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Lai Chau travel guide and top 14 beautiful destinations that fascinate tourists

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Lai Chau is one of the attractive places sought after by many people because of its many extremely poetic and charming landscapes. In today's article, HoaBinh Tourist will introduce to you the top 14 most famous check-in destinations in Lai Chau province.

Overview of Lai Chau province

Coming to Lai Chau, visitors are not only captivated by the wild natural beauty of the cloudy peaks, enchanting waterfalls, and golden rice fields but also by the warm-hearted and hospitable people. Lai Chau is located between two extremely famous tourist destinations in the Northwest: Sa Pa (Lao Cai) and Dien Bien. Visitors will see the breathtaking and pristine landscapes of the Northwest mountains and forests.

Lai Chau province is about 500km from Hanoi; currently, there are about 10 bus companies operating on the Hanoi-Lai Chau route. Buses usually depart from My Dinh bus station, but there are also some companies with buses departing from the bus station Giap Bat car.

Lai Chau currently does not have motorbike rental locations, so if you do not bring a motorbike from Hanoi but still want to have a motorbike to travel to Lai Chau, you can rent a motorbike in Sapa to do so instead of going there. If you take a bus straight to Lai Chau, take a sleeper bus or train to Lao Cai (Sapa), rent a motorbike from here, and then go to Lai Chau.

Top 14 Lai Chau tourist destinations that tourists should not miss

1. Muong Te Travel

Muong Te is a mountainous district located in Lai Chau province, located in the northwest of the country. Muong Te has an important geographical position in the defense sector because it owns the border between Vietnam and China. The north borders Yunnan province (China), the west borders Muong Nhe district (Dien Bien), the east borders Sin Ho district, and the south borders Nam Nhun district (Lai Chau).

Muong Te district has a high proportion of ethnic people, the largest number of which are Thai people, followed by Mong people. Kinh people also exist, but only in small numbers. Therefore, the cultural identity here is very diverse, creating a bold Northwest culture and causing nostalgia for travelers traveling to Lai Chau.

Some Muong Te tourist destinations you should visit are:

Pu Si Lung Peak

Pu Si Lung Mountain is a famous landmark of Muong Nhe district. With an altitude of 3083m, Phu Si Lung Mountain attracts adventurous tourists. The higher you go, the thinner and colder the air on the mountain becomes. In return, there is the immense beauty of the blue sky and the magnificence of the mountains and forests, all harmonizing to create a unique natural picture that only this place possesses. .

Milestone 17—upstream of the Da River

Milestone 17 is the intersection of the Da River, originating from Yunnan Province, China, with the Nam Nap stream. The mountain and forest scenery blend with the gurgling sound of the stream to create a poetic and charming landscape painting.

2. Nam Nhun Travel

Nam Nhun is a mountainous district located in the west of Lai Chau province. The east of the district borders Sin Ho district, the west borders Muong Te and Muong Nhe districts of Dien Bien province, the south borders Muong Lay town, Muong Cha, and Nam Po districts of Dien Bien province, and the north borders with China.

This is where many famous places gather when traveling to Lai Chau. If you come to Lai Chau, you must definitely visit to enjoy the beauty of Nam Nhun!

Some Nam Nhun tourist destinations you should visit are:

Lai Chau hydroelectric plant tourism

Lai Chau hydroelectric plant was started in 2011 in Nam Hang commune, Muong Te district (now in Nam Nhun district). Lai Chau Hydropower Plant plays an important role in the development of electricity and water supply and is a key national project in Vietnam. Coming here, you will enjoy the unique, massive beauty of the hydroelectric lake, surrounded by deep, majestic green mountains and forests.

Pu Dao village

Pu Dao village is located in a quite remote place but exudes the rustic and pristine features of the Northwest village. To reach Pu Dao Village, you will go through an exciting journey from climbing the hills, wading streams through black turmeric fields with pink and white flowers, to watching herds of cows, buffaloes, and horses grazing on the green grass. In particular, you will admire houses made of wood and thatched roofs.

3. Phong Tho Travel

Phong Tho is a small district located in the north of Lai Chau province. This place possesses wild natural scenery and majestic rolling hills. Besides, the cool climate, friendly indigenous people, and diverse culture created by ethnic minorities living here have also helped Phong Tho become one of the places to visit. when traveling to Lai Chau.

Some Phong Tho tourist destinations you should visit are:

Dao San Plateau

Dao San Plateau is famous for its pristine nature, stretching hills and mountains with the green color of the jungle. Terraced fields and gurgling streams also add to the wonderful scenery of this place.

Heart Waterfall

As the name suggests, the heart waterfall is a waterfall in Sin Suoi Ho commune. With the hands of Mother Nature, the waterfall is blocked by a cliff, divided into two streams, and then falls together to form a heart shape in the middle of vast forests and mountains.

4. Sin Ho Travel

Sin Ho is located at an altitude of 1500m above sea level, considered the roof of Lai Chau province, and borders Yunnan, China. Coming here, you will not only enjoy the pristine beauty of the mountains and forests but also admire the colorful paintings of brocade costumes of ethnic minorities.

Some Sin Ho tourist destinations you should visit are:

Pu Sam Cap Cave

Pu Sam Cap Cave has an altitude of about 1300–1700 m, connecting Lai Chau city with Sin Ho district, about 5km from the city center. This is a limestone mountain range formed during the tectonic era, including three large caves: Thien Mon, Thien Duong, and Thuy Tinh. Its pristine beauty surprises many people every time they step here.

Sin Ho Plateau

Sin Ho Plateau is considered the roof of Lai Chau province, about 60 km from Lai Chau city center and located at an altitude of about 1500m. Sin Ho Plateau is considered an attractive destination, promising wonderful experiences that tourists cannot miss.

6. Tam Duong Travel

Tam Duong is a highland district in Lai Chau province, Vietnam. The north of Tam Duong borders Phong Tho district and Bat Xat district, Lao Cai province; the south borders Tan Uyen district, Hoa Binh province; the east borders Sapa town, Lao Cai province; and the west borders Sin Ho district and Thanh Hoa city. 

This place is blessed by nature, with a cool climate, majestic mountains, and many beautiful landscapes. Therefore, Tam Duong is a place that cannot be ignored when mentioning Lai Chau tourist destinations.

Some Tam Duong tourist destinations you should visit are:

Na Luong Village

Na Luong attracts tourists thanks to its wild, poetic beauty with immense mountain clouds and immense rice fields. The air here is fresh, cool and quiet, so it is very suitable for those who want to temporarily get away from the noise and dust of the city. In addition, when coming to Na Luong, visitors will discover the traditional cultural beauty of the Lao people living here.

O Quy Ho Pass

Located at an altitude of nearly 2000m above sea level, O Quy Ho Pass is one of the highest passes in our country. When you come here, you will be overwhelmed by the stunning, majestic and poetic beauty with vast forests and mountains reaching to the cloud level, and winding mountain passes. Amidst the cold winds, mountain and forest specialties such as grilled meat skewers, potatoes, corn, grilled eggs, bamboo-tube rice or hot cups of coffee from familiar small shops are surprisingly delicious.

7. Tan Uyen Travel

Tan Uyen is a district located in the east of Lai Chau province in the Northwest region. The east of Tan Uyen borders Sa Pa town and Van Ban district in Lao Cai province. The West borders Sin Ho district. The South borders Than Uyen district and Quynh Nhai district, Son La province. The North borders Tam Duong district.

This is home to many attractive destinations in Lai Chau tourist area. Coming here, you will be able to see with your own eyes the extremely beautiful and majestic natural beauty and experience many unique cultural features.

Some Tan Uyen tourist destinations you should visit:

Tan Uyen tea hill

Tan Uyen tea hill is located along Highway 32, has a scale of up to 2,000 hectares, and is 40–50 years old. This place possesses lush and romantic fresh tea fields, along with fresh air, which has contributed to making Tan Uyen Tea Hill one of the famous check-in locations that attracts many tourists and couples. wedding photography.

Phieng Phat village

The Phieng Phat scenic complex is recognized as a provincial-level scenic spot. The natural scenery in Ban Phieng Phat is still very wild, with almost no human impact. Nestled in limestone mountains and surrounded by tropical forests, this place is even more mysterious and attractive.

8. Than Uyen Travel

Than Uyen district, located in the southeast of Lai Chau province, at an altitude of about 500 to 1800m above sea level, is a large, closed valley between the mountains of Fansipan and Pung Luong. The East borders Lao Cai province (national highway 32 and national highway 279) and Yen Bai province (national highway 32), the West and South border Son La province, and the North borders Tan Uyen district.

Than Uyen's terrain is mainly low and medium mountains and valleys along the Nam Mu River. The climate has two distinct seasons. Winters are cold, and summers are hot and humid. Than Uyen district is home to 10 ethnic groups, most of whom are Thai people, accounting for more than 70% of the population, followed by Kinh people with 13%, and the rest are Hmong, Kho Mu, Dao, etc., creating cultural interference between regions. These unique cultural features fascinate every tourist traveling to Lai Chau.

Some tourist destinations in Than Uyen you should visit are:

Khau Co Pass

Coming to Than Uyen, you must definitely go to Khau Co Pass because this is a beautiful road that opens up a picture of nature with fresh colors, promising to bring visitors interesting experiences during the journey. conquer. It's best to ride a motorbike to experience the adventurous feeling of going over the waterfall and seeing the majestic natural scenery in the sky and on the ground of Than Uyen.

Muong Than Field

With an agricultural production area of about 2,000 hectares, Muong Than is one of the largest and most beautiful fields in the Northwest region, located in Than Uyen. Tourists traveling in July, August, and September every year can explore the vast fields of Muong Than in the ripe rice season, the rice flowers fluttering in the wind, under the golden sunlight, and the idyllic scenery. It looks charming and captivates all visitors.

Explore Lai Chau's culinary culture

Lai Chau is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Vietnam. The attraction here is not only the beautiful scenery and friendly people but also the specialties with special, passionate flavors. Let's learn about the famous specialties of this region.

  • Armpit pig: If you come to Lai Chau, you should not miss the extremely famous armpit pig dish that attracts all tourists in the region. This pig species is grazed naturally, eating only wild vegetable leaves and jogging, so its meat is extremely firm.
  • Lam Noi: This dish has delicious buffalo or beef as the main ingredient, grilled over charcoal until cooked. Then cut into thin strips and mix with mac hen, chili, garlic, ginger, wild eggplant, squash, young squash, etc. Then mix well and put in a bamboo tube, then bake until the ingredients are cooked evenly.
  • Mong Banh Day: One of Lai Chau's specialties that cannot be ignored is Mong people's Banh Day. The banh day here has no filling, is large, and is glued with lard. The cake has the aroma of upland sticky rice, chicken eggs, and lard, all blending extremely attractively.
  • Garlic salad: Garlic salad is a Thai dish. Although this dish is simple, it has all the typical flavors: the fleshy taste of coriander, the sweet and sour taste mixed with the spiciness of chili.

Above are the 14 most famous tourist attractions in Lai Chau province that HoaBinh Tourist introduces to you. Make a plan and explore the 14 locations above right away. Surely you will have great experiences! For any information you need advice on, please contact our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.


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