valley Muong Hoa Valley - a favorite destination of tourists from all over the world

In the period from March to May, the fresh green color will color the whole valley. Between the fields, the down stream of Silver Waterfall flows into a peaceful stream, weaving between the upland fields and the fields of wild flowers forming a beautiful picture.

Next, you can go to May Bridge - a suspension bridge connecting the two banks of a very chill stream. In December, if you are lucky, you will be able to see the white snow falling in the valley, deposited on stilts like the scene in the movie. It's great, isn't it?

3. Ta Van village

Going down Silver waterfall through Muong Hoa, you will reach Ta Van. Contrary to the gentleness of Muong Hoa, Ta Van village clearly shows the mystery of the Northwest mountains, the nomadic beauty and the mysterious customs of the Giay and Red Dao ethnic groups.

ta-van-village Ta Van Village - The wonderful highlight of Sapa

You can experience the wonderful scenery here such as: watching the golden terraced fields in the afternoon sun, following the children to the buffalo fields in the early morning, visiting the old houses of the ethnic minorities... You will see how interesting this place is!

4. Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge

Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge is located in O Quy Ho Pass - the famous beautiful "death" pass, where you can see all the "four great peaks" of the Northwest. This is also the longest glass bridge in the Southeast Asia with a capacity of hundreds of people at the same time.

This new and equally "heart-pounding" experience will make visitors experience all kinds of unprecedented emotions. From here, you can take a close-up view of the mysterious ravines of O Quy Ho, the view of the other three passes in the clouds of Sapa, admire the Fansipan peak from a whole new angle…

dragon-cloud-glass-bridge Exploring Dragon Cloud Glass Bridge - Unique and adventurous challenge

Indeed, this place can be considered a new adventure "mecca", suitable for both tourists who are afraid of trekking but still want to see the most beautiful passes in the Northwest.

5. Sin Chai village

Coming to Sin Chai village, you can go anywhere to own yourself beautiful - unique - strange photos. This place is surrounded by skyscraper mountains, hazy clouds and stunning rice fields. Especially, the most beautiful season of Sin Chai terraced fields is when the water comes flooding each parcel of land.

When the water surface glitters like silver connecting each other on each hill, it will bring you a new moment of enjoying nature. In addition, if you don't mind walking, try following the children to the forest to experience the feeling of submerging your feet in cool spring water, walking around the forest and herding buffalo will also help you relieve all the stress ever.

sin-chai-village Sin Chai village is full of dreams and special in the eyes of tourists

6. Sapa Story

Sapa Story gathers all the most famous works of countries in the world. They are depicted with sophisticated mini versions, standing out against the wild mountains of the Northwest. Here, you can check-in at the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe (Paris, France); Statue of Liberty (symbol of New York, USA); Big Ben tower (London, England); Merlion statue (Singapore), ... and many other works. To capture the most beautiful scenery, you should go to Sapa Story in the middle or late afternoon, when the sun is less dazzling.

sapa-story Sapa Story - Ecstatic virtual check-in destination

7. Silver Waterfall

More than 10km from Sapa, Silver Waterfall makes even local people come to see it. This is the upstream of the clear springs flowing down the middle of Muong Hoa fields. At any time of the year, this waterfall is also splendid. Silver Waterfall has an altitude of 1800m above sea level, pouring down between two mountain slopes, dividing into many floors before forming a stream below. Around the waterfall are pristine forests that have not been exploited too much and rolling hills and mountains.

silver-waterfall Silver waterfall attracts visitors by its majestic and mysterious beauty

Coming here, you will be able to freely produce beautiful photos as well as capture the beauty of this waterfall.

8. Den village

Den village is one of the places to discover the beauty of Sapa without being too "far from" modern. In particular, some of the Den people can communicate in foreign languages, and modern electrical equipment is also used normally here.

den-village Den Village - Poetic and modern features in the heart of Sapa

The mysterious, beautiful and wild Sapa is appearing wonderfully. For an interesting trip to Sapa, please contact Hoabinh Tourist via hotline: 0939.311.911 for advice and a specific schedule as well as a detailed quote. Hope this article will help those who love Sapa travel.



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