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The beauty of Phat Quang Pagoda in Vietnam – Ideal destination for holiday occasions

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Ha Nam is a famous place with many Buddhist architectures, such as Jizhuang Phi Lai Temple, Tam Chuc Pagoda, Bau Pagoda, etc. Besides, Phat Quang Pagoda is one of the spiritual tourist destinations that was restored and built with enthusiasm. Let's visit this temple with HoaBinhTourist right now.

About Phat Quang Pagoda in Ha Nam

Ha Nam is known for many famous temples, such as Jizhuang Phi Lai Temple, Bau Pagoda, Tam Chuc Pagoda, etc. Particularly, Phat Quang Pagoda is known as one of the most famous temples in this place, which attracts many tourists. tourists in recent years. 

The pagoda is located about 70km from Hanoi in Du Nhan village, Thanh Liem district, Ha Nam province. The temple was built with valuable and spacious Buddhist architecture. In addition, this place is known for its large Buddhist practice in Ha Nam. 

Phat Quang Pagoda - Exquisite and sophisticated Buddhist architecture in Hanam

Phat Quang Pagoda - Exquisite and sophisticated Buddhist architecture in Hanam

Besides, the temple was built by Venerable Master Thich Thien An on an area of ​​up to 13 hectares. He is the abbot and also the architect of the architecture of Phat Quang Pagoda. The Abbot has created a high-quality pilgrimage space for everyone. In addition, he brings Buddhist values, sowing love and kindness in people.

According to Abbot, "You can lack everything, but you cannot lack love." That is the teaching of sowing seeds of kindness, a bridge to bring human meaning to people. Today, Phat Quang Pagoda in Ha Nam has been built spaciously to welcome visitors. Over the years, tourists from all over the world have come to visit and experience the teachings of Buddhism.

The peaceful and attractive beauty of Phat Quang Pagoda 

Why do many people want to visit and make pilgrimages to the peaceful space of Ha Nam Phat Quang Pagoda? Let's find out with HoaBinhTourist in detail right now.

Phat Quang Pagoda is an elaborate exterior architectural work

From the outside looking in, Phat Quang Pagoda is not too prominent. On the contrary, this place has a very peaceful appearance. Once inside, you will be surprised by the exquisite design and natural scenery.

Up to now, this pagoda has been built on the foundation of a nearly hundred-year-old temple. Under the skillful hands of Abbot, the lively scene here is extremely popular with tourists. Moreover, he also built many impressive works, such as Tam Bao, a guest house,...

The Buddha statue in the pagoda is very elaborately designed

The Buddha statue in the pagoda is very elaborately designed

The pagoda is likened to a poetic place in front of Buddha's door. The beautiful paintings and elegant calligraphy pens on the stone have shown the ingenuity of the builder. Besides, the temple grounds have many large and small Buddha statues. This has both subtlety and a special spiritual meaning.

In addition, the path to the temple is covered with beautiful white sandstone and is always cleaned. This makes visitors feel relaxed when going to the pagoda on pilgrimage. In addition, Abbot also cut a large stone face to pave the way so that the guests' steps are light and smooth. It can be said that this place is a great destination when you visit Ha Nam.

The space inside the pagoda is designed with great feats and sophistication

With the convergence of "music - chess - poetry - art," Abbot has produced many poems and paintings of great spiritual value, delicately arranged inside the temple space. Around the temple, large Buddha statues and worshiping areas are dignified, surrounded by flower clusters, tree branches, etc., and meticulously adorned for the beauty of this spiritual place.

The beautiful scenery in Phat Quang Pagoda makes visitors feel peaceful and calm

The beautiful scenery in Phat Quang Pagoda makes visitors feel peaceful and calm

Outstanding beauty and activities to experience at Phat Quang Pagoda

With the extremely convenient geographical position of Ha Nam, you can easily find Phat Quang Pagoda when coming from Hanoi. Let's continue to explore the space of this beautiful temple with HoaBinhTourist. 

The outstanding beauty of Phat Quang Pagoda

This pagoda was built and designed very meticulously, with many artificial miniatures, rockeries, and aquariums that are meticulously cared for. The temple is designed according to the main architecture of Japan.

Most of the stone slabs are called "calligraphy" by Abbot Thich Thien An personally. The elegant and flexible calligraphy lines create a unique impression when combined with artistic paintings to create a poetic beauty pagoda. In addition, the scenery around the pagoda is peaceful and quiet, and the fresh air will surely make visitors hard to forget.

Experience and fun activities at Phat Quang Pagoda

When coming here, visitors can listen to the teachers preach, watch the teachers enjoy tea, relax their souls, and admire the scenery. The teachers are very enthusiastic and approachable. If you are lucky, you can listen to the monks introduce the meaning of each landscape and scene in the temple.

This place is also an ideal check-in place for tourists to save their sightseeing and experience moments. So don't forget to bring your phone or a camera or camcorder to record happy moments at the temple!

Phat Quang Pagoda is a place to visit for tourists from all over the world. At the same time, this is also elaborate Buddhist architecture. Besides, the temple was also built thanks to the meticulous and creative hands of the abbot, Thich Thien An. This is probably a great stop for those who want to find a quiet and peaceful place after the fatigue of life.

Above is some information about Phat Quang Pagoda that the HoaBinhTourist would like to send to you. Hopefully, with this post, you will have a meaningful trip to relieve stress in their lives. To book our package tours, please contact the hotline: 0939.311.911 for specific advice.


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