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Top 12 unique destinations in Vietnam attract tourists from all over the world

Unknown 16/06/2023 19

It seems that anywhere on the S-shaped land, we can also encounter beautiful scenes imbued with the enchanting soul of mountains and rivers. There are majestic mountains, golden rice fields in the harvest season with the wings of storks flying, or the golden sand beach stretching to the horizon, and canals interlaced with coconut shadows... Unique destinations in Vietnam, don't miss this article of HoaBinh Tourist.

1. Sapa in the white snow season is as beautiful as the West sky

Sapa in the snowy days is as beautiful as a small town in the West, snow everywhere, white hillsides, covered with peaceful roofs in the village, Sapa these days even the familiar road stretches in color snow, then somewhere the architectural works are subtly elegant European style. All of them contribute to creating a surprisingly beautiful Western picture.

Marvel at the space of Sapa in the white snow season like being in the West sky

2. Thung Khe Pass (White Stone Pass) - The dreamy northern hill in Hoa Binh

No need to wait until it snows, Thung Khe Pass, also known as Da Trang Pass in Hoa Binh, automatically has a silvery white color throughout the four seasons that makes people think like a certain hill in Northern Europe.

Thung Khe Pass is located on National Highway 6 connecting Tan Lac and Mai Chau, Hoa Binh, where all four sides bring a silvery white color sparkling in the sun, a strange beauty that makes anyone set foot in this place to take some extremely virtual pictures to show us.

Thung Khe Pass makes people think like a certain hill in Northern Europe

3. Mua Cave - The Great Wall of Dreams in Ninh Binh

No need to go to China to visit the Great Wall, now in Ninh Binh, there is also a Vietnamese version of the Great Wall that makes young people fascinated. That is Mua Cave located right at the foot of Mua mountain with a large bell upside down, so that when viewed from below, we will be surprised by the winding white stone steps stretching to the top.

This majestic stone road consists of 486 steps. Those are rudimentary stone steps combined with ornate lines on both sides, the most prominent are dragons and phoenixes carved extremely delicately. It is quite a difficult road to conquer the top of the mountain, but when you reach the top, look out into the distance to see the magnificence of the mountains and rivers, the poetic beauty of the fields, all fatigue seems to disappear, only we are lost in the dreamland too dreamy.

Mua Cave - Great Wall of China in the heart of Ninh Binh

4. Island Studio - Admire Santorini paradise in the heart of Da Nang

People compare the Island studio to a miniature Santorini in the heart of a dreamy Da Nang. There, we see blue-white houses inspired by the design of typical houses of Santorini island - Greece, along with the blue sky, white clouds, immense sea, standing out in the bright sun change, brilliant, all contribute to clarifying the unmistakable Mediterranean flavor.

Coming to the Island studio, people can freely find themselves a real background to freely create magical pictures that make people engrossed in looking at them.

Island Studio - "Miniature Santorini" in the heart of a dreamy Da Nang

5. Visit the French Village on the top of Ba Na Hills

True to its name, the French village on the top of Ba Na Hills really has a Western imprint in every line. The village was designed by a French architect, who breathes life into architectural works with ancient We stern style but also has an enchanting modern look. 

Visiting the French village, you will be able to see firsthand elegant castles, quiet squares because of May, and peaceful country houses. It seems that in any corner of this village, one can find a very Parisian romantic beauty.

The French village on the top of Ba Na Hills is imbued with Western imprints

6. Tam Thanh mural village (Quang Nam) - Korean art stylish

No need to go to Korea to admire the beauty of funny houses in fresh colors in Songwol-dong Fairy Tale or the artistic village of Gamcheon, now, even in Quang Nam, there is Tam mural village Dreamy beautiful bar.

This village was originally a poor coastal fishing village, but under the talented hands of Korean artists, Tam Thanh seemed to change her clothes and put on a beauty that made many people flutter.

There we encounter the walls, the rudimentary fences covered with drawings, vivid motifs. From the funny stories of children, to the simple activities of fishermen, all are reproduced very clearly, so that Tam Thanh village today becomes unusually poetic.

Tam Thanh mural village - a village with Korean art style architecture

7. Going to Tu Binh (Nha Trang) – Maldives is not far away

You often dream of Maldives paradise flooded with golden sunshine and romantic blue sea, then try to visit Tu Binh (Binh Ba, Binh Hung, Binh Lap, Binh Tien), you will be as surprised as the dream of that day has already come true.

Coming to Tu Binh is to be dazzled on the beautiful coastal roads, to be infatuated in the wild but dreamy sky of the sea, the sky and the green mountains. Moreover, you must take a photo to check in because the background here is so amazing.

Visit to Tu Binh (Binh Ba, Binh Hung, Binh Lap, Binh Tien), you will be as surprised as at Maldives

8. Mui Dinh (Ninh Thuan) - Mongolian steppe full of wild

About 30km from Phan Rang city, Mui Dinh seems to lead us astray on the wild Mongolian steppe. There are immense sand dunes stretching to the horizon, looming undulating rocky mountains, mixed in the wild wind and sun, making us feel like we are walking on a desert. some.

Coming to Mui Dinh is to experience the nomadic life of the people, camp and sleep in tents overnight, wake up to see the sunrise in the vast white sand, then sometimes walk through the sand dunes, and visit sheep pastures. It's like a remote Mongolian steppe.

Come to Mui Dinh to experience the nomadic life of the steppe people

9. Sheep fields like small European farms

Vietnam also has no shortage of sheep fields, such as Ninh Thuan sheep field, Suoi Nghe sheep field in Ba Ria - Vung Tau, or Dong Lach sheep field in Dong Nai.

Coming here, you will be released on the vast fields filled with green grass, watching the cute, fat sheep running around everywhere. The scenery is very beautiful, very Western, but just holding up the camera, you can take many photos for a lifetime.

The sheep fields in Vietnam are as beautiful as small farms in Europe

10. Ky Co - sea paradise in Palawan, Philippines in Quy Nhon

Having heard the names of sea paradises in Palawan, Boracay - Philippines, Krabi - Thailand and wished one day to be immersed in the scent of the sea and sky there, now Ky Co also makes you unable to hold back.

Ky Co has a blue sea in jade color, and rocky ridges with the calm color of May. Visiting Ky Co is to be immersed in the wild and poetic natural scene, to comfortably enjoy rare peaceful moments in daily life.

Ky Co - sea paradise in Philippines in the heart of Quy Nhon

11. Go to M'Drak eco-tourism area to visit Dubai Vietnamese version

Somewhere in the midst of the majestic Central Highlands, people suddenly encounter beautiful white sand slopes with trees, flowers, rocky mountains and even blue lakes, horses are leisurely grazing in the lake. typical sunny and windy land of the plateau. A wild landscape full of mystery but equally poetic and lyrical, making people think of a miniature Dubai. That's what people feel at M'Drak ecotourism area.

Coming to this place, you will surely be overwhelmed by the vast and vast natural scenery of the great thousand and then be surprised by the true re-enactment of the taste of distant Dubai. Just that much is enough to make you just want to pack your bags and come to this place immediately.

Lost in Dubai at M'Drak . eco-tourism area

12. Admire the Japanese space all over Da Nang

The color of cherry blossoms fills the sky, the gates of heaven bearing the architectural symbol of Phu Tang, the beauties that only come to Phu Tang to be admired once. But now, all over Da Lat, Lam Dong also has places like that, so that we can feel a bit of the scenery of Japan that we have never visited.

It's XQ Su Quan (258 Mai Anh Dao Street, Ward 8, Da Lat City) - where you can admire the wooden houses with ancient tile roofs interwoven with blooming cherry trees.

Or Linh Quy Phap An Pagoda (Loc Thanh Commune, Bao Lam District, Lam Dong Province) - a place that takes you to a mystical spiritual place between four majestic mountains, where people flock to check in with the wonderful corner of heaven's gate. Beautiful with typical Japanese flavor.

Admire the Japanese-style space of XQ Su Quan, Da Nang

Check-in destinations are right in Vietnam but make many people think that you are traveling the world. What are you waiting for, the end of the year is near, why not quickly make plans to visit those beautiful places.



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