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To visit 4 Cam Pha tourist destinations not to be missed

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Cam Pha is a city in Quang Ninh province, where is famous for its attractive entertainment places for those who love to explore new lands. If you are planning an interesting trip to Cam Pha - Quang Ninh, let's with HoaBinh Tourist find out the Cam Pha tourist destinations not to be missed right now!

Discover the poetic yet modern beauty of Cam Pha, Quang Ninh

Cam Pha tourist attractions that you must visit

Quang Ninh is the only province with 4 cities, and one of the beautiful cities is called Cam Pha. So what interesting destinations does Cam Pha city have? Let's find out with HoaBinh Tourist right below.

1. Bai Tu Long Bay

Referring to the most famous Cam Pha tourist sites, you cannot miss the poetic and lyrical beauty of Bai Tu Long Bay. On the bay, there are hundreds of limestone mountains and sandstone shapes, the most famous of which are Con Coc Islet, Turtle Islet, Devil's Islet, Bai Tho Mountain... These small islands are like special vestiges sprouting on the water, creating an extremely interesting picture. Besides, in the bay there are many beautiful beaches such as Van Don, Quan Lan, Con Co... outstanding in the lyrical natural landscape.

Explore Bai Tu Long Bay - a fairy-tale place

Up to now, the beautiful scenes at Bai Tu Long Bay are still imbued with the wild beauty and purity that nature gives. On sunny and windy days, admiring and breathing in the poetic atmosphere here will give you strange vibrations. You will also often see friendly, simple images of people on wooden houses and learn about the simple culture of the people here.

2. Cua Ong Temple

One of the most famous landmarks in Cam Pha is Cua Ong Temple. The ancient and timeless beauty of the temple is one of the things that attracts and captures the hearts of many tourists. The temple is located on a high hill northeast of Cam Pha, adjacent to Bai Tu Long Bay. The scenery around the temple gives tourists a peace and warmth between people and nature.

Cua Ong Temple is the place where people worship a famous hero of the Tran Dynasty, Hung Nhuong Dai Vuong Tran Quoc Tang, who has made great contributions to the cause of preserving and protecting the country through many events and historical periods. With such a meaning, the temple is a spiritual place, a sacred place where people give their trust, and feelings. The ancient architecture of the temple is also one of the eye-catching highlights, attracting visitors from far and wide to come back to the temple.

Cua Ong Temple - discover 700-year-old relic

3. Vung Duc cave tourist area

Belonging to one of the attractive attractions in the Cam Pha tourist system, Vung Duc deserves to be an interesting next stop for all visitors. The sightseeing area is located right next to Bai Tu Long Bay, in Cam Dong ward and surrounded by the sacred Ban Co mountain range.

Traveling to Vung Duc will take you to visit many interesting caves, beautiful rocky mountains. Among them are a series of the most famous caves such as Long Van cave, Thien Bang cave, Kim Quy cave, and Ngang cave. One thing that is very interesting, surprising to many visitors is that this place contains many folk fairy tales, notably the story of a hundred-burnt bamboo tree, which is also circulated here with the image of a forest. Many bamboo shoots and alternating statues are displayed widely.

Vung Duc cave tourist area - an attractive destination for tourists from all over the world

4. Golden Card Island

Located in the unique Cam Pha destinations, Golden Card Island has recently been known by many people. The island is still characterized by wild features, lush green forests and almost no human impact. Therefore, the beauty of the island is likened to the purity and freshness of the vast bay.

Golden Card Island is only about 10 km from Bai Tu Long Bay. On the island there are very beautiful beaches, vivid scenery, fresh natural pictures that give visitors unforgettable impressions. Currently, the city government is starting to promote the tourism potential of the island by building some entertainment services, restaurants of international standards.

Golden Card Island is located wild in the middle of Quang Ninh

Experiences when going to Cam Pha tourism

Unlike Ha Long tourism, Cam Pha tourism system cannot be developed as well, however, Cam Pha's natural beauty is not inferior to any other city. On the other hand, to have a perfect discovery trip here, you need to have the following useful information:

  • Find out in advance the places on the sightseeing list that you will visit, the cultural rules of public places or temples.
  • It will be more interesting if you rent a motorbike to move many places in the city, save time and also explore many places in the same day.
  • Find out and book in advance the inn, the hotel, where you will use to stay, note that you should only choose the inns with convenient locations, located as close to the tourist attractions as possible.

Need to prepare suitable furniture and hunt for flight tickets early before coming to Cam Pha

  • The cost of food in Cam Pha in particular and Quang Ninh in general is considered a bit expensive compared to neighboring provinces, ask for the price before deciding to buy anything.
  • Only go to the sea when the weather allows, it is safe for you and helps you to admire the beautiful moments of nature, so before planning, check the weather information of that day.

Above are some sharing of HoaBinh Tourist about tourist destinations in Cam Pha, Quang Ninh. Hope this article will help you when planning to explore the beautiful Cam Pha. For more information, please contact Hotline: 0913.311.911 for assistance with booking tours, advice and quick quotes.


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