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Listen to the lyrical melody of the mountains when traveling to Ban Gioc waterfall, Cao Bang

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Dubbed the most beautiful waterfall in Southeast Asia, Ban Gioc waterfall has a beauty full of opposites - majestic, magnificent, but equally gentle and poetic. Join HoaBinh Tourist to admire the beauty and sound of the mountains and forests, the source of Ban Gioc waterfall - the pride of the Cao Bang people.

Ban Gioc Waterfall - the pride of Cao Bang peopleBan Gioc Waterfall - the pride of Cao Bang people

1. Introduction to Ban Gioc Waterfall

Located right in the middle of the Vietnam-China border, Ban Gioc waterfall is 60m high, 300m wide, and has three towering limestone floors. Starting from upstream, the large and small waterfalls will flow through the layers of white foamed rocks, creep into the heart of the green forest, and finally fall down to the foot of the waterfall in rapid waves like a rain curtain.

So when is the ideal time to go to Ban Gioc waterfall? The peak time to travel to Cao Bang, as well as the most beautiful time to go to the waterfall, is from June to February next year. This is the rainy season, the beginning of the dry season. The waterfall is not dry but has a strong flow, combined with nature to change leaves, bud, and sprout.

Ban Gioc Waterfall - The majestic beauty of Cao Bang's mountainsBan Gioc Waterfall - The majestic beauty of Cao Bang's mountains

2. How to move to Ban Gioc Waterfall

2.1. Moving to Cao Bang

As a mountainous province, the railway and airway systems have not yet been developed, so visitors can only travel by road to reach Cao Bang.

Fly to Hanoi

From the southern provinces, visitors will take a plane to Hanoi and then travel by bus or drive themselves to Cao Bang City, with an average price of 600,000 – 800,000 VND/ way.

Going to Cao Bang by bus

Departing from My Dinh bus station, the bus to Cao Bang has many options, with a variety of bus operators, departure schedules, and prices ranging from 200,000 – 300,000 VND/ bed with 7 hours of travel.

Private vehicles

Loved by many young people, the option of driving a motorbike or renting a self-driving car to Cao Bang is becoming increasingly popular. You will be proactive in your schedule, save money, and most of all, enjoy the beautiful scenery on each road.

Moving to Ban Gioc waterfall by private vehicleMoving to Ban Gioc waterfall by private vehicle

Directions from Hanoi to Cao Bang:

- Route 1 (for cars and motorbikes): Move along the Hanoi - Lang Son highway, then switch to National Highway 14 in the direction of Lang Son to Cao Bang.

- Route 2 (for motorbikes): Take QL13 through Thai Nguyen, Bac Kan, and then head to Cao Bang.

2.2. Move to Ban Gioc waterfall


Easy movement, cheap fare, and a frequency of 30 minutes / trip make using the bus to Ban Gioc waterfall more and more popular. Going from Cao Bang bus station, you will catch an intra-provincial bus and stop at the last stop - right at the entrance of the waterfall.

To Ban Gioc waterfall, visitors can travel by busTo Ban Gioc waterfall, visitors can travel by bus

Private vehicles

You can continue to drive your personal vehicle or rent a motorbike for 100,000 VND/ day to move from Cao Bang city to Ban Gioc waterfall. The upland roads are quite bumpy and steep, so please drive carefully and safely!

3. What's so attractive about Ban Gioc Waterfall?

3.1. The most beautiful waterfall in Southeast Asia, each season has a look

Compared to a white silk strip between the mountains and forests of the Northeast, Ban Gioc waterfall has both a strong flow and a poetic and lyrical beauty. Following the flow of the Quay Son River from upstream, the water flows strongly, overflowing through the sub-waterfalls creating different thick and thin waterfalls, looking like a beautiful natural curtain from afar.

Ban Gioc Waterfall fascinates visitors because each season has a different beautyBan Gioc Waterfall fascinates visitors because each season has a different beauty

Along with the seasonal changes, Ban Gioc waterfall and the vegetation here will also change with their own beauty.

  • June - August is the beginning of the rainy season in Cao Bang, and the waterfall has a lot of water with great flow. You will see each waterfall pouring white foam.
  • September - October is the time of year in Chongqing during the ripe rice season. In this season, when you come to Ban Gioc, you will have the opportunity to see the majestic waterfall adorned with the golden color of the poetic fields. October is also the festival season for the locals, which is worth experiencing.
  • November - December is the time when Cao Bang mountains and forests change leaves. Coming here at the beginning of winter, you will see the gentle Ban Gioc waterfall, surrounded by the red and yellow colors of extremely romantic forest trees.
  • From January to the end of February, the highlands will enter spring with a gentler flow, crystal-clear blue water, trees beginning to sprout, and flowers blooming in the white forest.

Ban Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang - A masterpiece from natureBan Gioc Waterfall in Cao Bang - A masterpiece from nature

Not only is there a difference between the seasons, but Ban Gioc waterfall also has different looks depending on the weather of the day. On clear days, the sunlight shines through the misty waterfall, forming shimmering rainbows. On foggy days, the waterfall is immersed in a misty romance, like a fairy tale scene.

3.2. Fun activities at Ban Gioc waterfall

There are not too many fun experiences like the monumental eco-tourism areas, but Ban Gioc waterfall still has interesting activities to explore and mingle with nature!

Take a boat to see the waterfall

Having come to Ban Gioc, you should not only admire this magnificent waterfall from the other side but also experience the excitement of taking a boat to the foot of the waterfall.

Sitting on a motorboat, you will be able to directly watch the rapid flow of the waterfall from a height of tens of meters and feel each large volume of water rushing into the calm river.

This is the time when you fully feel the intense vitality of nature and the wildness of the flow in contrast to the peaceful scenery of heaven and earth.

Taking a boat to see Ban Gioc waterfall is a great experienceTaking a boat to see Ban Gioc waterfall is a great experience


On the way to Ban Gioc waterfall, you will find some flat and spacious areas for camping or picnicking during the day. Set up a tent right next to the waterfall and, while sipping a cup of hot coffee, enjoy a rare quiet moment while watching the waterfall and beautiful forest trees. An elopement is just possible!

A small note is that if you want to camp overnight, you should contact tour operators or tours organized by locals to ensure safety.

Unique and interesting camping experience at Ban Gioc waterfallUnique and interesting camping experience at Ban Gioc waterfall

Check in border markers

Home to the most border landmarks in the country, Cao Bang has preserved heroic historical stories as well as memories of a time when ancestors exchanged sweat and blood for national sovereignty. Coming here, you definitely have to take a photo at this landmark to save memories for your trip.

Check-in at the border marker is also a memorable experience when visiting Ban Gioc waterfallCheck-in at the border marker is also a memorable experience when visiting Ban Gioc waterfall

3.3. Combine to visit other famous tourist attractions

Located not far from other famous tourist attractions of Cao Bang, when going to Ban Gioc, tourists can also combine visiting places such as Pac Po cave, Phat Tich Truc Lam Ban Gioc pagoda, Nguom Ngao cave, etc. Ban Viet lake, Thang Hen lake... to fully experience the charming beauty of the highland nature.

4. Interesting experiences at Ban Gioc waterfall

Firstly, because Ban Gioc waterfall is located right at the border area, you should note to bring full identification documents to be ready to present when required.

Secondly, you need to walk and climb a lot to get to Ban Gioc, so please prioritize comfortable, lightweight clothes; Wear soft-soled sports shoes and prepare a full hat, sunscreen, insect spray.

Thirdly, prevent slipping when playing at the waterfall. Do not arbitrarily go deep into the forest or wade without instructions.

When exploring Ban Gioc waterfall, visitors should prepare adequate suppliesWhen exploring Ban Gioc waterfall, visitors should prepare adequate supplies

Located between the four great sides of thousands of deep green mountains and forests, Ban Gioc waterfall has a dreamy and mysterious look, as beautiful as a fairyland, captivating many visitors coming here. For any information that needs advice, please contact HoaBinh Tourist via hotline: 0913.311.911 - 0939.311.911 to get all your questions answered.


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