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Revealing the top 25 extremely attractive tourist destinations in Ha Nam

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Ha Nam has long been known as a heroic land with spiritual Ha Nam tourist destinations, historical relics, and famous craft villages. Let's join HoaBinh Tourist explore the top 25 tourist destinations in Ha Nam below, so you can fully discover the beauty here!

Cultural and historical tourist destinations in Ha Nam

1. Ba Kien House once appeared in famous literary works

Perhaps all of us have known Ba Kien, Chi Pheo, and Thi No in the famous literary works of writer Nam Cao. When seeing Ba Kien's house with their own eyes, visitors feel like they are once again reliving the years 40–45 of the last century.

Ba Kien House is located in Hamlet 11, Nhan Hau village, Hoa Hau commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province. Ba Kien's house was built with typical architecture of the Northern countryside, including 4 rows of columns and more than a dozen rare ancient ironwood trees hundreds of years old. So it's been over a hundred years, but the house still retains its pristine, ancient features.

The best time to visit Ba Kien House is from August to October, but if you want to participate in more exciting festivals in Ha Nam, you should go from January to March.

2. Kem Trong

Kem Trong belongs to Thanh Hai commune, Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province. Kem Trong attracts tourists because of its cloud-like mountains, clear blue waters, and peaceful, quiet space. All have created Kem Trong, "green mountains and blue water like a painting.".

In addition, when coming to Kem Trong, you can visit some equally beautiful places, such as Bong Mountain, Vong Mountain, and Dragon Mountain on the right side of the bank. On the other side of the Day River, there is Turtle Mountain, Co Dong Mountain, Trinh Tiet Mountain, etc. On Trinh Tiet Mountain, there is an ancient pagoda. People here believe that the temple gathers the spirits of heaven and earth.

3. Dong Pond

Crafted from the sophistication of heaven and earth, Dong Pond has a strangely wild beauty. This place is surrounded by high mountains, so Dong Pond is extremely cool in the summer. White storks, chamois, and many birds create a vibrant picture. Dong Pond is located in Lien Son commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam province.

4. Luon Cave

Dong Pond - Luon Cave are often two inseparable tourist destinations in Ha Nam. When you sit on the boat enjoying the natural beauty, you will see the arch-shaped mountain range like a welcome gate, which is Luon Cave. Inside Luon Cave, there are many stalactites of all shapes and sizes. Although there is no lighting system, the natural light in the cave is enough to make you feel lost in a magical space.

5. Phuc Long Cave

Phuc Long Cave is located in the Chua mountain area in the center of the Kien Khe mountain range. Pagoda Mountain is made up of many large blocks of stone stacked on top of each other. The top of the cliff is jagged and strangely shaped like a dragon's head.

There are rocks that point up like dragon horns, and the pagoda is like the center of the dragon's mouth. There are also many glittering and magical stalactites and stalactites in the cave. It is that grandeur that has made Phuc Long Cave an extremely attractive tourist destination in Ha Nam.

6. Bat Canh Son with wild natural beauty

Bat Canh Son is a famous relic site located in Tuong Linh commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam. It is called Bat Canh Son because this place is an 8-pointed mountain range. According to ancient records, Bat Canh Son is the place where kings and mandarins often come to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Although many temples no longer exist, Bat Canh Son is still visited by a large number of tourists every year.

The pagodas all have ancient architecture, bringing a breath of antiquity and majesty. Including: Tien Ong Temple (Ong Temple), Ong Pagoda, Tam Giao Pagoda, Kieu Pagoda, Ba Pagoda, Ca Pagoda, Van Mong Pagoda...

7. Trong Doi Tam Drum Village

The traditional craft village is famous for its long-standing drum making profession. Trong Doi Tam Drum Village has made many different types of drums, such as: drums used in communal houses, temples, drums used in holidays, Tet...

According to the skilled drum makers here, to make a drum, one must go through 3 stages: making the skin, making the funeral, and carrying the drum. Each step must be extremely meticulous; otherwise, it will affect the quality and sound of the drums.

8. Nha Xa silk weaving village

If we talk about beautiful, soft silk, we cannot help but mention Nha Xa silk. The silk fabric here is durable and beautiful over time. Under the hands of talented weavers, the silk quality is very special. Wearing it in the summer brings a cool and comfortable feeling.

Experiencing more comfortable and luxurious travel and resort services at Melia Vinpearl Phu Ly will make your trip to Ha Nam more complete than ever.

9. Ngoc Mountain

Ngoc Mountain is located in Danh village, Ngoc Son commune, Kim Bang district, Ha Nam. Ngoc Mountain is a limestone mountain, completely separate from the mountain range and the Day River. So you will have a feeling of calm and peace, away from the noise and dust of the city. At the foot of the mountain, there is an ancient temple worshiping a poor man who contributed to the villagers, and it is a spiritual place for many people here.

10. Vu Dai fish warehouse village

Vu Dai braised fish village has been famous for generations near and far for its special braised fish recipe and rich fish flavor carefully marinated with ginger, galangal, lemon juice, crab juice, chili, dried onions, etc.  If you travel to Ha Nam for one day, this braised fish dish will definitely not be missed on your menu.

11. Thanh Ha embroidery village

Thanh Ha embroidery village is located about 10 kilometers south of Phu Ly town. Legend has it that the craft village is more than 100 years old and has popular products on the market. The profession has helped many local households eliminate hunger and reduce poverty, contributing to building new rural areas. Not only that, Thanh Ha village's products have been exported to many countries around the world.

12. Ngoc Dong rattan and bamboo village

Ngoc Dong Rattan and Bamboo Village once produced a set of chairs, including 6 lounge chairs and 1 swing chair, which Uncle Ho placed in a stilt house to receive guests. For many generations, Ngoc Dong people have constantly improved techniques to improve product quality. Visitors can buy products at Ngoc Dong village as gifts for family and friends.

13. Cam mountain

Cam Mountain has independent terrain. Seen from a distance, Cam Mountain looks like a sleeping king of the forest. This place includes five continuous caves stretching hundreds of meters, known to people as Ngu Dong.

They continue to connect with each other and penetrate deep into the heart of the mountain. With pristine nature, many rows of dense trees, and stone caves with different strange shapes, it will certainly give visitors a feeling of both horror and attraction.

14. Day River

The Day River is a river that flows throughout the provinces of Hanoi, Ha Nam, and Nam Dinh. Upstream, the river's flow is irregular, so in the rainy season there are flash floods and the river is winding and meandering, easily creating large rapids.

During the dry season, the river bed is shallow and can be crossed, so the upper reaches of the Day River cannot be used by boats. Day River is like a girl who is sometimes sulky, sometimes happy, but still carries her inherent charm and loveliness.

Beautiful and pure spiritual tourist destinations in Ha Nam

1. Tran Thuong Temple

Tran Thuong Temple is located in Tran Thuong village, Nhan Dao commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam. A temple to worship Tran Hung Dao was built right on the land he used as a food warehouse to serve the second resistance war against the Yuan-Mongol army (1285). This is a tourist destination in Ha Nam that bears the mark of our nation's history.

2. Tam Chuc eco-tourism area with the world's largest pagoda

When mentioning Tam Chuc Pagoda in Ha Nam, we will immediately think of the largest pagoda in the world, with an area of 5,100 hectares. In 2019, Tam Chuc Pagoda was honored to be chosen as the venue for the United Nations' Vesak Day, also known as Tam Chuc Pagoda's Great Buddha's Birthday, with the participation of thousands of Buddhist followers from all over the world. place in the world. The opening ceremony of Tam Chuc Pagoda is held on January 12 every year.

This place is not only a spiritual place in Ha Nam but also becomes a check-in point for many young people because of its majestic natural scenery, green mountains, and blue water. You can choose means of transportation to visit the temple, such as: tram, boat, or both, with prices ranging from 100,000 to 300,000 VND per person.

3. Lanh Giang Temple is associated with the legend of the Three Great Kings 

Lanh Giang Temple is located in Moc Nam commune, Duy Tien district, Ha Nam. The temple worships the Three Water Gods from the time of the Hung King, Princess Tien Dung, and Chu Dong Tu.

If you choose to visit Lanh Giang Temple, go during the period of June (from the 1st to the 4th) and the 8th lunar month festival. Because that is the time when many lavish festivals take place, imbued with the identity and customs of this place. The festival in June is the main festival, and the festival in August is the incense offering ceremony.

4. Truc Temple with a history of hundreds of years old 

This is one of the tourist destinations in Ha Nam that combines spiritual tourism and ecotourism. Truc Temple, like its name, is a cool green space with green bamboo trees overwhelming the sky. The Ha Nam Truc Temple Festival is usually held from January 1 to February 10, according to the lunar calendar.

5. Vu Dien Temple (Ba Vu Temple)

Vu Dien Temple is located in Vu Dien, Chan Ly commune, Ly Nhan district, Ha Nam province. This is the place to worship Vu Thi Thiet, the prototype of "Nam Xuong Girl" in the famous literary novel "The Legend of Man Luc" by Nguyen Du. Like many other temples, Vu Dien Temple has classical architecture, parallel sentences, great characters, horizontal panels, etc.

6. Long Doi Son Pagoda

Long Doi Son Pagoda (also known as Doi Pagoda or Doi Son Pagoda) is an ancient pagoda associated with the famous Sung Thien Dien Linh tower stele dating back to the Ly Dynasty. This is a relic of important historical and archaeological value and is a cultural symbol of the ancient Son Nam town as well as today's Ha Nam.

7. Ba Danh Pagoda

Ba Danh Pagoda, which has an area of about 10 hectares, is the most ancient pagoda in Ha Nam in Kim Bang commune. The pagoda faces the Day River, embracing the charming landscape. The temple grounds are a whole, consisting of many artistic architectural works and nearly 40 large and small houses. People often jokingly say, "It's as deserted as Ba Danh Pagoda." In fact, on festivals or weekdays, this place is not deserted at all; on the contrary, it is very crowded and bustling.

8. Tien Phong stone communal house

The Tien Phong stone communal house is the place to worship Princess Nguyet Nga. She is the heroic female general of Hai Ba Trung and also the founder of the mulberry-growing and silkworm-farming professions of the Tien Phong people.

During the annual festival season, Tien Phong stone communal house attracts a large number of people from all over to pray for peace and happiness, along with many folk games that are still preserved to this day, such as tug of war, rowing boats, and the custom of grabbing for luck.

9. Chua mountain in Chau village

People compare Chua Mountain to a dragon holding a dragon pearl because around it there are many jagged rocks that resemble dragon shapes, and Chua Mountain itself is a precious sparkling dragon pearl. Moreover, on the top of the mountain, there are many different ancient trees. If you stand from above, you will have the entire landscape of Day River and Son Mountain in sight.

10. Tam Giao Pagoda

Tam Giao Pagoda is also known as Ong Pagoda. Through time and fierce war, Tam Giao Pagoda has undergone many renovations, so it can no longer retain its original beauty. The pagoda has been newly renovated in recent years.

11. Ngu Dong Thi Son (Ngu Dong Son)

Ngu Dong Son is associated with the legend that Ly Thuong Kiet's flag flew up the mountain when he conquered the South, passing through Quyen Son village. He considered it a lucky omen and prayed with his soldiers for a great victory.

When he returned victorious, he rewarded the army and people here to celebrate the victory. That event caused Ly Thuong Kiet to name the mountain Cuon Son Mountain. One of the 5 famous mountains in Ngu Dong Son.

Although Ha Nam is not a hot tourist destination in the country, it cannot be denied that Ha Nam is a land with many undiscovered natural beauties and cultural and historical values. Experiencing Ha Nam tourist destinations will bring true moments of rest, fun, and relaxation to you and your family. To explore Ha Nam to the fullest, please quickly contact HoaBinh Tourist through our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for advice, quotes, and quick tour bookings!


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