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Overview of the Golden Bridge in Da Nang

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Golden Bridge is one of the beautiful tourist destinations in our country that is highly praised by the international press. With a yellow hand design as if reaching out into the vast blue sky, there are few works in the world that have a design that is both unique and has many layers of meaning like this place. Let's discover interesting things about Golden Bridge with HoaBinh Tourist now!

Da Nang Golden Bridge - a famous tourist destination loved by many tourists

About Golden Bridge in Danang

Golden Bridge is located in Le Jardin D'Amour flower garden, in Ba Na Hills campus, located in An Son village, Hoa Ninh commune, Hoa Vang district, Danang. This bridge was built to help connect Thien Thai flower garden and Marseille station. To set foot on the Golden Bridge, you just need to follow the cable car route with specific instructions right at the gate of Ba Na Hills.

Golden Bridge is a work of the Sun World Ba Na Hills tourist complex. Since its appearance, the bridge has quickly attracted the attention of domestic and foreign tourists when constantly appearing on forums and newspapers. At the end of 2020, the World Travel Awards organization awarded the Golden Bridge the title of "World's Leading Iconic Tourist Bridge 2020".

The hand-shaped design is the unique highlight of this project. Soft curved fingers like a golden silk strip catching through the nature of the mountains and forests. Viewed from afar, visitors are admiring, feeling like Ba Na Hills itself was the place that was born and supported that giant bridge. All these scenes create the majesty and magnificence that seems to only appear in movies. It can be said that the Golden Bridge is a harmonious combination between nature and the human mind.

Golden Bridge awarded the title of "World's Leading Icon Travel Bridge 2020" by the World Travel

Not only is it an ideal place to visit and take photos in Danang, but it is also a place that gives visitors a feeling of peace and freshness. Coming here, you will be able to breathe fresh air, enjoy the sunshine and even touch the early morning dew drops. It is not an exaggeration to say that the Golden Bridge is as beautiful as the fairyland we imagine in fairy tales.

Experience going to Golden Bridge in Danang

Golden Bridge is a famous tourist destination built on a high mountainside and completely uncovered. On the other hand, Danang is located in the central region, often affected by tropical depressions. That is the reason that the weather factor greatly affects the sightseeing trip. Do not forget to check the forecast in advance to choose a reasonable time to travel!

The most beautiful time of the year to go to Golden Bridge is from February to July. This season, the weather is fresh and pleasant, it is sunny and very blue, so the picture is very beautiful. According to the experience of virtual saints, if you want a shimmering photo, don't forget the old but immortal combo: a long maxi skirt with a wide-brimmed hat and black glasses. The above accessories not only make you more personal but also an effective sun protection tool.

The bridge is specially designed by a Vietnamese architect, attracting a large number of tourists from all over the world

If you do not want to wear a skirt, you can also choose more dynamic and personality outfits such as t-shirts and jeans. Note, wear sports shoes instead of high heels to limit foot pain. After visiting the Golden Bridge, if you stay until the evening, don't forget to bring a jacket and towel to keep your body warm because in the evening there will be a layer of fog falling all over Ba Na Hills.

From August to January next year is the time when the Central region in general and Danang in particular enter the rainy season. It could even be a storm if there are low pressures falling from the East Sea. You should limit visiting Golden Bridge at this time to avoid danger and also not take good photos. If you still decide to come here to travel at this time, don't forget to prepare a raincoat and umbrella because the weather changes very quickly.

The most beautiful and ideal time of day to take pictures at the Golden Bridge is definitely early morning. You will be spoiled for taking many photos with a beautiful background covered with white clouds. The layers of morning dew make the bridge more sparkling and fanciful. When the sun comes out, the first rays of the day shine on the golden paint, making you feel like you are lost in a fairyland.

In addition, sunset is also a reasonable time if you want to have a romantic picture "so deep". However, these two time frames will have a lot of tourists, so you have to take time to carefully adjust the angle to get a satisfactory picture. If you don't want to be crowded, you can wait until 9am onwards.

Visiting Da Nang Golden Bridge in July is the best time

You do not need to worry too much about eating when visiting the Golden Bridge, especially families with small children who are picky eaters. Ba Na Hills has a large and airy restaurant system with a variety of dishes to choose from. From individual dishes from Europe to Asia to a buffet filled with Danang food or specialties, all are meticulously prepared.

Notes when visiting Golden Bridge

To have the best experience when traveling to Golden Bridge, please note the following points:

- Maintain general hygiene, do not litter indiscriminately

- Do not climb, draw, swing outside the bridge railing.

- Cable cars operate from 7am to 9pm. Remember to check carefully to arrange a reasonable schedule to visit Golden Bridge.

Golden Bridge can be seen as a proud symbol of Vietnam's tourism industry. If you have a chance, don't hesitate to come here once to enjoy the combined beauty of nature and human hands. HoaBinh Tourist believes that you will have memorable memories at this unique bridge!


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