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Review of Cu Lao Cham - World biosphere reserve with HoaBinh Tourist

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Cu Lao Cham preserves up to 950 aquatic species. Tourists coming here are completely attracted by the pristine nature and peaceful, poetic fishing villages. Traveling to Cu Lao Cham brings visitors interesting experiences such as fishing with fishermen, camping on the beach, scuba diving to see coral, and enjoying fresh seafood. Let's HoaBinh Tourist explore this attraction's destination. 

Where is Cu Lao Cham? What is the weather like on Cu Lao Cham?

1. Cu Lao Cham Da Nang or Hoi An?

Cu Lao Cham island cluster is also known as Chiem Bat Lao, consisting of 1 main island and 8 small surrounding islands. This is an island with an area of about 15 km2, located in Hoi An city, Quang Nam province.

If you go to Cu Lao Cham from Hoi An, the travel distance is about 20km. If you take the Da Nang Cu Lao Cham tour, how far is Cu Lao Cham from Da Nang? The journey will be about 45km (including road and sea).

Because it is still wild, this place has quite a rich ecosystem. In 2009, UNESCO recognized this place as one of the world's biosphere reserves. Since then, this island cluster has been licensed to exploit and promote tourism.

2. Weather conditions: What month is it to travel to Cu Lao Cham?

According to the experience of many tourists reviewing Cu Lao Cham, you should travel to this island cluster between March and August every year. In this season, this place has warm sunshine, a calm sea, and little rain, so you can participate in swimming, diving, playing on the beach,...

In the remaining months, this island cluster often has storms, rough seas, and quite large waves, so there are often no boats to take tourists to the islands.

3. Ticket price to Cu Lao Cham

Ticket prices to Cu Lao Cham for reference:

  • Sightseeing ticket: 70,000 VND/person;
  • Ecological fee: 20,000 VND/person.

In addition, visitors also need to pay for transportation tickets from the mainland to the island. Depending on the means of transportation you choose, ticket prices will vary. Specifically:

  • Cano: The ticket price is about 200,000 VND per person. Canoeing is suitable for people who like the feeling of strong surfing; the travel time is only about 20 minutes.
  • Wooden boat: ticket price is about 150,000 VND/Vietnamese person, 200,000 VND/foreigner. If you bring a motorcycle to the island, you must pay an additional fee of 50,000 VND per motorcycle. Wooden boats are not suitable for people prone to seasickness and have slower travel times than canoes.

Impressive tourist destinations on Cu Lao Cham island

What is so beautiful about Cu Lao Cham? This place is famous for its pristine natural landscape with green mountains and forests, long white sand beaches, clear water, and rich flora and fauna. Let's explore what outstanding attractions this place known as the "Pearl of Quang" has:

1. Eo Gio, Cu Lao Cham

Eo Gio is located in the east of the Cu Lao Cham island cluster, about 3km from the Bai Lang residential area. This is a destination that visitors can hardly miss if they want to find a place to catch the sunrise or watch the sunset. Eo Gio is surrounded by blue mountains and a vast, endless sea and sky. This place is like a wall, protecting fishermen firmly on the sea.

2. An ancient well of more than 200 years old of the Cham people

The 200-year-old well has the characteristics of an ancient Cham well and is located in the residential area of Cam hamlet. With the sea on all four sides, this is the only source of fresh water on the island that is not contaminated with salinity or alum.

Local people say by word of mouth that drinking well water can cure seasickness, or they pray for love and have children as desired. Therefore, this place has become an attractive tourist destination when tourists come to this beautiful island.

3. Hai Tang Pagoda

Hai Tang Pagoda is located at the foot of the mountain west of Hon Lao, overlooking a vast field. Despite its harsh nature, the pagoda has remained intact for hundreds of years. This sacred ancient temple has become a symbol of the island, entering the subconscious of the people here. Coming here, you will learn more about history, worship Buddha, visit temples, pray for peace, and keep your mind pure.

4. The beaches are clear blue

Tourists will definitely not be able to "hold back" the beautiful beaches in Cu Lao Cham.

  • Bai Ong owns a long stretch of fine white sand, clear blue sea water, straight rows of coconut trees, and rows of green sea spinach. Coming here, you can swim and participate in games such as parasailing, towing boats, motorbikes on the sea,...
  • Bai Xep is a beautiful, pristine beach with clear blue water. This place has some of the most beautiful coral reefs in Cu Lao Cham waters.
  • Bai Chong: There is fine white sand, straight rows of coconut trees, diverse polymorphic rocks stacked on top of each other like symbols of husband and wife, yin and yang,...
  • Bai Huong is a pristine fishing village located at the foot of a deep, green natural forest. This is an ideal place for visitors to explore the lives of fishermen and enjoy fresh seafood.

5. Cornflower road

Cornflowers here bloom best in late summer - early autumn (around July - August). During the flower blooming season, walking along Bai Lang, Bai Xep, and Bai Huong streets, visitors will be able to admire the crimson flowers blooming. Despite the harsh rain and wind, the sycamore trees still grow strongly, like the resilient will of the people of the Central region in the face of the sun, rain, and challenges.

6. Tan Hiep Market

When coming to Cu Lao Cham, visitors should not miss Tan Hiep Market, located right at the wharf. Visitors can choose to buy dried seafood, delicious fresh seafood and unique souvenirs from seashells, snails, stones, etc. Seafood at the market is cheaper than on the mainland because it is harvested. Local fishermen catch and sell on the spot.

7. Temple of the ancestors of the bird's nest industry

The Temple of the Bird Nest Craft is a large-scale architectural work ranked as a national monument in 2006. The temple is located on a sand mound next to Cay Cua Slot in Bai Huong. On the 10th day of the third lunar month every year, a ceremony to worship the ancestors of the bird's nest exploitation profession is solemnly held at the temple, praying for the bird's nest industry to develop more and more. Tourists can visit this place on this occasion to better understand the unique beliefs of the people here.

Activities and experiences worth trying in Cu Lao Cham

What is extremely attractive about Cu Lao Cham is that there are many interesting entertainment activities, such as:

1. Diving to see coral reefs

The attraction in Cu Lao Cham comes not only from the beautiful natural scenery and fresh air but also from the biodiversity. Therefore, diving to see coral and marine life here always attracts tourists.

The most interesting coral diving activity is around noon, when the sun is high and the sunlight will shine down to the bottom of the sea. The aquatic animal kingdom, such as seaweed, coral, sea creatures, etc., will appear vividly before visitors' eyes. Tourists will be truly overwhelmed by the beauty of the seabed ecosystem here.

2. Walk under the sea to see marine creatures

By joining the underwater walking tour, you will be able to freely see and explore the large aquarium. Tourists do not need to wear fancy equipment such as oxygen masks, air tanks, limbs, etc.; they just need to wear an oxygen supply cap and follow the tour guide's instructions to feel secure. undersea set. The beauty of colorful coral reefs, calmly playing fish, etc. will bring you the most relaxing and comfortable moments.

3. Camping in Cu Lao Cham

If you stay overnight in Cu Lao Cham, you can rent a camping tent to sleep on the beach. Around 9 p.m.–10 p.m., fun activities, exchanges, and campfires often take place here. At night, you can lie down and watch the starry sky—a wonderful sight that we will hardly see in the city. Those who have been here and experienced these interesting things will often never forget it.

4. Fishing with fishermen on the island

Fishing is also a very interesting activity, loved by many tourists when visiting this island cluster. Visitors will be able to explore the peaceful beauty of this place by boat, learn about the lives of coastal fishermen, and enjoy fresh, clean dishes, etc. caught by themselves.

5. Explore the primeval forest

After freely playing with the ocean waves, you can explore the primeval forests and dangerous ravines here. When following the trails climbing up the mountainside, you will immerse yourself in a cool green space, enjoy the beauty of wild orchids,... Visitors can also visit Da stream and stream. Love is gentle and poetic.

Dining experience on Cu Lao Cham island

1. Typical dishes

After a trip to Cu Lao Cham, one of the things that visitors remember most about this place is definitely the colorful and multi-flavored cuisine.

  • Nang breast snail is a famous specialty snail of the Central Coast region. Nang breast snails can be prepared in many ways, such as boiling, salad, etc. Snail meat is very sweet, crispy, and not too soft.
  • One-sun squid: grilled one-sun squid, dipped in chili sauce, will surely convince even the most demanding diners;
  • Stone crab: This species of crab eats plants in rock caves and drinks morning dew, so its meat is sweet, soft, and greasy. People often prepare stone crabs by boiling, steaming, or stir-frying tamarind.
  • Wild vegetables: Here there are also many types of wild vegetables (green leafy greens, water spinach, plantains, yard greens, etc.) growing wild at the foot of the mountains. The dish of boiled wild vegetables dipped in fish sauce and pickled with chili and garlic is one of the "mouth-watering" dishes that every tourist finds hard to resist.
  • Abalone: dishes made from abalone, such as boiled, steamed, stir-fried, etc., are all very attractive. Abalone meat is fatty and sweet, with a very special, delicious flavor.
  • Sea urchin: a dish that visitors should try once when coming here is grilled sea urchin. Sellers often put 2-3 sea urchins into one shell, mix them with quail eggs or chicken eggs, and then grill them on a charcoal stove. Finally, you just need to add a little greasy onion fat and enjoy this "ginseng" dish of the sea.
  • Crab: The Cu Lao Cham crab dish is firm, delicious, and has a rich, sweet flavor, so it is very popular with tourists. The main dish is crab steamed in beer, served with lemon, salt, and pepper. In addition, visitors can also enjoy boiled crabs, grilled crabs, cooked porridge, hot pot,...
  • Banh it la gai: this is a specialty dish of people on Cu Lao Cham island. The cake has a sweet taste from the thorny leaves that grow in rocky areas and the cool water from ancient wells. This is the number-one choice for desserts that visitors should try.
  • Seaweed: The seaweed in this island cluster is raw, dark in color, and not processed, so it tastes very salty but contains a lot of nutrients that are good for health. Seaweed is processed into many rustic dishes, such as soup, salad,...

2. Delicious restaurants and eateries on Cu Lao Cham island

Restaurants and eateries are often concentrated in the tourist areas of Bai Huong, Bai Ong, and Bai Xep. Some addresses for your reference:

  • Dan Tri Restaurant: at Bai Lang;
  • Dao Me Restaurant: at Bai Ong;
  • Hai Quynh Restaurant: in Bai Ong;
  • Bai Chong Restaurant: in Bai Chong.

Hotels near Cu Lao Cham should be chosen

Cu Lao Cham tourist island is still quite wild, so accommodation services have not really developed. This place is mainly occupied by households building homestays, motels, etc. If you want to go to Cu Lao Cham for 2 days and 1 night, you can rent a homestay room to rest and experience the simple life here.

If you want a comfortable resting space with more amenities, you should stay at resorts near Cu Lao Cham. Ideal suggestions for travelers include:

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An is located on Binh Minh beach

Vinpearl Resort & Golf Nam Hoi An has a sail-shaped design and is located on Binh Minh Beach. Choosing to stay here, visitors are always satisfied because the villa design style is luxurious, modern, and fully equipped.

  • Enjoy relaxing in the scallop-shaped overflow swimming pool of up to 2,300 square meters.
  • Enjoy many attractive amenities: massage and therapy, yoga and gym classes,...
  • Conveniently visit VinWonders Nam Hoi An amusement park, a river safari zoo, an 18-hole golf course,...

Things to remember when traveling to Cu Lao Cham

1. Some important notes when going to Cu Lao Cham on your own

  • Cu Lao Cham Island says no to plastic bags, so before going to the island, you should not bring plastic bags.
  • You should prepare all beach items, such as hats, sunglasses, flat sandals, sunscreen, insect spray,...
  • Bring enough identification documents to facilitate car rental.
  • When diving to see coral, visitors are not allowed to break coral or bring coral back to the mainland.

2. Be careful when buying specialties as gifts

After your trip to Cu Lao Cham Island, you can buy gifts for relatives and friends, such as:

  • Dried seafood and fresh seafood: crab, crab, squid, lobster, sea cucumber,...
  • Bird's nest: The bird's nest here is 100% natural, has high nutritional value, and is very good for health.
  • Types of cakes: su se cake, little gai leaf cake;
  • Types of medicinal herbs: forest leaves, dried pineapple, dried polygonum multiflora,...
  • Other gifts: dried seaweed, anchovy fish sauce, souvenirs from snail shells, seashells,...
  • You can buy these gifts at Tan Hiep Market. When buying, don't be afraid to bargain to avoid price gouging.

Cu Lao Cham is a world biosphere reserve, bringing many interesting experiences to visitors. When you come here, you should only bring back memories and leave nothing but footprints. This is a civilized action, helping to sustainably protect the ecosystem and landscape on the island. For any information about the Cu Lao Cham tour, please contact HoaBinh Tourist via hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.


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