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Is traveling to Ha Giang Beautiful in Autumn? What Festivals Are There in July and August?

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Traveling to Ha Giang in the fall is the right time for you to fully admire the beauty of the terraced fields that are entering the planting season, and is the time when Ha Giang's weather is most pleasant. Coming to Ha Giang in the fall, you can also experience other interesting activities. Let's find out what interesting experiences in Ha Giang in the fall are in this article.

What is special about traveling to Ha Giang in the fall?

Surely you have heard a lot about Ha Giang with its vast buckwheat fields, peach and plum blossom trees blooming all over the sky, or ripe golden fields. But few people know how peaceful and gentle it is in this land of the Northeast in July and August.

Ha Giang in the autumn has a strangely simple and poetic beautyHa Giang in the autumn has a strangely simple and poetic beauty

Ha Giang autumn in July and August is the time of pouring water season, rice flowers begin to be planted, water slowly pours onto the field surface. The water surface reflects like large mirrors back to the sky and majestic nature, creating a beautiful picture of autumn.

In autumn, Ha Giang also has the green color of majestic and dangerous mountains towering among the clouds and sky. Coming to Ha Giang this season, you can experience very interesting mountain passes surrounding the foothills.

In the fall of Ha Giang, you can also hunt clouds on high mountain peaks in the early morning. When the sun has not yet risen, vast floating clouds appear on the top of the mountain. Experiencing this scene, you will feel like you are lost in a dream.

The must-visit places when coming to Ha Giang in autumn

If you have ever thought that going to Ha Giang in the fall of July and August does not have any special or outstanding places, I am sure you will have to change your mind after reading my sharing below. Ha Giang in the fall. Ha Giang's scenery changes every month, each month the scenery will wear different coats so visitors can feel the different unique features.

Review of 3 beautiful places when Ha Giang is in July

If you come to Ha Giang in July, you can visit the following places:

Hoang Su Phi

Hoang Su Phi is one of the places you should definitely visit first if you set foot in Ha Giang in the fall, the main tourist season in Ha Giang of the year. Every July, Hoang Su Phi begins to be crowded with tourists to visit and relax here.

The fairyland-like beauty of Hoang Su Phi in the autumnThe fairyland-like beauty of Hoang Su Phi in the autumn

Around July, it is not yet the ripe rice season in Ha Giang, but many tourists still choose this place because the terraced fields are in the pouring season. Different from the scene where The rice flowers are ripe and golden, this is the stage when the rice flowers are at a mature age. The water flows down from the waterfall to cultivate the plants.

Looking down from above, the fields are like mirrors reflecting the sky, reflecting the majestic nature and the hard-earned lives of the people of Ha Giang.

Dong Van Old Town

Dong Van Old Town is the place that gives the name to Dong Van in particular and Ha Giang in general. You can go to Dong Van old town in any season because this season the old town is also beautiful and special. However, by experiencing this landmark in the fall, you will have a more special feeling compared to other seasons.

Dong Van Old Town is home to the H'Mong, Nung, Tay, Dao, Kinh,... Because of the large number of ethnic groups, the culture of living in the old quarter is also rich, diverse, and very exciting rhythm.

Dong Van old town is full of poetry and simplicity in autumnDong Van old town is full of poetry and simplicity in autumn

Every week, the old town receives thousands of tourists to visit, buy and sell in the market, and together experience the folklore games of the indigenous peoples.

Quan Ba Heaven Gate

Referring to the must-visit places when coming to Ha Giang, it is impossible to forget the Quan Ba Heaven Gate; this is one of the famous landmarks of Ha Giang that most visitors also know. visit.

Quan Ba Heaven Gate attracts many tourists with its majestic natural scenery at an altitude of more than 1500m above sea level. Quan Ba is also considered the welcome gate of Ha Giang province, opening up the top places and landscapes here.

Standing at the sky gate of Quan Ba and looking down, you will see the full majestic beauty of Ha Giang nature. In the distance, you can see the houses and bustling activities of the people here.

Quan Ba Heaven Gate in autumn is beautiful in a rustic and authentic way

Top 2 places you must visit when coming to Ha Giang in August

If you come to Ha Giang in August, you definitely have to visit the following places:

Tu San Alley

Going to Ha Giang without conquering Tu San Alley is truly a flawed experience. Come autumn, the water of the Nho Que River also becomes incredibly blue. That's why experiencing Tu San Alley is preferred by many people in the fall, around August.

With a height of about 800m, a length of up to 1.7 km, and a depth of more than 1km, Tu San Alley is favored by many tourists as the most majestic name of the Dong Van Ha Giang rocky plateau.

How to conquer Tu San alley is to take a boat on the Nho Que river, gradually passing through the Tu San alley area and directly viewing the majestic, sky-scraping mountains.

The blue river, the sea, the sky and white clouds, the majestic nature, the cool weather, and the gloomy wind—truly, this experience deserves to be tried in August in Ha Giang.

Tu San Alley in the fall impresses with its blue waterTu San Alley in the fall impresses with its blue water

Tham Ma Slope

Tham Ma Slope is one of the most beautiful and impressive passes. If the beauty in the photo gets 8 points, then if you experience it with your own eyes, you will definitely give this place a perfect score.

Located right on Highway 4C, connecting Meo Vac district with Ha Giang city, most people coming to Ha Giang go through Tham Ma slope. Come autumn, the weather on Tham Ma slope is very cool, airy, and pleasant.

To experience Tham Ma slope, you must experience it by motorcycle. If you don't have a motorcycle to ride, you can look for motorbike rental services in Ha Giang.

Tham Ma Slope - a slope that challenges backpackers in the autumnTham Ma Slope - a slope that challenges backpackers in the autumn

If you are a girl, not sure how to drive, and do not have experience traveling on mountain passes by motorbike, I recommend that you rent a tour of Ha Giang by motorbike; there will be a driver and tour guide to take you. Go to all the beautiful places in Ha Giang in the fall, besides Tham Ma slope.

Above are some shares taken by HoaBinh Tourist when traveling to Ha Giang in the autumn. We hope this sharing will help you on your journey to discover the poetic beauty of this place. For any information, please contact Hotline: 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.


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