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The top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Gia Lai attract all tourists

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Gia Lai is one of the five Central Highlands provinces, containing many beautiful, wild, and majestic natural landscapes. This place is famous for many delicious dishes and diverse ethnic cultures, and it is also blessed with wonderful natural scenery, including extremely majestic waterfalls. Let's explore with HoaBinh Tourist the top 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Gia Lai right now.

1. Phu Cuong Waterfall

Phu Cuong Waterfall is located in the Phu Cuong quarry area in Dun commune, Chu Se district, Gia Lai province, about 3 km from Chu Se town and about 45 km southeast of Pleiku city. To reach Phu Cuong waterfall, you have to go through a long, solid staircase system built of very sturdy iron.

Below are many large and small stone slabs stacked on top of each other, creating many diverse and interesting shapes. The space becomes even more magical when the sound of the waterfall is mixed with the sound of the stream and birds singing on the huge old trees.

In the rainy season, the water flows with white foam and looks majestic. In the dry season, spring water flows gently through cliffs and large and small rocks, making you feel comfortable and immersed in peaceful nature. Young people who like adventure can follow the trail leading deep into the heart of the cliff to have a closer look at the majestic and magnificent beauty of this waterfall.

Phu Cuong Gia Lai Waterfall is located amidst majestic mountains and forests with an impressive ecological system including forests, rich vegetation, poetic lake and stream areas... promising to bring a time of discovery. ideal or experience immersing yourself in a fresh, peaceful space, and visitors will have the opportunity to participate in many interesting outdoor tourist activities such as check-in, walking around the lake by boat, organizing exciting picnics, etc. are all interesting suggestions if you have the opportunity to participate in attractive tours to explore Gia Lai.

2. Nine-Storey Waterfall

Nine-Storey Waterfall is located in La Sao commune, about 16 km from La Grai district center and the city. Pleiku is about 20 km along Provincial Highway 664 and National Highway 14C. Unlike other waterfalls, the water pours down from a sky-scraping cliff, but the nine-tier waterfall stretches across rugged cliffs; each tier is 5–10 m high, with the last 2 tiers being about 10–15 m high and standing up. creating strong currents and swirling water.

Surrounding the waterfall is a fairly pristine forest ecosystem, contributing to the wild and majestic beauty of the waterfall. The gentle waterfall winding around the cliffs with the soothing murmuring sound makes this an ideal and interesting weekend picnic spot for tourists inside and outside the province who want to explore and learn about the wild and magical beauty. of the waterfall as well as the mountains and forests of the Central Highlands.

With a fairyland-like scenery, this is a space for you to freely take photos, immerse yourself in the green space, and make memories at the majestic waterfall and vast mountain and forest space. Your picnic will be more meaningful when you gather with friends and relatives in a peaceful space, bring some food and drinks, and enjoy and sing in the mountains and forests to have more experiences. Memorable.

3. Le Kim Waterfall

Le Kim Waterfall is located in La To commune, Ia Grai district. From Pleiku city, follow provincial road 664 for about 20 km, and you will reach Ia Kha town, the center of Ia Grai district. Continue for about 15 km, and you will reach Le Kim waterfall.

The name Le Kim has only been around since the late 50s of the last century. The special thing here is the rough, angular appearance of the cliff; the waist of the rock is where the white water flows down. Shining silver—perhaps this is the reason why the name Le Kim waterfall. As for the local Jrai people, for a long time, they have called this waterfall Ia Grai Glong Blang, meaning high waterfall on the Blang stream.

From the sandy beach at the foot of the waterfall, follow the right bank for 200 meters to reach the foot of the waterfall. Local people said: In the past, in the western corner of the waterfall, there was a fairly large rock roof protruding and shielding it, forming a cave about 20 square meters wide.

Below the cave, there is a flat stone surface like a fairy chess board, which is a great dining table for visitors on picnics. With a 30-meter-high water column pouring down like a strip of white silk, hitting the cliff below and shooting steam out around, it brings freshness and coolness when approaching the foot of the waterfall.

4. Xung Khoeng Waterfall

Xung Khoeng Waterfall is located in La Me commune, Chu Ho Rong district, about 30 km southwest of Pleiku city. With a height of 40 meters, the waterfall pours down, erasing the peace of the water below. Xung Khoeng Waterfall is a majestic stream that flows day and night with white foam, covering a large space. The waterfall falls from above onto the flat water surface, spreading endlessly and meandering along the rocky slopes.

The streams of water pouring down at the top of the Xung Khoeng waterfall weave through large rocks or small stones at the bottom, weaving over the green grass carpets, forming a vast water area surrounded by cliffs, forests, mountains, grass, and trees. I just want to keep in mind this beautiful scene that makes my heart flutter. Xung Khoeng Waterfall is an interesting resting place; here we can both admire the majestic beauty of nature and breathe fresh air, making the soul relaxed and calm.

5. Bau Can Waterfall

Bau Can Waterfall belongs to Team 3, Bau Can commune, Chu Prong district, about 20km from Pleiku city. Located in the urban area of Pleiku city, the road to Bau Can waterfall is easy and beautiful, with tea hills, green lawns, and gentle slopes. Not possessing the mysterious beauty of To Cay waterfall, this location has a gentle flow with charming wild beauty. This waterfall is more than 15 meters high and is surrounded by vast green coffee trees. 

Coming here, you will feel the mist covering the waterfall from the steam radiating dimly. It does not have a noisy flow like other waterfalls, but this place has its own gentle beauty. At the foot of the waterfall, there are rough rocks. When the water flows through the slot, it creates a pleasant gurgling sound. Perhaps this is all that the Creator has lovingly given.

To fully admire the beauty of the waterfall, you should come here during the rainy season. At that time, large streams of water upstream poured in, meeting rolling rapids falling from above, creating a giant and majestic 'water mountain'. In the dry season, the flow of the waterfall is narrowed to the point that visitors can clearly see the waterfall's rocks.

With a diverse ecosystem long explored by human hands, especially the system of lakes and ponds, both natural and artificial, Bau Can has a unique appearance that can be exploited into an attractive tourist destination.

6. Kueng O Waterfall

Kueng O Waterfall is very easy to reach, only about 1.5km from National Highway 25 and the headquarters of the People's Committee of Ia Pal Commune, Chu Se District, Gia Lai. About 50 km from Pleiku city. The waterfall has a height of over 20 meters, divided into 3 streams with an arc width of about 50 meters. Water flows through each cool, green moss stone step. The rows of green trees on both sides seem to shine in the clear water.

Coming here, you will feel the cool air caused by the steam created by the waterfall. The most interesting thing here is that when you go behind the flow of the big waterfall, you will have a wonderful feeling; the steam from the flow combined with the wind brings coolness.

When you come here, you can immerse yourself in nature with a diverse and romantic waterfall complex and also enjoy traditional oval dances and the loud sound of gongs, echoing the sounds of the mountains and forests. Kueng O Waterfall is endowed with a very wide and smooth grass carpet. Visitors can lie back and watch the sky with endless things. Immersed in nature and clear blue water, anyone who comes to Kueng O will feel the cool, refreshing taste.

7. Mo Waterfall 

Mo Waterfall is located in the border commune of La Grai district. Here, a branch of the Po Ko River flows back to the legendary west, 50m from Pleiku city center. From Gia Lai city center, go to Krai town. Then turn right into the center of La Khai commune and continue to the intersection of Frag village and Mo Waterfall.

From the commune center to Mo Waterfall, it's about 5km, but you will feel cool and refreshed when walking under the vast, straight canopy of the rubber forest. It has many cascading waterfalls, creating a majestic and beautiful scene. Each stream of water on the waterfall rolls, weaves through the cascading rocks, and falls into the lake. It is extremely beautiful and interesting.

If viewed from a distance, Mo Waterfall looks like a picture of terraced fields covered in white with bursting, foaming water streams. With a view from upstream, you will see streams of water pouring down the stone shelves and then flowing strongly into the lake bed like an endless moving silk strip. All create a vivid and colorful picture of Mo Waterfall.

Coming here, you can not only admire the flow of the waterfall but also experience the vibrant sounds of the jungle. This place is a harmony of the lively sound of water streams breaking and ice buckets and the chirping of birds chirping in the middle of the jungle. All movements create a colorful and relaxing soundscape in the heart of the forest.

8. K50 waterfall

K50 waterfall, also known as Hang En waterfall, is located in Kon Chu Rang nature reserve, K'Bang district, north of Gia Lai province. This place is about 150 km from Pleiku city center. To reach K50 waterfall, visitors will have to traverse a long distance, weaving through small paths nestled in the forest and crossing streams and rocky rapids to see this magnificent waterfall with their own eyes. Perhaps because not many people set foot here, the K50 waterfall still retains its characteristic wildness.

Although the name is not very pretty—simply K50—when seeing the beauty of the waterfall with your own eyes, visitors will definitely change their minds. K50 Waterfall has a beauty that is both pristine and magical, looking from afar like a sparkling silver silk strip amidst the green of the vast mountains and forests.

Cool, refreshing steam radiates from the white-foaming waterfall. At the foot of the waterfall are stone blocks with many interesting shapes, stacked on top of each other to form unique stairs. All combine into an extremely vivid and impressive natural picture, giving visitors a series of indescribable emotions mixed with a bit of overwhelm and surprise.

9. Three-storey Waterfall

A three-story waterfall is located in Kon Ka Kinh National Park, with rugged terrain, rapids, and trees interwoven, creating a magnificent natural scene. For young people who like to travel, Three-Storey Waterfall is an extremely attractive destination in Gia Lai. To reach this beautiful waterfall, you have to cross a trail of about 4.5 km with quite difficult terrain.

The waterfall flows strongly down from the mountain, forming three distinct levels. The streams of water splash white foam, rubbing against the mossy green cliffs, creating a beautiful natural picture. Around the Three Deck Waterfall area, there are many flat lands with tall green trees, suitable for tourists to rest, camp, or lie down to admire the scenery.

If you bring clothes, you can bathe in the cool stream below. The spring water is clear and clean, making it great for you to splash around and swim to your heart's content.

10. To Cay Waterfall

To Cay Waterfall is a waterfall nestled in the middle of a vast valley of cool green carpets in Do Mo village, Kong Htok commune, Chu Se district, Gia Lai province. If you go from Dien Hong Park in Pleiku city, the center of Gia Lai province, you will have to travel a distance of up to 60km to reach the waterfall.

Cay Waterfall is a waterfall originating from a stream located in a beautiful valley, surrounded by a system of rich green trees and massive layers of rocks that follow each other in a wing shape. At the foot of the To Cay waterfall, massive rocks adhere to create a rock layer more than 30 meters long, curving in an arc shape with many protruding rocks forming a roof about 7 meters wide. With this natural roof, you don't have to worry about avoiding the sun or finding shelter from the rain.

Next to the To Cay waterfall, there is a small cave. The mouth of the cave is about 20 m wide and approximately 2 m high, and the cave is about 15 m deep. When you stand in the middle of the cave, you feel a pleasant, cool feeling. This is an interesting point about this waterfall for "players" who like camping in the wild. They can go deep into the cave because the deeper they go inside, the darker it becomes, with rocks of many strange shapes.

You have visited the majestic waterfalls in Gia Lai with HoaBinh Tourist. Please arrange time to come here, explore, and enjoy wonderful experiences. If you have any questions, please contact our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.


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