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Top 10 Extremely Chill Cloud Hunting Destinations in Dalat You Must Visit in 2023

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Temperate and cool, mysterious and beautiful, Da Lat City has a unique beauty that only this place has. Coming here, visitors cannot miss the activity of hunting clouds in Da Lat, catching the sunrise, and seeing the whole city from above. HoaBinh Tourist will introduce to you the 10 most beautiful cloud hunting destinations in Da Lat that you must definitely visit.

The top 9 most wonderful cloud-hunting destinations in Da Lat 

1. Cloud hunting at Hon Bo Peak

Standing on top of Hon Bo, the highest place in Da Lat, you will enjoy the feeling of standing on a sea of clouds, watching the entire beautiful city, rolling mountains, and welcoming the brilliant sunrise. Not only can you go cloud hunting, but you can also organize overnight camping with friends.

Not far from Hon Bo Peak is Thai Phien Flower Village, so you can arrange to watch the sunrise in the morning and walk around the flower village in the afternoon, which is also a great choice.

2. Da Lat cloud-hunting wooden bridge

The wooden bridge, also known as the wooden carpet, is a rattan hunting spot in Dalat that is popular with many tourists and is more than 28km from the city center. Coming here, you will have many beautiful virtual living corners, such as wooden bridges, wooden houses, and wooden steps.

In addition to the sea of clouds, you can also see the green tea hills and vast pine forests in the distance, creating an extremely ideal scene that cannot be missed. Therefore, you should pay attention to moving early so as not to miss the most beautiful moment of the day.

3. Binh Minh Oi Cafe

If you want to find a place to sit and sip a cup of coffee, hunt for clouds in Da Lat, and watch the sunrise, you can't miss Binh Minh Oi Cafe. The shop is designed in a style that is typical of ancient Da Lat, with warm brown wood tones. The shop has many different spaces for you to choose from, such as inside or outside the house. Each corner has its own decoration so that customers can sit and talk and have a virtual check-in space.

In addition to drinks, the restaurant also offers breakfast with Da Lat specialties such as banh can or shumai bread, two dishes that are especially loved by many tourists. To best serve the needs of customers, the shop is open from 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. You can come early to catch the moment of sunrise and the sea of clouds mixed in the chilly air, which will bring you a unique experience.

4. Cafe Homestay Hai A

Hai A is an impressive rattan hunting spot in Dalat with charming natural scenery and cage houses. Standing from here, you will see the whole of Da Lat with its peaceful valleys and gently flowing streams. The shop is designed with glass windows to help visitors enjoy the space to the fullest, receiving natural sunlight.

Hai A not only serves cafes but also has outdoor BBQ dishes in a beautiful setting. If you want to hunt clouds at this location, rent a homestay service in Da Lat to capture the most wonderful moment.

5. Lang Biang Mountain Peak

LangBiang Mountain Peak is often known by many people as a place with a panoramic view of Da Lat city and Lam Vien plateau. However, this is also a great place to hunt clouds in Da Lat, which is chosen by many international tourists.

From the top of Ba Mountain in Lang Biang, you will admire the poetic and peaceful beauty of Dankia-Suoi Vang Lake. If you camp overnight and hunt clouds in the early morning, you will be able to directly touch the clouds and sky, walk among the sea of clouds, enjoy the fresh air, and feel the breath of the mountains and forests.

6. Cau Dat tea hill

Cau Dat tea hill is also considered an ideal place for hunting rattan in Da Lat, with thousands of tourists each year. Cau Dat is a peaceful and beautiful small town, 25km east of Da Lat.

The vast green tea hills seem to stretch endlessly in the mist, along with floating clouds that will make you feel like you are lost in a magical place. The tea hill is open to visitors for free, so you can come here at any time. A little advice is that you should go in the morning to catch the sunrise, and cloud hunting will be much more interesting.

7. Da Phu Hill

Da Phu Hill is located near the city center, about 10km away, and the road is more convenient than other locations. Early in the morning, looking down from the top of Da Phu Hill, you will admire the beautiful scenery with clouds weaving through high-rise buildings, as if embracing the entire city, looking beautiful.

When the sunrise comes, this place will be covered in its own beauty in a dim, captivating space. Hunting clouds here is not easy because the clouds dissipate very quickly. You will need to arrive before 6:30 a.m. The most ideal time to hunt clouds is from August to December of the year.

8. Du Sinh Hill

Du Sinh Hill is probably a quite familiar cloud-hunting spot in Dalat for both tourists and natives. Here, you will be immersed in the vast landscape of heaven and earth and majestic nature.

From the top of the hill, you will fully feel the pristine, dreamy beauty of Da Lat city, covered in gentle white clouds. In the early morning, you can still see the morning dew lingering on the soft blades of grass, and you can wait for the first golden rays of sunlight for a beautiful new day.

Although closer to the city than other locations, the road to Du Sinh Hill is quite difficult because you will need to go through a deserted cemetery of dozens of hectares. The pass is quite slippery in the early morning or on rainy days, so you should go with people who understand the terrain.

9. Cool camp

Considered a paradise, Trai Mat is a cloud hunting spot in Dalat that is popular with many young people. You will admire a pristine natural landscape with green tea hills hidden in the mist and cool camps bearing the typical image of the land of thousands of flowers.

Looking down from above, small roads gradually appear in the sunrise, creating a unique scene. The road to Trai Mat is quite winding with steep, hilly roads, also testing the "silk drivers.".

Experience of cloud-hunting in Da Lat with HoaBinh Tourist

1. Experience choosing clothes when hunting cloud

In addition to clothes for taking photos, prepare warm clothes such as towels, gloves, thermal shirts, waterproof shirts, etc. because the early morning temperature in Da Lat is very low, only about 14–15 degrees. In addition, choose comfortable, easy-to-wear shoes to avoid slipping.

2. Choose the most beautiful time to go cloud hunting in Da Lat

According to Ttravel's experience hunting clouds in Da Lat, the ideal time to hunt clouds is the end of the year, from August to December. Because this is the time when Da Lat changes from autumn to winter, it is quite cold and cloudy. You should go around 4:30–6:00 am to capture the most beautiful moment of the day.

3. The best weather to hunt clouds in Da Lat

The suitable weather to hunt clouds in Da Lat is when it is calm and the temperature is about 15-20 degrees. If there is strong wind, no fog, and clear skies, the possibility of cloud hunting failure is quite high.

If you hunt clouds and camp overnight, you should check the weather forecast to avoid heavy rain and wind. In addition, you should go to places near the city or take a tour to ensure safety.

What do you need to prepare for an extremely chill cloud-hunting trip?

In addition to adequate clothing, as Ttravel mentioned above, you need to prepare the following items for a memorable cloud hunting trip in Dalat:

  • Means of transportation: Many young people often use motorbikes to hunt clouds. You can use a personal car or rent a car at the homestay at the location you noted. Or you can book specialized cars or Dalat cloud hunting tours to travel to your desired places.
  • Phone, camera: Perhaps everyone wants to keep souvenir photos when hunting clouds in Dalat. Therefore, fully charge your camera, phone, or backup battery so you don't miss any memorable moments.
  • If you plan to camp overnight, don't forget to bring items such as sleeping bags, tents, thermal patches, lights, etc.

Hopefully, through the above article, you will know where to hunt clouds in Da Lat to the fullest. Prepare carefully to have a wonderful, complete cloud hunting session with sparkling photos. For any information you need advice on, please contact HoaBinh Tourist through our hotline: 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for answers and 24/7 support.


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