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Top 8 impressive lakes spread across Vietnam

Content 26/06/2023 15

In addition to the familiar lakes such as West Lake, Ba Be Lake... recently many other destinations have also gradually become known such as the blue lake in Hai Phong, Da Xanh lake in Vung Tau. To learn more about the lakes that impress visitors, please follow the article below right away. 

1. Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake in Bac Kan province is located in the middle of a large limestone mountain area. The lake has a wild and poetic beauty with fresh air and a rich ecosystem. Coming here, in addition to watching the lake, you can also explore the beauty of Ao Tien, Puong cave or learn about the life of the people living in the village.

Ba Be Lake - where nature favors

2. Thac Ba Lake

Thac Ba Lake is located in Yen Bai province. Here, you can take a boat to the middle of the lake to enjoy the scenery or fish. In addition, discovering the beauty of the village of the highland ethnic people here is also an experience to try.

Thac Ba Lake gives visitors a sense of peace

3. West Lake

West Lake is the largest lake in the inner city of Hanoi. Coming here, visitors will feel the poetic beauty with strong winds, romantic sunsets and shady surrounding roads.

West Lake - The largest lake in Hanoi attracts many international tourists

4. Blue lake in Hai Phong

The blue lake in Hai Phong is a destination that is attracting tourists in recent times. The special feature of the lake is that the water has a strange blue color and the intensity of the color changes every day.

The blue lake impresses visitors by its gentle blue color

5. Bien Ho (T'Nung Lake)

Bien Ho (also known as T'Nung Lake) in Gia Lai province, is likened to "Pleiku eyes" because of its clear blue water color, always as poetic as autumn sky. Surrounding the lake is a green pine forest.

As the largest freshwater lake in Dak Lak province, Lak lake offers tourists the majestic beauty of the Central Highlands with its wide water surface and large mountains running across it. Coming here, you can also experience the feeling of floating on a canoe, riding an elephant to visit the villages around the lake and discover the unique cuisine here.

T'nung Lake is poetic and romantic

6. Tri An Lake

Tri An Lake is the largest artificial lake in Dong Nai. This is a favorite camping and picnic spot for many people. Visitors will admire the sparkling "colors" on the lake surface at dawn or enjoy the romantic beauty at sunset. In addition, visitors also have the opportunity to explore O island, or row a boat to see the lake, fish...

Tri An Lake impresses with its interesting beauty

7. Dau Tieng Lake

Dau Tieng Lake is an artificial lake located between Tay Ninh and Binh Duong. Like other lakes, around the lake are rows of cool green trees, leaning in to reflect under the water, making the scenery beautiful.

Romantic Dau Tieng Lake at sunset

8. Da Xanh Lake

Da Xanh Lake is one of the emerging spots in Tan Thanh district, Ba Ria - Vung Tau province. Coming here, you will be able to see the dreamlike scenery with clear blue water and majestic mountains in the distance. In particular, you can also check-in beautiful photos with lovely sheep. However, there is no food service here, only a lakeside bar.

Da Xanh Lake impresses with its special turquoise water color

Above are some sharing of HoaBinh Tourist about the top 8 lakes that impress tourists spread across Vietnam. To book a tour to explore Vietnam, please contact hotline: 0913.311.911 for advice and specific quotation. We sincerely thank you! 



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