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Milestone 428 Ha Giang - Historical place of the Vietnamese people

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Milestone 428 is a place in Ha Giang province, a northern mountainous province famous for its majestic mountains and forests and beautiful nature but not lacking in historical relics. Let's join HoaBinh Tourist to conquer the milestone that defines the boundaries of the Fatherland, understand more, and be proud of the land that our ancestors built.

Introducing Milestone 428

Although the symbol of the North Pole is the Lung Cu flagpole, in fact, Milestone 428 is the point dividing the boundary between Vietnam and China that people can set foot on. This landmark is located at an altitude of 1433.73 meters above sea level, in Xeo Lung village (also known as Seo Lung), Lung Cu commune, Dong Van district, Ha Giang province.

Journey to Milestone 428

Because it is deep in the mountains and forests of the Northwest, bordering China, the process of moving to Milestone 428 is extremely difficult and arduous. From Hanoi, follow Highway 4C and DT128B to the north, through winding roads along the mountain slopes, to reach Lung Cu Flagpole, a famous landmark you have probably heard of many times, both on television and in books.

Lung Cu is about 5km north of the landmark; for the first 2 km, you can travel by motorbike, and for the next 3 km, you have to leave your belongings at a local house and then start trekking. The trekking route is a time for you to challenge yourself because the route is up to 5km long and winding, with no straight sections too far. If you go early in the morning, you will experience the feeling of climbing in clouds and fog to see how beautiful and majestic Vietnam's rivers are.

The road to the top of the Lung Cu flagpole is about 839 stone steps, but from the parking lot, there are now trams and motorbike taxis up to the ticket station. From here to the flagpole, you only need to walk about 100 more steps. On the way, it is quite convenient; there are many beautiful scenes, so you can freely enjoy the scenery of Ha Giang as well as check-in to save memorable moments.

Milestone 428: A sacred mark at the beginning of the country

1. Construction process of Milestone 428

Landmark 428 officially started construction on April 28, 2008, with the support of people in the area and the supervision of the Lung Cu border station. This is a small landmark, located on a high hill lined with concrete and made of marble to increase durability and solemnity.

Although it is simple, the process of building this milestone took up to 2 years to complete due to the rugged terrain, rudimentary facilities, and difficulties in transporting materials. Thanks to the government's supportive policies, the people of Ha Giang, despite facing many challenges, are always determined to stick to the land and the forest and take care of this place located at the front line of the Fatherland.

2. Historical significance of Milestone 428

Every year, Milestone 428 attracts a large number of young people to explore and learn about the place that is considered the place that defines the northern boundary of the Fatherland. This landmark is also only about 2 kilometers from Nho Que, the river considered the natural boundary of Vietnam and China.

It is thanks to places like this that the borders of Vietnam were formed and protected. Those inanimate stones are all associated with stories about love for the mountains, love for the country, and boundless pride for the S-shaped strip of land.

Notes when conquering Milestone 428

The characteristics of Ha Giang province in general and the Milestone 428 area in particular are very rugged terrain with undulating gravel and rolling mountain slopes, so bring clothes that are both light and thick enough to protect your body. Specialized climbing shoes will also be very useful when traveling here.

Milestone 428 is a small landmark and is often obscured by tall trees, so the best time to explore this place is in the morning and afternoon. You should avoid going at dusk because it is dark. The scenery will not be beautiful and may be dangerous.

As a sacred place of the Fatherland, before moving to Milestone 428, you should go and ask permission from Lung Cu Border Guard Station. This will not take much time, and usually they will send a soldier to guide you.

Milestone 428 is always the pride of the Ha Giang people in particular and the Vietnamese people in general. In the vast landscape of mountains, forests, and wild nature, this small landmark still stands proudly, marking the sovereignty of the heroic Fatherland after thousands of years of building and defending the country.

Come here and conquer Milestone 428 to express your love for your homeland and the people of Vietnam. In addition, when visiting Ha Giang, you can also combine sightseeing and exploring nearby locations such as Sung La Valley, Flagpole 428, King Meo Palace, etc. to increase the experience of your journey. 

Above are some shares from HoaBinh Tourist about milestone 428 in Ha Giang. Hopefully, through this article, you will have more interesting travel destinations when going to Ha Giang. If you have any questions, please contact us through the hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for dedicated support.


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