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The coordinates of virtual living with thousands of likes in Vung Tau always make young people excited

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There is no shortage of virtual living coordinates with thousands of likes in Vung Tau that make many people confused thanks to the countless attractive backgrounds, promising to bring one of the memorable summers with many "genuine" photo hunting experiences in the city. romantic sea. Let's take sparkling photos with HoaBinh Tourist right away.

Virtual coordinates of thousands of likes in the hot-hit Vung Tau

1. Suoi O Beach

Suoi O Beach is one of the Vung Tau tourist destinations that "don't want to go home" and is popular with many tourists from all over the world when coming to the coastal city. The above famous landmark is located in Binh Chau commune, Xuyen Moc district, only about 3km from Binh Chau market, and tourists who want to visit can follow the coastal road towards Long Hai-Ho Tram to get there.

Suoi O Beach is an extremely interesting place as it has both a freshwater stream and a smooth white sand beach with clear blue sea water that can be seen at the bottom—one of the rare beaches in Vietnam that has both fresh water and fresh water and has unique salt water.

Because it possesses such a peaceful and poetic natural scenery, this place is also famous as the coordinates of virtual living, with thousands of likes in Vung Tau, attracting a large number of photo enthusiasts to visit to experience "taking great photos" with a poetic and charming sky and sea.

Besides check-in activities, many outdoor fun and entertainment activities such as swimming, snorkeling, camping, picnicking, exploring the lives of fishing village people, etc. are also attractions for tourists when they come to Suoi O Beach.

2. White Rabbit Park

White Rabbit Park is located at the intersection of Thuy Van and Le Hong Phong streets in Thang Ta ward, 200m from the Truoc Beach of Vung Tau, so it is extremely convenient for tourists to travel.

Tourists participating in the Vung Tau tour, if you are looking for a fun place for the whole family, definitely should not miss this interesting park. Here, you will experience exploring adventure games such as flying saucers, roller coasters, Pirates of the Caribbean, cable-stayed swing games, etc.

The outdoor area is divided into two places, including a play area for children. Children and a play area for young people help visitors comfortably engage in recreational activities in their own space.

Although it is a fun place, White Rabbit Park is always famous as the coordinates for virtual living, with thousands of likes in Vung Tau, because it owns many interesting and attractive landscapes that are always renewed and entertainment areas with many shimmering colors. promises to bring many impressive creative photo suggestions for your "shooting" journey.

3. Da Xanh Lake

Another virtual living location in Vung Tau that makes many tourists fascinated when coming to the romantic coastal city is the Da Xanh Lake area in Tan Thanh district, close to the slopes of Dinh Mountain and always famous for its natural scenery. Love comes from a quiet, clear blue lake area surrounded by majestic mountains and impressive forests.

In particular, this virtual living location with thousands of likes in Vung Tau knows how to "win" the hearts of virtual living enthusiasts by designing many beautiful miniature landscapes for visitors to comfortably visit and create attractive photos. guide.

The "money-making" viewing angles that are popular with many young people include the wooden bridge area with panoramic views of the clear blue lake and majestic mountains and forests, and dugout canoes decorated with beautiful flowers. lovely area or the lovely sheep field area...will definitely help you get the most "cool" set of photos.

4. Binh Chau wharf

Considered an interesting "resurrected youth corner" in Vung Tau, Binh Chau wharf in Xuyen Moc district is currently a famous virtual living location enthusiastically sought after by many tourists. This place is about 140 km northeast of Saigon Center, far from the city. Vung Tau and City. Phan Thiet is about 45 minutes away by car, so it is relatively convenient for you and your loved ones to schedule an exploration on your day off.

Binh Chau beach is mostly sandy with a gentle slope that is not deep; the wave height is about 0.3–0.5 m, and it is located far from residential areas, so it still retains its pristine and romantic beauty, making it extremely ideal for surfing. Experience fascinating natural scenery.

In particular, the impressive highlight at the virtual living location in Vung Tau above is located on the concrete road with a striking white color against the clear blue background of the impressive sky and sea, so if you want to own a "genuine" check-in background, xo" is no less than Hometown Cha-cha-cha, so definitely don't forget to note down the coordinates of Binh Chau wharf on your "must-try" list to explore.

5. Vung Tau Lighthouse

Vung Tau Lighthouse, located at the top of Nho Mountain in Ward 2, is definitely a virtual living coordinate with thousands of likes in Vung Tau that tourists from all over should not miss. This is a work built by the French in 1862 with the purpose of signaling and guiding ships at sea. Although it has an impressive white color that creates a new feeling, the above lighthouse is an ancient lighthouse. best in Vietnam.

It is not difficult for visitors to find a "genuine" viewing angle to capture the entire panorama of the lighthouse standing tall in the middle of the clear blue sky, as beautiful as the poetic European sky. In particular, next to this ancient construction area, the "Korean road" with brilliantly blooming cottonwood trees in the summer is the "golden moment" that any paparazzi wants to preserve in their memories. ideal coastal city trip.

Don't worry about missing photos with the exciting "taking" experience at the famous virtual living coordinates with thousands of likes in Vung Tau that promise to help you overcome the scorching summer with excitement and refresh your social networking sites with photo sets. Hot hit tourism. HoaBinh Tourist hopes that this article will help you have more beautiful destinations on your trip to Vung Tau. If you have any questions, please contact us via hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for dedicated support.


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