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Hanoi Old Quarter is in the top 5 places with the weirdest railways

Unknown 19/06/2023 64

The railway in Hanoi's Old Quarter is on the list of routes with odd locations, as well as surprising many visitors when visiting. Let's explore the top 5 places with the weirdest railways with HoaBinh Tourist right now.

Railways in Hanoi's Old Quarter

There are few places in the world where train tracks are located in the middle of a residential area like Hanoi's Old Quarter, with houses on either side less than a meter from the road. Many tourists call this place "unique place in the world" or "only in Vietnam" to describe this scene.

Hanoi Old Quarter is in the top 5 places with the weirdest railways

Train passes through 19-storey apartment building

Located in eastern China, Chongqing is one of the most populous cities in the country with 49 million people. Therefore, the planners here are always creative in solving space for infrastructure.

In 2004, when the railway project No. 2 was approved, the government stood between two options, one is to demolish the entire 19-storey apartment building, the other is to create a tunnel for trains to pass through.

Train passing through 19-storey apartment building in China makes a strong impression on tourists

Therefore, a special track is built in the middle of the building, from the 6th to 8th floors, but it does not affect the residents thanks to a special soundproofing system. After 13 years, the city government still believes this is the best decision they have ever made.

Train cuts across the runway in New Zealand

Located in the western suburbs of Gisborne, New Zealand, Gisborne Airport is one of the very few places in the world where a railway crosses the runway. The Gisborne Railway operates at 6.30am and 8:30pm. However, when approaching the runway area, the train must stop for the air traffic control station to observe and then continue down the road.

Trains cross the runway in New Zealand - one of the weirdest railway designs

The railway crossing the sea in Germany

The Hindenburgdamm is an 11km railway that connects the island of Sylt with Schleswig-Holstein, the northernmost state in Germany. Before the railway was born, travel from the mainland to the island of Sylt depended on weather conditions and tides at sea.

At that time, it takes passengers at least 6 hours to travel from the mainland to Sylt Island by sea. In winter, the ice in the Wadden Sea impedes ships and boats, making Sylt Island very few visitors. As the Westerland resort on the coast of the island of Sylt became more and more popular, in 1923 the railroad was started and completed four years later. Today, more than 100 trains travel every day, half of which transport cars for passengers.

The railway crossing the sea in Germany brings excitement to tourists

Mountain train in the US

When the railroad through Auburn, California, USA was built and completed in 1864, it was hailed as "the 8th wonder of the world". “Bloomer Cut is not built the usual way. It has overcome countless obstacles, indestructible mountains, deep ravines, rocky gorges or barren plains, a testament to the strength and determination of the thousands of workers who created this route.” , the state representative of Indiana, William Holman, spoke in 1862.

The mountain train in the US is exciting for adventurous people

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