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What is special about Dragon Bridge spitting fire in Da Nang?  

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Dragon Bridge in Da Nang has long become a familiar symbol not only for locals but also for domestic and international tourists. In the world, it is quite rare to encounter bridges designed in the shape of oriental dragons. In particular, Dragon Bridge also has the ability to spray fire and spray water. Let's explore more interesting information about this famous bridge with HoaBinh Tourist!

Dragon Bridge - New symbol of Da Nang cityDragon Bridge - New symbol of Da Nang city

Introducing about Dragon Bridge in Danang

As the 7th bridge of Da Nang city, the Dragon Bridge crosses the Han River at the roundabout (old) Le Dinh Duong and Bach Dang Street. It can be said that Dragon Bridge has become a famous symbol of Da Nang city. This is the shortest way from Da Nang International Airport to the main road, helping to facilitate traffic, and also an extremely interesting check-in point every weekend. At the same time, this is also the road that helps you go directly to My Khe Beach and Non Nuoc Beach located on the eastern edge of Da Nang.

Dragon Bridge possesses a unique and impressive design with a total length of up to 666m, including 5 main spans and 3 auxiliary spans. The bridge is about 37.5m wide and has up to 6 lanes running at the same time. The pedestrian lane will be divided into two separate parts running close to the edge of the bridge. In particular, the total weight of the bridge is up to nearly 9000 tons. In which, the dragon head is 18.24m long, weighs 194.1 tons, the dragon body is 530m long, weighs 8,405.1 tons, the dragon tail weighs 183.9 tons and the dragon scales weigh 118.9 tons.

With a unique and impressive design, Dragon Bridge is always an attractive destination for touristsWith a unique and impressive design, Dragon Bridge is always an attractive destination for tourists

As the name suggests, the Dragon Bridge is shaped like a dragon reaching out to the sea, crossing the Han River. The bridge is inspired by the dragon shape of the Ly Dynasty, not too big but full of magnificence and solidity. This place holds the role of the lifeline of Da Nang city with the tail is stylized in the shape of a lotus flower in full bloom, extremely sophisticated and meticulous.

The body of the dragon is soft and flexible, representing the desire to reach out and integrate with the world and international friends of Da Nang city. The bridge is painted with up to 5 layers of anti-corrosion for longer durability, while keeping the beautiful yellow paint and protecting the bridge for longer.

The Dragon Bridge at night is the most beautiful time of the day because it is located at nearly 15,000 LED lights mounted all over the bridge, making the "dragon" come alive and shimmering. Thanks to this unique design, the bridge has attracted a large number of international tourists to visit.

Where is Dragon Bridge in Da Nang? Detailed directions

Dragon Bridge is located on Nguyen Van Linh Street, Phuoc Ninh Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City. There are many roads to help you go to Dragon Bridge. Here are some suggestions you can refer to:

There are many roads to help you go to Dragon BridgeThere are many roads to help you go to Dragon Bridge

- Departing from Hoi An, you can take a bus or a motorbike which is convenient. If you want to save money, the bus only costs 20,000 VND / person including luggage. It only takes you less than 20 minutes to go from Hoi An to the center of Da Nang city. If you love adventures with friends to have many memories, do not hesitate to choose a motorbike.

- Departing from An Bang highway, you turn left right at the roundabout. Seeing Thanh Hien seafood restaurant on Vo Van Kiet street, you turn left. Dragon Bridge will be right in front of your eyes. It takes longer to ride a motorbike than a bus ride, and it's also more sunny. If you go with the elderly and children, you should not choose this option.

- If you are traveling to Da Nang, you start at the hotel located near Vo Nguyen Giap or Vo Van Kiet streets, turn left and go straight to the Dragon Bridge.

Dragon Bridge spits fire and water at what time?

Dragon Bridge will spray fire for about 2 minutes and then spray water for 3 minutes at 9pm on Saturdays, Sundays and major holidays of the year. This helps create favorable conditions for tourists and residents to visit and admire. The combination of water, fire and led lights create a shimmering performance.

Despite spraying fire, the bridge does not create smoke or spill oil because there is always a team of workers to ensure the maintenance, operation and maintenance are always on duty. The equipment and systems that help to emit fire are absolutely safe for the lives of people standing around. Each time it sprays fire, the dragon bridge consumes about 60-80 liters of oil and 2kWh of electricity. The total cost for each fire spray is from 2 million VND.

Fire-breathing Dragon Bridge impresses visitorsFire-breathing Dragon Bridge impresses visitors

Besides, each 3-minute water spray consumes about 20m3 of water and 41 kWh of electricity, equivalent to 200,000 - 250,000 VND. When spraying water, the bridge creates a powerful stream of water, representing the aspiration of Da Nang city to reach out. However, if you stand close, you can get sprayed all over your clothes. In the bridge, there is a tank area of 20m3 of water and 325m3 of compressed air, so each time water is sprayed, the Dragon Bridge can generate water with a flow rate of 1,944 l/s.

Dragon Bridge spray water creates a powerful stream of water, representing the aspiration of Da Nang city to reach outDragon Bridge spray water creates a powerful stream of water, representing the aspiration of Da Nang city to reach out

Standing right on the bridge is always the best position for you to admire the entire performance. When spraying, vehicles are not allowed on the bridge. However, you should stand about 15m away to ensure safety and not get wet. If you can't come early and choose a spot near the Dragon Bridge to watch the fire and water spray, don't worry because there are many other beautiful places, such as:

  • At the foot of the bridge (Tran Hung Dao Street): Sitting on the road crossing the Dragon Bridge, you can both watch the bridge and enjoy the snacks sold at sidewalk shops.
  • Standing on Bach Dang Street: Because it is located at the end of the bridge, this position allows you to admire the fire and water spraying from another equally attractive angle.
  • From other bridges: This is the 7th bridge spanning the Han River, so you can stand at bridges parallel to it such as Han River Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge, you can easily watch the full performance.

Tourist places near Dragon Bridge in Da Nang

Located in the city center, Dragon Bridge is quite close to many other famous Da Nang entertainment places. Here are a few places you can check out:

  • Da Nang Love Bridge.
  • Chicken Church.
  • Statue of a carp turning into a dragon.
  • Han River turning bridge.

Han River Swing Bridge - the pride of Da Nang peopleHan River Swing Bridge - the pride of Da Nang people

With special and unique architecture and impressive fire and water spraying performances, Da Nang Dragon Bridge has long become a symbol of the city. If you have the opportunity to come here, you must definitely try once to go on this bridge and watch the fire and water spraying performance. To book a tour to Da Nang to admire the Dragon Bridge spitting fire and spraying water, please quickly contact HoaBinh Tourist via Hotline: 0913.311.911 - 0939.311.911 for specific advice and exchange.




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