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Top 7 attractive tourist and entertainment destinations in Hue 2023

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Hue is known for its tangible and intangible cultural values created by humans. This place converges the cultural quintessence, creating a very unique feature of Hue that cannot be found anywhere else. However, nature also endowed this place with many beautiful landscapes, typically the top 7 attractive tourist and entertainment destinations in Hue below. Let's find out with Hoabinh Tourist now.

1. Lang Co Beach

Lang Co beach nestled at the foot of Hai Van pass, located in Phu Loc district, 70km north of Hue city, is one of the most beautiful bays in the world. This is a Hue tourist destination not to be missed with fine white sand beaches, mesmerizing blue sea water, and delicious and cheap cuisine. Lang Co beaches are very beautiful, suitable for swimming.

Lang-Co-beach Lang Co Beach - One of Hue's favorite beaches

2. Thuan An Beach

Thuan An Beach is a beautiful beach that attracts tourists located in Thuan An town, Phu Vang district, 15km from Hue city center, once classified by King Thieu Tri in the Divine Spirit of the two decades, possessing beautiful wild features. , is an ideal Hue tourist destination for travelers passionate about exploring.

Thuan-An-beach Thuan An beach is dreamy and attractive in the eyes of tourists

3. Lap An lagoon

Lap An lagoon is an extremely poetic and romantic Hue tourist destination, also known as An Cu lagoon, located at the foot of Phu Gia pass, near National Highway 1A, passing through Lang Co town, district Phu Loc. The period from April to July is the time when Lap An lagoon gives the most beautiful scene because of the sun a lot, the rain less, watching the sunlight shine on the water for a beautiful scene.

Lap-An-lagoon Lap An Lagoon - Dreamy "Love Cup" in Hue

4. Hue pedestrian Street

One of the newest tourist attractions in Hue, a space for visitors to both take a stroll to admire the scenery, participate in street activities, and eat delicious dishes and specialties of Hue.

Hue-pedestrian-Street A Hue pedestrian street in contrast to the daily dream

5. Macadam Waterfall

Macadam Waterfall is located in Duong Hoa commune, Huong Thuy town, about 23km from Hue city center. The waterfall has wild beauty, clear blue spring water, and a cool climate. This place is considered as a masterpiece of nature, very suitable for bathing, taking virtual photos.

macadam-waterfall Macadam waterfall - The ideal place to cool off for travelers

6. Thanh Tan Mineral Spring

This is a great vacation destination for you and your family, and can both travel and improve health. Currently, this place has been invested in resort tourism services such as parks with green, clean and fresh design, and a diverse game system.

Thanh-Tan-Mineral-Spring Thanh Tan Mineral Spring - Peaceful place after daily stress

7. Bach Ma National Park

Bach Ma National Park is a tourist destination with beautiful natural landscapes, charming mountains, cool streams or lakes in a row in Ngu Ho. Visitors can wander on the trails in the national park, admire the ancient trees, admire the natural beauty along Tri Sao trail, Do Quyen trail, Vong Hai Dai trail, Ngu Ho trail…

Bach-Ma-National-Park Bach Ma National Park with Beautiful natural landscape, charming water

Coming to the dreamy land of Hue, visitors will have rich experiences as well as discover all the long-standing cultural values, have fun, be entertained or simply relax with their loved ones after days of tiring study and work. What are you waiting for, Hoabinh Tourist's Hue tour is waiting for you. For more information, please contact the hotline: 0913.311.911 for advice, quotes and answers to all questions.



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