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Top 10 Famous Dalat Waterfalls That Tourists Cannot Miss

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Dalat Waterfall is considered one of the famous check-in locations that tourists always visit every time they set foot in this city of flowers. This place possesses beauty like a majestic natural painting with clear water and cool, airy air that surprises and fascinates. Join HoaBinh Tourist to take a look at the top 10 famous Dalat waterfalls through the article below.

The top 10 most famous and majestic waterfalls in Da Lat

1. Prenn Waterfall Dalat

Address: No. 10 Ho Chi Minh Street, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.

Prenn Waterfall is one of the famous tourist destinations in Da Lat with its wild and majestic natural beauty. With a height of about 10m and a width of 20m, the waterfall is formed from the circulation of the Prenn River water and is surrounded by verdant forests and brightly flowered bushes. All create a peaceful but no less poetic natural space.

In addition to admiring the beauty of Prenn Waterfall, visitors can also participate in exciting recreational activities such as fishing, walking on the suspension bridge, ziplining, enjoying local cuisine, and shopping for souvenirs. souvenir products.

2. Datanla Waterfall

Address: Highway 20, Ward 3, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.

Datanla Waterfall is located about 5 kilometers south of the city center. With its majestic natural beauty, this place is an ideal place for those who love to explore and enjoy nature. To get to Datanla waterfall, you can use means of transportation such as a motorcycle, bicycle, or taxi. In addition to admiring the beauty of Datanla waterfall, visitors can also participate in activities such as rappelling, waterfall bathing, mountain climbing,...

3. Dambri Waterfall

Address: Dambri, Dam Bri Village, Da M'ri Commune, Da Huoai District, Lam Dong Province (located about 20km south of the city center)

Referring to famous tourist destinations in Da Lat, it is impossible not to mention Dambri waterfall, the most pristine and majestic waterfall in the southern Central Highlands. The waterfall is located at a height of 60 meters with a strong flow that creates layers of white water on rocks and rolling hills, forming an extremely vivid, attractive, and poetic watercolor painting that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

Dambri Waterfall is about 90m high and 50m wide, creating a majestic and impressive natural landscape. When coming to Dambri Waterfall, visitors will admire the beauty of the water flowing through the rock, forming white clouds of water on the rock along with the cliffs standing on the side.

Coming here, visitors can use means of transport such as motorbikes, bicycles, or taxis. Once you arrive at the location, you will have to take the elevator or climb the stairs leading to the top of the falls. In addition to admiring the beauty of Dambri Waterfall, you can also participate in recreational activities such as ziplining, enjoying local cuisine, visiting Dambri Zoo, and visiting the Dambri Ecotourism Area. This is one of the most attractive and ideal tourist destinations to escape the noisy and busy urban life.

4. Lien Khuong Waterfall

The address of Lien Khuong Waterfall is Tan Son Village, Da Ton Commune, Duc Trong District, Lam Dong Province, Vietnam. Lien Khuong Waterfall is located in the Lam Vien plateau, about 20 km south of the city center. The waterfall is about 50m high and is among the top 3 most beautiful waterfalls, creating a beautiful and majestic natural picture in Lam Dong province.

The waterfall is famous for its wild, brilliant, and poetic beauty, with water flowing through large and small rocks, creating extremely beautiful white water clouds. In addition to admiring the beauty of Lien Khuong waterfall, visitors can also cool off in the water on hot days to dispel the heat of summer. Currently, this is considered one of the most beautiful and ideal tourist destinations to relax and find peace in today's busy lives.

5. Bobla Waterfall (Lien Dam Waterfall)

Address: Da Sar Commune, Lac Duong District, Lam Dong Province.

Originating from a small stream on the Langbiang mountain range located in the Dai Lai area, about 20 km south of the city center,. Bobla Waterfall is one of the most beautiful and impressive waterfalls in Da Lat, with an extremely majestic surrounding scenery including rows of ancient trees, thousand-year-old rocks, lush green grass, etc., creating a picture of nature. Nature is so beautiful that it is difficult to find anywhere else that can compare.

6. Bao Dai Waterfall

Address: Tan Thanh Commune, Dam Rong District, Lam Dong Province (25km south of the city center)

To get to Bao Dai Waterfall, visitors need to go through Ho Chi Minh Road for about 7km, then turn onto the dirt road for about 3km. On the way to the waterfall, visitors will pass through green pine forests, valleys, and winding hills.

Bao Dai Waterfall has an extremely wild and peaceful beauty because it is located in the middle of Ta In Forest, which has thousands of trees and rolling mountains. Contrary to the bustle in eco-tourism areas, the air at Bao Dai waterfall is very fresh, cool, and calm all year round, so it is quite suitable for those who want to mingle with nature and forget how late it is. worries, worries, hustle, and bustle in life.

7. Cam Ly Waterfall

Address: Le Duan Avenue, Ward 4, Da Lat City, Lam Dong Province.

Cam Ly Waterfall is one of the ideal destinations for tourists when coming to Da Lat because of its peaceful beauty and closeness to nature. It is about 2 kilometers southeast of the city center. Not only does it possess strong flowing water mixed with gentleness, but this Dalat waterfall is also covered with flowers and green plants all year round. Because of this magical beauty, Cam Ly Waterfall has been featured in poetry many times.

8. Tiger Cave Waterfall

Address: Valley of the Clouds, Lien Nghia commune, Duc Trong district, Lam Dong province

Tiger Cave Waterfall is one of the most beautiful and pristine waterfalls in Da Lat, located in the south, about 40km from the city center. The waterfall possesses clear water and a steady, calm flow all year round.

When you come here, in addition to hearing the fascinating origin story of the waterfall, you can also admire the beautiful flower, with the strange name of Tiger's Claw flower, growing everywhere and covering the waterfall area. With its majestic and mysterious landscape, you will definitely take home extremely unique virtual photos of this Dalat waterfall.

9. Elephant Waterfall

Address: Nam Ban town, Lam Dong province.

The unique feature of this Da Lat waterfall is the harmony of sound between the sound of the waterfall and the ringing of the temple bell when sunset brings peace to the soul. Surrounding the waterfall are also primeval forests, interesting caves, and lush green vegetation throughout all four seasons. Because of its pristine beauty, Elephant Waterfall was recognized as a national scenic spot in 2001.

10. Pongour Waterfall (7-storey waterfall)

Address: Phu Hoi commune, Lam Dong province

Pongour waterfall is located about 50km from the center of the foggy city and is often called "7-storey waterfall" by locals because the flow of Pongour waterfall is nearly 40m high and goes through a 7-storey terraced stone system. If you have the opportunity to visit the waterfall in October, you will see the image of yellow scallops blooming, covered with a beautiful golden color.

Notes when visiting Da Lat waterfalls

When visiting the waterfall in Da Lat, you need to note the following things to make the trip most complete:

  • Always pay attention to the safety of yourself and your loved ones, because during the rainy season, the waterfall here often has a very strong flow.
  • Bring protective equipment, such as waterproof bags for phones, cameras, and possessions, to avoid water splashing in from the waterfall.
  • Always comply with all regulations of the waterfall resort management board to avoid encountering unnecessary incidents during the trip.
  • When you have children on the trip, you need to always keep an eye on them and protect them because children may often go to dangerous areas.
  • Maintain general environmental hygiene and avoid littering to protect a clean environment.

Above is information about the top 10 most wild and magnificent Dalat waterfalls today. Through these shares, HoaBinh Tourist hopes you will get the most overview of this unique tourist destination, the "land of thousands of flowers." We wish you unforgettable experiences at Da Lat waterfall in particular and Da Lat city in general! If you have any questions, please contact our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for specific advice and discussion.


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