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Thien An Hill in Hue - the strangely beautiful check-in mecca of Hue

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Thien An Hill in Hue is known as the holy land to check out because of its beautiful winding roads, vast green pine forests, and cool, pleasing weather. Let's explore with HoaBinh Tourist the beautiful Thien An hill of dreamy Hue right now.

Introduction to Thien An Hill Hue

Thien An Hue Hill is located in Thuy Bang commune, Huong Thuy district, Thua Thien-Hue province, only about 10km from the city center. Thien An Hill is located on the route to King Khai Dinh's tomb, so it is extremely easy to find.

This place is considered a favorite tourist destination for many young people because of its romantic scenery, like in Korean movies. It is a mountainous area that is both wild and ancient and peaceful, just like its name suggests.

Road to Thien An Hue hill

Thien An Hue Hill is not too far from Hue city center, so you can choose many means of transportation, such as: a motorcycle, car, taxi, etc.

Directions: From Hue center, go to Hoai Thuong street, then go straight to Le Ngo Cat and Minh Mang streets. Then, go straight through Khai Dinh Street until you see the sign "Thien An Monastery." Then you have arrived.

Experiences not to be missed when coming to Thien An Hill Hue

1. Visit and take virtual photos of the dreamy, romantic Thien An Hue pine hill

Along both sides of the road up to Thien An Hue hill are rows of green pine trees and winding roads that seem to last forever. You just need to hold up the camera and pose to get super-chill selfies. Thien An Hill Hue is also a very suitable place for picnics and outings with family or friends on weekends.

2. Visit the fascinating Benedictine Monastery district

This monastery is a Catholic monastery with Asian architectural features and a long history. Because it is located at the highest point on the hill, the climate here is extremely cool and a little chilly.

The monastery that appears before your eyes is a very peaceful scene, somewhat old and quiet. The architecture of this place includes: in the middle is the church; on the right is the retreat house; on the left is the bell tower, surrounded by many green trees. Standing at the top of the monastery tower, you will admire the vast green of pine hills up to 60 hectares wide and shrink the city of Hue into your sight.

3. Explore the abandoned Thuy Tien Lake Water Park

Thuy Tien Lake Water Park, built in 2004, is a massive project including an aquarium, music stage, water park, cruise on the lake, restaurant,... However, in 2011, the member was no longer in operation. Over time, this place has become an exciting discovery destination for those who love thrilling tourist destinations with magical and fascinating stories. Old painted walls covered with moss will also make your photos look better than ever.

4. Enjoy delicious dishes at Thien An Hill

If you visit Thien An Hill in Hue, don't forget to enjoy more specialties here. These dishes are simple but imbued with Hue characteristics that will definitely make you "love at first sight":

Crab noodle soup: The broth of the noodle soup has a sweet taste and is served with crab rolls mixed with raw sausage, shrimp, and pork skin, creating a crunchy, chewy, and moderately soft texture. Crab noodle soup is a typical dish that Hue people often eat for breakfast. Banh canh costs between 10,000–20,000 VND per bowl, but the taste, even if you only eat it once, will make you remember it forever.

  • Cake: There are many different types of cake; you can choose the flavor that suits your preferences. The broth has the nutty taste of peanuts and sesame and the fatty taste of pork liver, creating a typical Hue cake.
  • Mussel rice is a simple dish with ingredients including mussels, rice, peanuts, sesame, herbs, etc., but under the hands of a professional cook, mussel rice has conquered many diners because of its unique flavor, which carries the soul of Hue land.
  • Banh nam is a traditional cake with a crust made from rice and filled with shrimp, steamed for about 15–20 minutes to create a delicious and attractive batch of cakes. Banh nam costs about 3,000 VND per piece.
  • Hue tea: Hue is famous as a paradise of tea, with a variety of teas such as: melon sweet soup, mixed sweet soup, corn sweet soup, etc. The price of each cup is only 10,000–20,000 VND per cup.

Where should I stay when traveling to Thien An Hill in Hue?

Standing out like a precious diamond in the heart of the city, Melia Vinpearl Hue will be the first choice for your trip because of its 5-star resort quality and many luxurious services that attract tourists. In addition, you will enjoy European and Asian dishes and many attractive local specialties, and relax at the world-class spa - gym - yoga.

Thien An Hill is a Hue tourist destination loved by many travel enthusiasts because of its wild and strangely peaceful beauty. To have the most satisfying trip to Hue, please quickly contact HoaBinh Tourist via hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for support, quotes, and quick tour booking.


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