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Fall in love with the beauty of Ban Xe Waterfall - One of the natural masterpieces in Cao Bang

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Cao Bang is known by many tourists for its captivating natural scenery. With the original beauty of the mountains and forests, Ban Xe waterfall is also a masterpiece of nature and a potential tourist destination for those who love the mountainous landscape of Cao Bang. Let's with Hoabinh Tourist to explore the beauty of Ban Xe waterfall right now!

About 14 km from Cao Bang city center, after overcoming difficult and dangerous roads, a small waterfall located in Ban Xe, Phan Thanh hamlet, Quang Trung commune (Hoa An district, Cao Bang province) appears with unique beauty. 

Besides Ban Gioc waterfall, Ban Xe waterfall is also very charm

Besides Ban Gioc waterfall, Ban Xe waterfall is also very charm

This is one of the wild waterfalls, few people discover. The waterfall is created by underground water flowing down from the mountain with a height of about 10 m. Ban Xe Waterfall is like a forgotten landscape picture among the mountains and forests. From a distance, the waterfall appears with a captivating beauty.

Like a white silk strip flying between the mountains and forests, when approaching, the beauty of the waterfall becomes more and more attractive. It changes with the seasons, so depending on the time of visit, the waterfall appears with different haughty looks.

The waterfall has its own beauty in each season. The beauty of the waterfall in spring appears like a watercolor painting, each water rolling as if playing with the gentle mountains and forests flowing down from the high cliffs.

The clear and cool spring water crept through the rock crevices with a gurgling sound. Then from the small rocky crevices, the water is brought by the waterfall to irrigate distant fields.

Different from the gentle beauty of spring, in summer, the water at Ban Xe waterfall becomes fierce. Each stream of water dropped from above to form thin white mists. Summer on Phan Thanh valley lasts from mid-June to the end of September.

At this time, water from Ban Xe waterfall pours to serve production and daily life of people. The beauty of the mountains and forests is perhaps most clearly revealed when the Ban Xe waterfall blends with the green of the fields.

The summer sky here also becomes higher and bluer. The clouds drifted slowly toward the mountains. Then, as if unknowingly, a beautiful painting was created in the midst of fields filled with water, reflecting a majestic green landscape.

But perhaps, the most beautiful waterfall is in the fall. At that time, the water flow became sluggish and calm. When the forest trees also began to shed their green coat to put on other vibrant colors. The sound of birds also became more noisy.

Ban Xe Waterfall - Cao Bang's new natural wonder

Ban Xe Waterfall - one of the masterpieces of nature

Along with the transformation of the mountains and forests, the waterfall also gradually takes off its fierce look to immerse itself in nature. Occasionally, playing in the wind, the rows of white reeds flutter like regret for the coming winter season.

Mixed with the beauty of the waterfall are looming stilts roofs interspersed with fields to create a unique living feature imbued with the cultural identity of the Tay people. The valley of Phan Thanh hamlet has nearly a dozen roofs, people mainly work on fields and graze cattle.

As one of the lesser known and unexplored places, along with difficult and dangerous roads, Ban Xe waterfall is a place where young people should pay attention and be careful when visiting.

Above are some sharing of Hoabinh Tourist about Cao Bang Ban Xe waterfall - one of the masterpieces created by nature. Follow us to stay up to date with the latest and greatest travel news!


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