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Pin now beautiful destinations in Quang Tri that not everyone knows

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Referring to the Quang Tri ancient citadel, people often immediately remember a heroic war place associated with many ancient historical relics. We can mention: Quang Tri Citadel, Thach Han River, Hien Luong Bridge dividing the North - South, Road 9 Cemetery, Vinh Moc Tunnels, Border Flagpole... However, it is lacking. You'll miss out if you miss 7 beautiful destinations in Quang Tri that only locals know about. Join HoaBinh Tourist in pinning the beautiful destinations in Quang Tri below.

A list of beautiful destinations in Quang Tri that not everyone knows

Trieu Lang Beach

Trieu Lang Beach is located in Trieu Lang commune, Trieu Phong district. This beach is always on the list of beautiful destinations in Quang Tri, loved for its wild, quiet beauty without being noisy and crowded like other beaches. On hot summer days, people often come here to camp, organize picnics, etc.

Those who want to temporarily leave the noise and return to the sea to relax with the sound of the waves and bury their feet in the fine sand must definitely come here when traveling to Quang Tri. Don't forget to enjoy fresh seafood that the fishermen themselves catch and process on the spot.

Trieu Lang beach is known to tourists as a long and beautiful beach, attracting tourists who love to explore with its wild and charming scenery, with smooth white sand beaches that seem to melt under their feet, and Towering green casuarina trees reflecting on the beach

This beach has clear, jade-colored water. Under the harsh sun of summer days, Quang Tri is influenced by the Lao wind. Bathing in the cool, clear blue sea is an experience. There's nothing more interesting than that.

Con Co Island

Located across the 17th parallel, Con Co island is about 17 nautical miles from Cua Viet port, and is one of the beautiful destinations in Quang Tri that tourists definitely cannot miss. From Vinh Moc tunnel, looking towards the sea, you can see a small green island in the middle of the sea. Formed from a volcanic eruption, the island has geological and ecological value, and the landscape is like a natural museum with unique basalt shelves along the coast.

Therefore, one of the interesting experiences not to be missed when visiting Con Co is visiting the primeval forest, enjoying the fresh air, exploring the rich flora and fauna on the island, and experiencing activities like scuba diving to see coral. Located across the 17th parallel, Con Co is not only a frontline island protecting national sovereignty but also one of the rare and beautiful islands of the Central region.

Because it was formed by tectonic activity from volcanic eruptions, the island has geological and ecological value, and the landscape is like a natural museum with unique basalt shelves along the coast and small beaches. The wilderness is made up of coral debris, oysters, scallops, sand, etc.

Blessed by Mother Nature with clear blue water, diving under the sea is definitely an experience not to be missed when coming to Con Co Island.

Lay Cape

Lay Cape is a rocky cape that extends into the sea about 500m in Vinh Moc village, Vinh Thanh commune, about 7 km north of Cua Tung beach. Mui Lay is known to locals and people exploring beautiful destinations in Quang Tri because of the relatively high Mui Lay lighthouse located on the mainland.

Many people come here just to see the lighthouse located on the top of the mountain and take pictures right on the way up to the lighthouse. This is an ideal place for camping and fun with friends and family in this beautiful destination in Quang Tri. Sitting here, enjoying the cool sea breeze, and holding a BBQ party is interesting. In addition, for those who like to swim, there is a well of clear, fresh water near the beach to use when bathing.

Lay Cape has become one of the favorite "super cool" check-in and camping places for local people or a destination for families traveling by private car. You should visit Lay Cape early in the morning to catch the sunrise or around 4:00 p.m. in time to set up your tent and watch the brilliant sunset!

Ta Puong Waterfall

With its wild beauty, Ta Puong waterfall is one of the new and attractive destinations for those who love to explore beautiful destinations in Quang Tri. The waterfall is located about 100 km from Dong Ha city. If you want to enjoy many beautiful sights on the way to Quang Tri, you can drive through Highway 9 and turn onto the Ho Chi Minh Trail to reach the center of Huong Viet commune.

The journey to the waterfall may seem very far, but it is certainly not a waste of effort because you will be immersed in the wild and majestic beauty of the mountains and forests. And yet, coming to this beautiful destination in Quang Tri, you can also experience fun activities such as boating, bathing in streams, and setting up tents with family and friends.

Along the long way to Pa Tuong, visitors will be captivated by the wildness and majesty of the mountains and forests, as well as the bustle and integration.

Below the waterfall are many large rocks with strange and smooth shapes, suitable for visitors to rest and enjoy the majestic beauty and mingle with nature, feeling the fresh air that can only be found here.

Treo Cape

Located in Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province, Treo Cape beach is surrounded by romantic, green nature, with the terrain on one side being forest and the other side being sea. In particular, large cliffs protruding into the sea are the "specialties" of many tourists who like to check-in and live virtually at beautiful destinations in Quang Tri. To get to Treo Cape, you have to go through about 10 km of asphalt road from National Highway 1A, then go to Ho Xa town, Vinh Linh district, and then continue into Vinh Kim commune.

After passing through the dense primeval forest canopy, you will reach this beautiful sea cape. Looking from above, the panoramic view of the vast sea will be extremely impressive. This will definitely be the ideal place for backpackers who love to explore new lands when traveling to Quang Tri.

If you have the opportunity to stop in Vinh Linh district, Quang Tri province, don't forget to open your eyes once and experience Treo Cape, located in the middle of romantic nature, surrounded by the sky and clear blue sea water. Standing on the top of Treo Cape and conquering and experiencing Treo Cape, a place untouched by human hands, will help you have memorable moments in your life.

Tra Loc Tram

Although it is not a province famous for tourism, many beautiful destinations in Quang Tri are enough for you to have professional excursions, such as Tra Loc Tram. However, the tourist areas here are not too "industrial," still perfectly preserving the natural landscape and unique special features.

With the Tra Loc Tram ecological area, you will be living around a beautiful lotus and water lily pond; the outer ring is a mangrove forest with diverse vines. Specifically, on Tra Loc Tram Lagoon, people have built rustic thatched huts to serve tourists as a place to rest. You can fully enjoy the scenery of the lotus pond. Or, the forested paths surrounding the resort are also worth a stroll.

Surrounding the lake are clusters of forests with thousands of large and small trees, especially mangroves and vines crisscrossing people's heads, which are also home to flocks of birds and monkeys. That wild beauty is thought to only be found in the mountainous areas, but in the heart of the Central region, we can still feel the immense green of the mountains and forests and can hear each creature's breath because this place is peaceful and gentle.

In the season of water lilies and lotus blooms, the lake surface is dotted with purple and pink colors, making people feel like they are enjoying the dreamy, sad taste of Hue. This place also allows you to enjoy virtual life with poetic pictures during the lotus blooming season.

La Vang Holy Land

La Vang Holy Land has long become a beautiful destination in Quang Tri, attracting many tourists to visit. This is one of the most important pilgrimage destinations, not only for Catholics but also for non-Catholics and tourists. Located in Hai Phu commune, Hai Lang district, Quang Tri province, this place is about 6 km south of Quang Tri Ancient Citadel and 60 km north of Hue city.

La Vang Holy Land, with its ancient beauty and typical architecture of Catholic church buildings, is one of the tourist destinations in Quang Tri that should not be missed. The most prominent is the shrine of Our Lady of La Vang, located in the middle of a large square that is visited by many tourists.

La Vang Holy Land, also known as the "Little Basilica of La Vang," has gone through many events in history and time. Until today, La Vang Holy Land seems to radiate all its ancient beauty under a corner of the Hai Lang-Quang Tri sky. The architecture of the church here follows the traditional architecture of Catholic church buildings.

However, the mossy color of the church has created a unique feature, making it easy for anyone who sees it for the first time to immediately think of historical journeys, not only for each holy place but also for a whole period of time full of events now passed into the past.

Above are some shares from HoaBinh Tourist about attractive destinations you should visit when coming to Quang Tri. Hopefully, this information will help you make more interesting choices during your upcoming holidays. Don't hesitate any longer; quickly contact us through our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for advice, quotes, and 24/7 support.


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