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QUE Garden Dalat – A virtual living place with no dead corners

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When looking for famous tourist attractions in the foggy city, QUE Garden Dalat is probably one of the suggestions that tourists receive the most. It's hard to find a place with Japanese style in the heart of Da Lat like here. Let's with HoaBinh Tourist learn about QUE Garden Dalat right now.

Introduce about QUE Garden Dalat

The first impression visitors have of QUE Garden Dalat is probably the large area, up to 20,000 m2. This garden is home to many bonsai pots of different sizes and species. In particular, right from the moment they step into the gate, visitors will be overwhelmed by the sophistication and art that are meticulously cared for and molded by artisans.

QUE Garden Dalat has a dreamy look like being lost in a fairy tale worldQUE Garden Dalat has a dreamy look like being lost in a fairy tale world

This is also the largest coniferous bonsai garden in Vietnam today. Visiting this garden, you will feel the peace, relax, and breathe the fresh air. If you are a lover of nature, trees, and especially Japanese style, you will surely love QUE Garden Dalat even more. From the Koi fish pond, the small house, the soothing music, the herbal tea cups, and the surrounding decoration, it all seems to blend to create a unique feature for QUE Garden Dalat.

No need to go far; there is a Japanese kingdom located right in the heart of the romantic city of Da Lat. This seemingly strange combination is very good, creating a special effect in the community of travel enthusiasts. The owner of the garden revealed that the reason he chose Lam Vien plateau as a place to live was because he loved the cool air and the scenery of the mountains here.

When you come to QUE Garden Dalat, you not only have virtual live photos but also experience many interesting activities. Those who want to find a peaceful place to stay away from the city, to breathe the air, and to give themselves a deposition space will surely love this tourist destination in Dalat.

Come to QUE Garden Dalat, don't forget to visit the beautiful Koi fishCome to QUE Garden Dalat, don't forget to visit the beautiful Koi fish

Opening hours for QUE Garden Dalat

QUE Garden Dalat opens at 7:30 a.m. and closes at 5:00 p.m. every day. Except for holidays and New Year's, the garden is always ready to welcome guests. Compared to other places in Da Lat, this place closes quite early. Therefore, you should note the time to visit as long as possible.

Ticket price to visit QUE Garden Dalat

How much does QUE Garden cost? This must be something that many visitors are also asking. With 70,000 VND, each person will be able to freely visit and take pictures anywhere on the campus without a time limit. This amount does not include costs incurred if you want to dine at the restaurant here.

Address QUE Garden Dalat

QUE Garden Mimosa Dalat is located in a convenient location, not far from the city center. The exact address of this garden is at the foot of Mimosa Pass, Ward 10, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province. After visiting QUE Garden Mimosa, you can combine visits to many other famous places on the same route to save time and travel costs.

Immerse yourself in the colorful flower forest at QUE Garden DalatImmerse yourself in the colorful flower forest at QUE Garden Dalat

In terms of means of transport, visitors have quite a few options. If you go with a group of young people, renting a motorcycle will be more convenient and comfortable. Just follow the directions on the map, and you will get there. If your group has adults and children, you should hire a taxi to ensure safety.

Directions to QUE Garden Dalat

As mentioned above, the way to QUE Garden Dalat is not too difficult when it is only 6 km from the city center. In addition to looking up Google Maps, you can follow the following path: Departing from Da Lat market, you follow the route Tran Quoc Toan–Ho Tung Mau.

When you meet the roundabout on April 3, you turn right onto Khe Sanh Street on Mimosa Pass. Just go slowly and make sure the steering wheel is not too dangerous. QUE Garden will be on your right.

Review QUE Garden Dalat

1. Coniferous bonsai garden

When searching for the phrase “QUE Garden review”, every article mentions the famous bonsai garden. This special garden was born out of a strong passion for coniferous bonsai trees. Each tree has a different shape. The artisans here have had to painstakingly take care of and mold the tree from a young age to create unique and impressive shapes.

Admire the bonsai trees of all shapes at QUE Garden DalatAdmire the bonsai trees of all shapes at QUE Garden Dalat

With more than 100 bonsai trees arranged throughout the garden, especially the highlight of the coniferous bonsai makes this area an impressive sightseeing spot. Those who are passionate about bonsai will surely enjoy it.

2. A seven-color flower garden

In addition to the bonsai garden, QUE Garden Dalat also has a garden with many flowers. From lavender, roses, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, wild sunflowers, and dahlias, each small bed is carefully cared for to form a colorful Dalat flower garden. The harmonious arrangement of colors makes the garden look like a picture of art. How can the souls who are passionate about virtual life miss this wonderful place?

A seven-color flower garden - the perfect check-in point at QUE Garden DalatA seven-color flower garden - the perfect check-in point at QUE Garden Dalat

3. Giant bougainvillea

Referring to QUE Garden Dalat, it is impossible to ignore the largest bougainvillea tree in the city. To achieve this record, the workers here had to take great care and devote a lot of enthusiasm. Amidst the majestic mountain scenery and blue sky, the outstanding bougainvillea makes the space even more brilliant. If you want to take beautiful photos, you should choose the time when the flowers are in full bloom.

Eye-catching giant bougainvillea attracts many visitors to check-in at QUE Garden DalatEye-catching giant bougainvillea attracts many visitors to check-in at QUE Garden Dalat

4. Stairway to Paradise

When visiting QUE Garden Mimosa Dalat, you should not ignore the white stairs leading to paradise. This is probably a familiar miniature, often seen at many places in Da Lat. However, because of that, this miniature has lost its heat.

Standing in the highest position, you will feel like you are almost touching the sky. There are even times when the blue clouds seem to be flying in front of our eyes. If you want to hunt clouds in Da Lat, this is definitely a place not to be missed. Drop your pose and take a few photos here; you have to call it a "like storm".

Come to QUE Garden Dalat, don't forget to check-in the ladder to the dreamy and romantic paradiseCome to QUE Garden Dalat, don't forget to check-in the ladder to the dreamy and romantic paradise

5. Japanese house

The Japanese-style house is also the highlight of QUE Garden Dalat. True to the concept that the whole garden is aiming for, the house is small but very airy and peaceful. Here, you can take pictures, visit, enjoy tea, and enjoy a light meal. Drinks are quite plentiful and affordable. The restaurant area has been expanded with a more diverse menu in addition to Dalat specialties, meeting the needs of visitors.

Visit QUE Garden Dalat, don't forget to check-in at the Japanese houseVisit QUE Garden Dalat, don't forget to check-in at the Japanese house

6. Koi pond

The land of the rising sun is also famous for its Koi pond. This was also brought back by the owner of QUE Garden and placed on the premises. The fish swimming around in the cool water, plus the water flowing from the rockery, help keep the Koi pond alive. Coming here, visitors also have interesting fish-feeding activities.

7. Check in the red bridge

QUE Garden Mimosa Dalat promises to be a check-in paradise for virtual believers with a red bridge spanning the Koi aquarium. Just wear a simple outfit, drop a gentle figure, and you will have countless beautiful photos right away.

8. Statues of Au Co and Lac Long Quan

Last but not least are the statues of Au Co and Lac Long Quan. Besides Japanese style, QUE Garden Dalat still brings culture and national characteristics to the campus. The statue of two faces looking at each other is rustic and simple, but it still leaves an impression on visitors. Do not forget to keep memories in this area.

The impressively designed Au Co - Lac Long Quan statue has attracted a large number of visitors to check-in

Other attractions near QUE Garden Dalat

- Dalat View: Near QUE Garden Dalat is Dalat View, a "super pretty" Dalat cafe. If you have ever watched the MV Lac Troi by Son Tung M-TP, you will surely know the red gate of heaven. In addition to coffee, Dalat View also has a restaurant area of 8000 m2 for you to enjoy Dalat specialties.

- Sunny Farm: This Dalat coffee and homestay complex is located on slope number 7 in Ward 11. There is also a ladder leading to heaven, similar to QUE Garden Dalat. The space at Sunny Farm is divided into many different areas with countless photo backgrounds for you to freely live virtual.

- Kombi Land Cactus Garden: Located on the Mimosa Pass road, this is also a place that you can combine when coming to QUE Garden Dalat. The typical style of the restaurant is in favor of tropical forests and American countryside, with generous cactus bushes and striking orange walls.

- Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda: located at 31c Khe Sanh, Ward 10, Da Lat City, Lam Dong, Thien Vuong Pagoda is quite close to QUE Garden Dalat. This temple has a simple and rustic design when using main materials like wood and corrugated iron roof. Having existed for many years, Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda still retains its ancient architecture.

- Da Lat ancient train station: located at 1 Quang Trung, ward 9, Da Lat city, Lam Dong. This is one of the famous places that every tourist should visit. Da Lat Railway Station was built during the French colonial period and was the first railway line in Vietnam.

Thien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda (or Chinese Pagoda) is a pretty close destination to QUE Garden DalatThien Vuong Co Sat Pagoda (or Chinese Pagoda) is a pretty close destination to QUE Garden Dalat

QUE Garden Dalat has countless interesting and interesting places waiting for you to discover. The above is just a small and most prominent part that HoaBinh Tourist has distilled to suggest you. For more information, please contact us via hotline: 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for specific advice.


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