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To visit Buu Long Pagoda - a splendid temple in Ho Chi Minh with Thailand style

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In the middle of magnificent Ho Chi Minh City, there is also a pagoda with bold Thailand style, Buu Long Pagoda is located in District 9, ranked in the top of the most beautiful temples in the world. The pagoda makes an unforgettable impression with its splendid architecture but equally sacred. Let's explore this temple with Hoabinh Tourist now.

Chùa Bửu Long - một trong những ngôi chùa đẹp nhất thế giới

Buu Long Pagoda attracts visitors from near and far by its splendid and eye-catching design. This place was also in the top 10 temples with the most beautiful architecture in the world. Are you curious, what is so outstanding about this Thailand pagoda in Ho Chi Minh city?

In particular, these days, young Saigonese check-in countless times, images of the splendid temple appear on social networking sites, making women near and far eager to once visit the temple and pray for peace.

Buu Long Pagoda is located on a hill west of Dong Nai River, No. 81 Nguyen Xien, Long Binh Ward, District 9, Ho Chi Minh City. Established in 1942, and in 2007, this Thai-style temple was invested in construction and restored, becoming a typical architectural work for the quintessence of Nguyen Dynasty architecture and culture Southeast Asia.

Buu Long Pagoda - Thailand-style pagoda in the middle of Ho Chi Minh City

Only about 20km from the center of Saigon, on weekends you can easily visit. Going from afar, the image of the tower glittering with golden light, standing out brilliantly in the sky, shows up and shows you the way to this temple.

Buu Long Pagoda has a quite unique architecture, similar to famous temples in Thailand, so people around also call it by the familiar name Thai temple to identify guests asking for directions.

However, the temple is still imbued with Vietnamese architecture and cultural colors with carvings and sculptures on the majestic dragon walls, or pillars, and the door to the temple hall. The campus of Buu Long Pagoda was built according to the design of abbot Thich Vien Minh, the calm turquoise lake in front of the main hall, and the main stupa Gotama Cetiya has the largest scale in our country 56 meters high and has 4 Small towers around.

The splendid and sophisticated architecture of Buu Long Pagoda

The main stupa of the temple with a total capacity of over 2,000 people is impressed by its delicately carved architecture. The pagoda is always quiet with the sound of wind chimes tinkling on top of the tower and the sound of water murmuring from the lake in the main hall area, so you need to pay attention to speak softly and maintain general order when visiting this place.

Dubbed the "no incense smoke" pagoda, coming to Buu Long only admires and prays, but does not burn incense in the temple as usual. The magnificence and sacredness of the main hall will surely conquer the souls who love beauty at first sight.

Buu Long Pagoda in Saigon has white as the main color, combined with brilliant yellow points at the top, so it creates a sense of Thai temple architecture, and it is this combination that makes the temple become splendid and become more beautiful become a virtual live background that is loved by many young people. Now, note the location of Buu Long Pagoda in the Saigon travel guide, if you have the opportunity to come, check-in right away!

Discover the pure and peaceful space when coming to Buu Long Pagoda

Instructions on how to move to Buu Long Pagoda

Option 1: Starting from Thu Duc intersection. You turn right into Le Van Viet, then go about 4.5km to the end of Le Van Viet street and meet My Thanh T-junction (in front of the My Thanh gas station).

Then turn right onto Nguyen Van Tang street. Go about 2km, you will see a right turn with the name of the street Nguyen Xien, but don't turn here but continue going straight, this straight road is also Nguyen Xien. You continue to meet Nguyen Van Tang High School, go about 1km to see Buu Long Pagoda.

Option 2: Starting from Thu Thiem tunnel, you go straight to Mai Chi Tho Boulevard, then turn right onto Nguyen Thi Dinh Street, run about 700m, turn left onto Nguyen Duy Trinh Street. Running all the way to Nguyen Duy Trinh will be Nguyen Xien, but in District 9 there are 2 sections named Nguyen Xien, so you just keep going straight until the end of this road and then turn right, run about 3km more.

There are 3 ways to get to Buu Long pagoda, do you know?

Option 3️: Starting from Suoi Tien, go straight along Hanoi Highway to Fairy Stream, run about 2.5km to meet Hiep Phu 2 Gas Station at the new fork on the right of Hanoi Highway. Then turn to the new road fork, go all this short road (1.5km), meet Nguyen Xien street cut in front, turn a little right across Dong Tron bridge, continue for more than 700m, you will see Buu Long pagoda on the right side of the road.

The pagoda does not take tickets to visit, only the parking ticket, you can send money to the valet. Restaurants near Buu Long Pagoda also have affordable prices, popular dishes.

Buu Long pagoda is located far from the city center, separate from the crowded and bustling city, in the middle of the open natural forest, the large pagoda blends in with the surrounding trees, becoming a place where many people and many young people choose as a destination. Coming here at the weekend, you will find your mood is peaceful and strangely peaceful. So what are you waiting for, let's experience this unique Thai temple with Hoabinh Tourist now!



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