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Handbook of Artifacturing: Beautiful Vung Tau Beaches Attracting Visitors' Souls

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Vung Tau city has long been famous for its beautiful beaches with blue seas, white sand, golden sunshine, and gentle waves all year round. Around the beaches, there are many hotels and resorts, along with places to eat, play, and entertain, that welcome people to visit and relax. Let's go with HoaBinh Tourist to find out about the beautiful beaches in Vung Tau right now.

Top beautiful beaches in Vung Tau attractive to tourists

Vung Tau is known for many beautiful scenic spots and destinations rich in cultural and historical values. Not only that, this place also owns many beautiful beaches that attract many tourists to experience. Let's explore with HoaBinh Tourist now.

1. Sau Beach

One of the most famous beaches in Vung Tau as well as the most beautiful in Vietnam is Sau Beach, also known as Thuy Van Beach, located in the south of the city.

Sau Beach - one of the famous beaches in Vung Tau attracts a large number of touristsBack Beach - one of the famous beaches in Vung Tau attracts a large number of tourists

The beach has a coastline stretching nearly 10 kilometers and is favored by nature for its clear blue water, gentle waves, and smooth sand. The year-round temperature here is also stable, and there is not much difference between the seasons. Therefore, Bai Sau attracts many locals and tourists to visit, play, and swim.

2. Truoc Beach

Located to the west and south of the city, Truoc Beach is nestled between the big and small mountains like a quiet cove. The beach is the place to dock and anchor for many fishing boats, so the sea water here is not as clear as at Sau Beach.

Discover the wild but gentle beauty of Vung Tau Truoc BeachDiscover the wild but gentle beauty of Vung Tau Truoc Beach

However, this is a very beautiful sunset viewing spot and is the place where many entertainment activities and entertainment on the sea at night are gathered by Vung Tau people and tourists.

3. Phuoc Hai Beach

Known to many for its wild and rustic beauty, Phuoc Hai beach is located at the foot of Minh Dam mountain in Phuoc Hai town, Dat Do district. This place has only a small fishing village; all year round, people work fishing to make a living.

If you love daily life, you can go to the Phuoc Hai beach area to learn about the lives of fishermen and admire the beautiful natural beach.

Admire the gentle beauty with 1-0-2 of Phuoc Hai Vung Tau beachAdmire the gentle beauty with 1-0-2 of Phuoc Hai Vung Tau beach

4. Loc An Beach

Dat Do district also has another great beach, which is Loc An Beach, one of the seven most beautiful beaches in Vung Tau. Not only possessing peaceful beauty, Loc An beach is also attractive because of the diversity of marine life and mangrove primeval forests.

On Loc An beach, you can sit on a canoe or a fisherman's fishing basket, floating on the waves, to have the most interesting and new experiences that not all beaches have.

Loc An Beach - one of the favorite beaches of tourists in Vung TauLoc An Beach - one of the favorite beaches of tourists in Vung Tau

5. Dinh Co Beach

Located not far from Vung Tau city center is the peaceful place of Dinh Co, a beach in Long Dien district. Dinh Co Beach is very suitable for you to organize meetings with family, friends, or company team-building, or to rest and relax. 

Coming to Dinh Co, you can visit Dinh Co temple to learn a bit of local culture and enjoy fresh seafood caught by fishermen and sold directly.

Marvel at the beautiful Dinh Co beach that few people know aboutMarvel at the beautiful Dinh Co beach that few people know about

Where is Vung Tau Beach?

Vung Tau City is located in the Southeast region of Vietnam. With more than 40 kilometers of coastline surrounding the city, Vung Tau has many large and small beaches stretching throughout. The South, Southeast, and Southwest of Vung Tau border the East Sea, next to primeval forests and mountains. In addition, Vung Tau also has rivers and many large lakes, so the climate is cool and temperate all year round.

Is Vung Tau Beach Bathable?

When coming to Vung Tau, surely everyone wants to immerse themselves in the clear blue sea. However, to have fun and swim in Vung Tau, you need to pay attention to the weather conditions of each season of the year so as not to affect your activities.

Vung Tau Beach has a beauty that is both strange and unique, but also very specialVung Tau Beach has a beauty that is both strange and unique, but also very special

Vung Tau's climate is divided into two distinct seasons. The dry season starts from October to April, and the rainy season lasts from May to September. Normally, the dry season is the ideal time for you to travel to Vung Tau and enjoy participating in sea activities without fear of torrential rains. The ideal time to swim in Vung Tau is recommended by local authorities as being from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Vung Tau in the rainy season is still very beautiful and poetic. It seems that the rains only make Vung Tau greener and cooler — not as bad and inconvenient as you think. If you don't swim in the sea, you can take a walk on the fine sand, watch the sea, watch the late moon, or explore the brilliant coastal town at night.

Can Vung Tau beach be used for fishing?

One of the interesting activities in Vung Tau is fishing. Whether you are a local or a tourist, you can experience Vung Tau sea fishing.

If you fish from about March to August, then go to the Hon Ba area. In the remaining months of the year, you should fish at Dau Beach, Can Gio, or the Cau River.

Many tourists have interesting fishing experiences on Vung Tau seaMany tourists have interesting fishing experiences on Vung Tau sea

Above are the beautiful and clean Vung Tau beach tourism destinations that I want to share with you. Hopefully, this information will help you find more beaches not to be missed when coming to Vung Tau.

HoaBinh Tourist hopes you will have the opportunity to explore all the beautiful beaches when traveling to Vung Tau. In addition, you can refer to the list of Vung Tau delicacies to enjoy other great specialties in this coastal city! To discover more new destinations in Vung Tau, please contact us via hotline: 0913.311.911 - 0939.311.911 for 24/7 advice and support.


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