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Immerse yourself in the beauty of the green paradise of Cua Tung Beach in Quang Tri

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Famous for its paradise-like beauty, Cua Tung is a place visited by many tourists on their journey to explore Quang Tri. Whether traveling in spring, summer, or autumn, this seaside paradise always makes people fall in love with the wonderful scenery. If you are looking for a rippling blue sea to relax amidst the vast waves while immersing yourself in the clear water, Cua Tung Beach is definitely a great stop that should not be missed. Let's explore this beautiful beach with HoaBinh Tourist right now.

Locating Cua Tung Beach and how to move

Cua Tung Beach is a tourist destination that is no longer unfamiliar to many people because it is a beautiful, pristine beach that was very famous during the French colonial period. The French once considered this place the queen of beaches because of the wild and charming space.

This is located in the area of An Duc Pine, Vinh Quang commune, Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province, 35km south of Dong Ha city center. For tourists from other provinces and cities who want to travel to Cua Tung, they can choose many different means of transportation. Accordingly, from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi, visitors can fly to Phu Bai airport and then travel by car or motorbike to Quang Tri to Cua Tung.

In addition, Quang Tri also has Dong Ha station, so visitors can choose to take the train to Dong Ha and then travel by personal vehicle to Cua Tung. You can travel by bus to other provinces or to nearby provinces such as Hue, Da Nang, and Quang Binh. Visitors can also travel by motorbike very conveniently.

From the center of Dong Ha city, visitors can move south to Co Me village and then move another 10 kilometers to arrive. If moving from the Hien Luong bridge area, follow road 70 for about 3 km, and you will arrive at Cua Tung beach in Quang Tri.

When should you travel to Cua Tung Beach?

The climate in Cua Tung in particular and Quang Tri in general is a tropical, humid monsoon climate combined with Lao wind, so it is relatively harsh. The average annual temperature here is from 20 to 25 degrees Celsius, with a long dry season followed by a rainy and stormy season.

The peak hot season here falls in May and June, and the most rainy and stormy season is September and October. Therefore, when traveling to Cua Tung Beach, visitors can choose periods of moderate heat. The weather is pleasant from December to April every year. This time, the weather is nice and ideal for exploring this beach.

Explore the immense beauty of Cua Tung beach

Cua Tung Beach is very beautiful and pristine because this place has not been exploited for tourism too much, but mainly by local residents. That is why, up until now, the "queen of beaches" has always maintained its beauty. Heavenly beauty as it is.

The beach in Cua Tung is enchantingly beautiful, with white sand strips embracing the green water stretching out to the deep blue ocean. Here there are up to 8 red Bada capes rushing into the sea, creating a very spectacular beauty. People compare this cape to a tortoiseshell comb that is smoothly combing millions of immense layers of blue waves.

Cua Tung's sea water is very blue. On summer days when the Lao wind brings dry heat to this strip of land, Cua Tung becomes even more attractive in the eyes of tourists because of its fresh, cool atmosphere.

Swimming in Cua Tung is very safe because there are Mui Si and Mui Lai deep in the sea, creating a small bay that shields large waves and ocean currents from flowing past. Therefore, visitors coming here can comfortably immerse themselves in the gentle water, floating on the cool and refreshing waves without fear of being swept out far away.

Deep inside the shore of Cua Tung beach is the image of shady green casuarina rows, where visitors can leisurely stroll or stop to lie down and swing in beautiful hammocks, relax, and enjoy the moments. There was a moment of peace in the sound of crashing waves and whispering sea breezes.

Welcoming the sunrise or sunset on Cua Tung Beach is one of the experiences that easily fascinates visitors because the scenery is so beautiful and impressive. When the first rays of sunlight of the day glimmer, the horizon is lit up with morning rays, and the scene of fishermen's nets, the shadow of a boat on the swaying water, and the red sky create a picture. The sunset at Cua Tung is romantic and enchanting, with the purple afternoon light and the late afternoon light glistening on the water surface, both sparkling and magical.

Cua Tung Beach has many different shades in one day. Nature is as beautiful as a picture, with brilliant color blocks harmoniously combined with waves, sea, trees, wind, and gentle rays of sunlight, making anyone who has ever stopped by feel at home. Everyone will be fascinated.

These specialties should not be missed when visiting Cua Tung


Cua Tung Beach is a land famous for many attractive seafood, especially cuttlefish. Cua Tung cuttlefish's meat is sweet and fresh, so it is very popular with tourists. Seafood is caught fresh in many types, such as crabs, fish crabs, shrimp, clams, snails, etc. Tourists walking on Cua Tung Beach can visit seafood restaurants right near the beach to enjoy seafood at very reasonable prices.

Seaweed cake

This dish is one of the unique specialties of Cua Tung Beach. People often use locally available seaweed, soak it in water with ginger to mask the fishy smell, then wash thoroughly and chop it finely. Put it in the pot and boil until soft, then use your lips to beat the seaweed until the mixture thickens. When eating, just roll up each piece and dip it with sugar, and enjoy the cool and attractive taste.

Boiled jackfruit dipped in fish sauce

This is also a very attractive specialty in Cua Tung. This rustic dish is made from delicious jackfruit, processed quite meticulously to remove the latex, boiled, then dipped in fish sauce, so it breaks down the sugar with lemon, garlic, and chili, which is very characteristic. When eaten with herbs, it is even more attractive.

Buffalo meat and bamboo leaves

This specialty dish has a very typical flavor of the Cua Tung coastal region. Buffalo meat is found in many places, but the taste of buffalo meat and bamboo leaves in Cua Tung has an unmixable flavor. The bamboo leaves that grow wild here have The characteristic spicy taste when grilled or stir-fried with buffalo meat creates a very attractive flavor.

Suggested attractive stops near Cua Tung

Cua Tung Beach is located near many attractive tourist attractions in the ancient parallel area. Therefore, when visitors come here, they can combine visits to nearby attractive places.

Truong Son Cemetery

Nghi Trang Truong Son is located on Ben Tat Hill in Gio Linh district. This place was officially built in 1975 and completed in 1977, and it is home to 10,333 graves of martyrs with 10 main areas. The resting place of the soldiers who died during the anti-American war to save the country is always a sacred destination, a place to express the deep gratitude of the next generation to their ancestors. Visitors here can both learn about history and light incense sticks to pay tribute to the soldiers who were left behind on this heroic land.

Hien Luong Bridge

Hien Luong Bridge is located in Vinh Linh district. This is the place that has witnessed many failures in the country's history, the place separating the two regions. This bridge of great historical value is always an attractive destination. for those who want to learn about the nation's history and heroic years.

Con Co Island

Con Co Island is located very close to Cua Tung Beach, only 15 nautical miles away, so visitors can combine sightseeing very easily. It is known as a place with pristine natural scenery, primeval forests, and attractive marine ecosystems. This is a wonderful paradise for you to find peace and enjoy relaxing moments on the roof.

Cua Tung Beach today still deserves the title "queen of beaches" and is a great destination for those who are looking for a true paradise for moments of relaxation and immersion in nature. If you want to travel to Quang Tri and experience the feeling of peace at Cua Tung Beach, quickly contact HoaBinh Tourist through our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for advice, quotes, and dedicated support. 


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