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Lost in Moc Chau plum blossom season at the moment of season change

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Each flower season in Moc Chau brings a different beauty and attraction. However, the most beautiful and impressive is probably the plum blossom season. Do not miss the journey to visit this beautiful land to be immersed in the beautiful natural scenery here! Let's experience this poetic space with HoaBinhTourist right now.

Plum blossoms in full bloom in Moc Chau make people's hearts flutter

Plum blossoms in full bloom in Moc Chau make people's hearts flutter

What month do plum blossoms in Moc Chau bloom?

Plum blossom is a typical flower of the plateau, usually blooming in late January to mid-February. This is the time when winter has just melted and spring is coming. At this time, the weather becomes warmer, the shy flower buds begin to bloom. 

Coming here in the early days of spring, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the pristine beauty of plum flowers in full bloom. At this time, the white color covers the hillsides and valleys, making visitors feel like they are lost in paradise in the middle of the mountains.

Depending on the weather each year, the time of flowering may be a little earlier or a little later. Flowering season usually lasts about 2-3 weeks, this time flowers bloom all the way to the villages, in the fields, along both sides of the highway to the alleys deep in the cliffs.

Immerse yourself in a poetic and romantic space with two rows of Moc Chau plum flowers

Immerse yourself in a poetic and romantic space with two rows of Moc Chau plum flowers

Top 5 most beautiful plum blossom viewing spots in Moc Chau

When in the flower season, you will easily see the white color of plum blossoms in many places along the way. However, to be able to admire both a hill and a valley of white flowers, go deeper into the villages. Here are some places to see the most beautiful blooms.

Na Ka plum valley

This is one of the places where many plums are grown in Moc Chau, located about 10 km from the town center. Coming to this place, you will be overwhelmed by the white color spread throughout a large valley. Especially here, there are not only plum flowers but also many typical flowers of the Northwest mountains and forests planted interspersed. All create a colorful picture of nature that makes you feel lost in a fairyland.

Visitors can choose to picnic or camp in this Na Ka plum valley area. Stopping here, you can choose for yourself small camps and watch for extremely interesting experiences.

Be ecstatic with the plum blossom forest in full bloom in Na Ka valley

Be ecstatic with the plum blossom forest in full bloom in Na Ka valley

Pine forest in Ang village

Located about 6 km from the town, in the pine forest of Ang village, plum is also planted with a fairly large area. The climate here is also very mild, the fresh air creates a feeling of relaxation that makes the forest even more beautiful. Not only that, there are also other flowers and a spacious pine forest suitable for families who come here to rest and watch flowers on the weekend.

Phieng Canh Village

Phieng Canh village closes itself at the foot of a small valley, located on the road to Na Ka plum valley. If you like to see houses looming under plum trees or Hmong children playing, then Phieng Canh is the ideal choice for you. The plums here are mainly old trees, so there are not many flowers, but in return you can take pictures and play with the children here. Not only that, you will be immersed in the joyful and vibrant festive season of the H'mong people living here.

Besides, Pa Phach is also known for its fields of canola flowers spread across the hillsides and valleys. Although this season is not the season of canola flowers, it is still enough to make visitors flutter.

Moc Chau plum blossom season in Phieng Canh village impresses visitors

Moc Chau plum blossom season in Phieng Canh village impresses visitors

The road to Long Sap border gate

Long Sap is the place where the border marker 255 is located between Vietnam and Laos. Plums here are also grown a lot at the foot of the valleys like in Pa Phach village, but the number and area are much smaller. In addition, the villages of the H'Mong living here also alternately grow white canola flowers in different seasons of the year. So this is also a place to see cauliflower that you cannot miss.

Some points to note when traveling in Moc Chau

In order for your exploration to go smoothly and smoothly, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Around the time this flower blooms, the climate in Moc Chau is still relatively cold in the early morning and afternoon. The temperature also becomes warmer, so in addition to wearing thick clothes to keep warm, You should also bring light, airy clothes to facilitate movement.
  • You should wear sports shoes to easily move on your travel journeys.
  • Should bring some medicine such as stomach ache, flu, bandages .... You can wear a thermal paste to help keep your body warm in the cold of the Northwest mountains.
  • Don't forget to bring your camera or phone and don't forget to fully charge the battery or bring a power bank to check in.

Above are the Moc Chau travel experiences in plum blossom season, HoaBinhTourist hope that to help you have a complete and interesting trip. To book a tour of Moc Chau to admire the plum blossom season, please quickly contact us via Hotline: 0939.311.911 for detailed schedule advice as well as answers to all questions. We sincerely thank you!


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