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Top 10 most beautiful villages in Vietnam surprise visitors

Content 12/07/2023 14

Not only ancient England or romantic France has picturesque villages. The most beautiful villages in Vietnam also possess beautiful features that will make visitors admire them for the first time. Let's take a tour of 10 most beautiful villages in Vietnam with HoaBinh Tourist now!

1. Cu Lan Village, Da Lat 

LangBiang is also a tourist destination that you should not miss when visiting. have the opportunity to come to Dalat. Especially, right at the foot of LangBiang peak, there is a lovely small village "sleeping" in the middle of the vast pine forest called Cu Lan village, promising to be an interesting destination for tourists.

Cu Lan village - the fairy village of the K'Ho people

The beauty of the village impresses with flower-filled walkways and rustic wooden houses that are enough to keep visitors. You can participate in some interesting activities such as: flying kites, hunting wild chickens, catching fish in streams, climbing mountains, camping overnight in the village...

2. Binh An village, Da Lat 

Not only Cu Lan village, Da Lat also owns Binh An village which is equally beautiful. For the purpose of preserving the culture of the K'Ho people. Binh An village was built in the middle of the "fog city". The village is a tourist destination that is loved by many tourists thanks to its French architectural beauty.

Binh An Village - a beautiful old French village inside Tuyen Lam Lake

Beautiful natural scenery with green pine forests. With a vast lake and with small houses. Created a European-style picture right in the heart of beautiful Da Lat. It is not an exaggeration to say that Binh An village is a beautiful "oasis full of fresh flowers" located on the romantic Tuyen Lam lake.

3. Tam Thanh mural village, Quang Nam 

In Tam Thanh, there is a very special village known as the mural village. Instead of the usual monotony, the walls in the village are "dressed" with colorful paintings. Scenes of daily life of people or portraits of workers. Now it is vividly depicted on the walls. It is the Korean-Vietnamese Community Fine Arts exchange project, coordinated by Quang Nam province with the Korean Embassy, that has brought a special look to this small village.

Tam Thanh Mural Village - A colorful paradise in Quang Nam

4. French Village, Da Nang

You do not have to set foot in France to feel the ancient and poetic beauty of the "city of light". Right in Da Nang, a village is like a beautiful miniature France. It will make you admire its romantic and peaceful look.

Located on Ba Na Hills tourist area, the French village appears with ancient French architectural works. It's the square, it's the church, it's the park. All will make visitors think they are walking in France. It is known that the French village was designed and built by the French architect himself.

French Village Ba Na Hills - Europe in miniature on the top of Chua Mountain

5. Duong Lam Ancient Village, Hanoi

About 50 km from Hanoi capital, Duong Lam ancient village is an ideal place for those who want to slow down. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. The roofs of the communal houses, the wharves, and the banyan tree have created a genuine, rustic beauty that is very Vietnamese.

This ancient village has nearly 900 traditional houses. Built with bricks and tiles, there are special houses that are hundreds of years old. Coming to Duong Lam, you will be immersed in a quiet, quiet space. Release your soul into the lush green rice fields. Somewhere are images of buffaloes and simple farmers.

Duong Lam Ancient Village - A forgotten ancient town right next to Hanoi

6. Van Village, Da Nang

If you have the opportunity to pass through the foot of Hai Van pass, you will surely feel overwhelmed by the vast and magnificent space of the mountains here. But right at the foot of the pass a completely different world will appear before your eyes, more wild and rustic. That is Van village, a village that used to be home to a small number of people in coastal fishing villages.

Van village has 3 main beaches: Dua beach, Chinh beach and Xoan beach. Xoan beach is the most ideal place to watch the sunset and sunrise. If you come here for sightseeing, in addition to seeing this rustic village, you can also: swim, camp, pick coconuts or catch snails.

Van Village - A fairy-tale place that attracts tourists from all over the world

7. Lao Chai village, Sapa, Lao Cai 

Sapa is not only famous for its vast and immense valleys like Muong Hoa valley. The beautiful small town of the Northwest also attracts domestic and foreign tourists because of its unique culture. You can experience the slow pace of life of the indigenous people here in Lao Chai village. The image of mountains or terraced fields becomes an unmistakable highlight of Lao Chai village in particular and the Northwest village in general.

Lao Chai village - The poetic and majestic natural beauty of Sapa

8. Mui Ne fishing village, Binh Thuan 

Neither the vast pine forest nor the ancient communal houses, the fishing village of Mui Ne (Binh Thuan) appears between heaven and earth like a beautiful raw pearl. From the first moment you set foot in this most beautiful village in Vietnam, you will "smell" the salty taste of the sea as well as listen to the exhilarating cheers of the people here. Coming here, in addition to watching the early morning sunrise, do not forget to enjoy fresh seafood that has just been caught directly from the sea.

Mui Ne fishing village is peaceful and full of dreams

9. Cat Cat village, Sapa  

Cat Cat village will fascinate any visitor as soon as they arrive here. Because of its peaceful and rustic beauty. Dubbed the most beautiful village in the Northwest, Cat Cat village is nestled among cool green trees. The highlight is the beautiful wooden houses of the people. To get to the village, you will go through bumpy steps then 3 beautiful streams: Tien Sa Stream, Golden Stream and Silver Stream.

Cat Cat village - the most beautiful and famous village in Sapa

10. Phuoc Tich ancient village, Thua Thien Hue  

Phuoc Tich ancient village in Phong Dien district, Thua Thien Hue province has a history of more than 500 years. This most beautiful village in Vietnam is like a witness to the history of Hue. Having experienced the most brutal wars. This village appears like a watercolor painting with ancient roofs lying on a gentle river. The peaceful and quiet feeling of the village combined with the friendliness of the people has made many visitors fall in love.

Phuoc Tich Ancient Village - Unique ancient beauty in Hue

Above are the top 10 most beautiful villages in Vietnam that tourists should visit even once. HoaBinh Tourist hopes that you will have more interesting destinations to note in the list of upcoming travel destinations. For any questions that need to be answered, please contact the hotline: 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for advice and a specific quote.


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