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Trang Tien Hue Bridge - A witness to beautiful history that lasts forever

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Crossing the gentle Huong River, Trang Tien Bridge is not simply a transportation project but also a historical monument that has existed for more than a century with many changes. This is also a check-in point that attracts many tourists when traveling to Hue because of its charming, poetic, and ancient beauty. Let's explore Trang Tien Bridge with HoaBinh Tourist through this article.

Trang Tien Bridge, Hue - Historical witnessTrang Tien Bridge, Hue - Historical witness

Introduction to Trang Tien Bridge, Hue

Where is the Trang Tien Bridge? Which river should I cross? How many spans does Truong Tien Hue Bridge have? Let's answer all the above questions right here!

Where is the Trang Tien Bridge?

Trang Tien Bridge in Hue is located right in the city center and is also known as Truong Tien Bridge and Thanh Thai Bridge. The bridge connects the two banks of the Huong River, with the northern end belonging to Phu Hoa ward and the southern end belonging to Phu Hoi ward.

This is the first bridge in the Indochina region built using techniques and materials imported from the West. The bridge is built of steel with a total length of 402.60 meters, including 6 spans of steel girders in a ring shape; each span is 67 meters.

Learn about Trang Tien BridgeLearn about Trang Tien Bridge

History of the formation of Trang Tien Bridge

According to recorded documents, Trang Tien Bridge has a history of formation with many name changes, as follows:

August 1896: King Thanh Thai issued an order to build a bridge across the Perfume River.

In 1897: Bridge construction began.

In 1899: The bridge was completed and put into use, named Thanh Thai bridge.

From 1919 - March 1945: The bridge changed its name to Clémenceau - the name of a French prime minister at that time.

In 1945: The Tran Trong Kim government changed the bridge's name to Nguyen Hoang - the lord who publicly destroyed the Thuan Hoa region.

After 1975: The bridge's official name was Truong Tien Bridge. This is a popular name because, in the past, on the left bank of the bridge, there was a mint of the Nguyen Dynasty.

From 1995 to present: After a restoration and repair, the construction unit arbitrarily changed the name of Truong Tien to Trang Tien and attached the Trang Tien bridge nameplate at the beginning of the bridge. Later, the local government renamed the bridge Truong Tien. However, since then, the two names Truong Tien and Trang Tien Bridges have remained side by side. The bridge has also become an attractive destination, attracting a large number of tourists to visit during their Hue travel itinerary.

Trang Tien Bridge - a historical witness that exists for more than a hundred yearsTrang Tien Bridge - a historical witness that exists for more than a hundred years

When is the best time to see Trang Tien Bridge?

From September to November is the golden time for you to travel to the dreamy land of Hue. During this time, the ancient capital has little rain, the temperature is not too hot, and it is less cold than at the end of the year. Therefore, you will comfortably walk leisurely, admire Trang Tien Hue Bridge on the romantic Huong River, and enjoy delicious specialties at Dong Ba Market right across the bank.

In addition, going to Trang Tien Bridge during the poinciana blooming season from May to July is also an ideal time. Although the weather is quite hot at this time, you will admire the beautiful blooming poinciana trees on the banks of the Huong River.

What's interesting about visiting Trang Tien Hue Bridge?

Trang Tien Hue Bridge has entered poetry and become a symbol and attractive destination of the ancient capital because of its historical values and typical beauty, as follows:

Trang Tien Bridge is a witness, a beautiful historical relic over time

With an age of more than a century, Trang Tien Bridge has gone through many ups and downs of history in the land of the ancient capital. With advanced and modern construction techniques, the bridge has been the pride of the people of Hue since its completion. The bridge went through the resistance war against the French with heavy destruction and many restorations and repairs.

Check-in at Trang Tien 

Trang Tien Bridge possesses a very unique and impressive ancient, peaceful beauty. This is the beautiful background in the virtual live photos. So, during your trip to Hue, don't miss the opportunity to walk on the bridge and take many beautiful photos.

Enjoy panoramic views of Hue during the day

The image of the graceful bridge reflecting on the peaceful Perfume River and the boats quietly crossing the river is the most beautiful scene that you can witness when coming here. The bridge also makes visitors fall in love with its simplicity and indescribable gentleness.

Visit and admire the sparkling Trang Tien Bridge at night

In 2002, in addition to the existing lighting system, Trang Tien Bridge was also equipped with a modern color-changing light system. Thanks to that, it's like wearing a new, sparkling, magical shirt every night.

This is also a great time for you to visit, admire Truong Tien Bridge, and enjoy the cool, fresh air. You can also admire the Perfume River flowing slowly and listen to Hue Ca Tru songs echoing from dragon boats.

Take a walk on the walking street right under the bridge

The bustling walking street and night market right under the bridge are also places that bring you many interesting experiences. This place possesses a simple beauty and a bustling atmosphere with many souvenir stalls and delicious specialty restaurants. So, after the scenic journey and strolling on the bridge, stop by the walking street to enjoy delicious food and conveniently buy gifts for relatives and friends.

Things to know when visiting Trang Tien Bridge in Hue

To have the most memorable and convenient visit to Trang Tien Hue Bridge, please note a few things as follows:

Sunset is considered the most beautiful time for you to capture the lovely moments of the Huong River and Trang Tien Bridge.

  • When walking on the bridge, you are only allowed to walk in the pedestrian lanes on both sides. The middle lane is for bicycles, motorbikes, taxis, and cyclos.
  • To conveniently visit, admire the beautiful moments of Truong Tien Bridge, and have a comfortable stay, you should choose to stay at the best hotel in the city center.

Trang Tien Hue Bridge is not only a traffic route connecting the two banks of the Perfume River but also possesses its own attractive beauty. So, don't miss the opportunity to visit this famous bridge and gain many memorable experiences. For any questions, please contact HoaBinh Tourist via hotline: 0913.311.911 - 0939.311.911 for 24/7 support.


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