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What should I wear when going to Sapa? How to coordinate fashionable clothes to go to Sapa for 4 seasons

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Sapa is located in Lao Cai province, a beautiful Northwest mountainous region that is a destination for many domestic and foreign tourists. This place is blessed by Mother Nature with a fresh climate and a romantic, charming, and majestic landscape with endless clouds and mountains. In order not to miss any moments in this beautiful land, many people wonder what to wear when going to Sapa. How do I coordinate fashionable clothes to go to Sapa for four seasons to take the most impressive photos? HoaBinh Tourist will reveal it to you right away.

How to coordinate clothes to go to Sapa according to the season

1. Coordinate outfits to go to Sapa in spring

Spring in Sapa usually starts late in many places, around March - May, with temperatures ranging from 15 to 18 degrees Celsius. Sapa at this time has cool weather that is quite pleasant during the day, especially in the early morning with dew spreading. At night, due to the characteristics of highland mountains and forests, the weather will be a bit chilly.

At this time of year, if you visit Sapa, choose clothes that keep you warm enough but not too thick for the winter (fur coats, dinner jackets, etc.) Clothes that women should choose To keep warm and beautiful at the same time, you can use long slim dresses, cardigans, thin sweaters, high-waisted skirts, long skirts, etc. Don't forget to combine accessories such as thin scarves, thin beanie hats, sneakers, or boots to look more stylish.

2. Coordinate outfits to go to Sapa in the summer

In Sapa, the weather in summer (June–August) is often hotter at noon. At this time, lightweight, sweat-absorbent clothes are your reasonable choice during the trip. You can choose natural, airy fabrics like linen or cotton for your outfits. This is a clothing trend that is minimalist, convenient, can be used for a long time, helps you wear it comfortably, and is also good for your body.

At this time, t-shirts, jeans, short skirts, sleeveless tops, halter skirts, dresses, etc. become the items you should bring when coming here to take beautiful and impressive photos.

3. Coordinate outfits to go to Sapa in the fall

In autumn in Sapa (September–November), the weather will be cool but not frigid. To feel warm and healthy while still looking stylish, you can wear wool dresses, wool jackets, scarves,...

More dynamic but no less pretty items are hoodies, jeans, denim overalls,... with warm nude colors or colorful blue and purple colors, all combined with the climate and scenery of Sapa at this time. This. Sapa in autumn is beautiful and gentle because of the green of the rice, the sky, and the trees.

4. Coordinate outfits to go to Sapa in winter

December to February next year is the time when Sapa enters winter. This is also the time when the most tourists visit Sapa, even though the weather is quite cold. You need to keep your body warm, especially with clothes that are long and have a certain thickness. You can refer to wool skirts, thick jeans skirts, thick sweaters, fleece jackets, dinner jackets, life jackets combined with wool hats, warm scarves, thick gloves,...

Especially on winter days in Sapa, everywhere is covered with the pure white of snow and the blue of the sky, so you can pay attention to choosing appropriate outfit colors to have "cool" photos. "faint" in the middle of the mountains and forests. The ideal colors for this scene are black, white, red, blue, brown,...

How to coordinate clothes for Sapa according to location

Each location here has its own unique beauty that is not mixed or repeated. Therefore, you can easily have all kinds of virtual lives in the many beautiful places in Sapa. For each destination, choose the most suitable outfit for yourself.

1. Go to terraced fields

The spacious, green fields have become an unmistakable symbol of Sapa. In particular, the rice fields will turn green into shiny yellow each time the rice is ripe. The scene above the field is a clear sky; far away are majestic mountains, like an impressive watercolor painting.

To stand out against this ink painting background, you can choose for yourself light, flowing outfits to transform into "fairies" and "fairies.". Girls can wear sundresses, maxi dresses, babydoll dresses, strapless dresses, etc. with doll shoes or sandals for convenient movement and the best photo shoots.

2. Visit the village

Sapa is the common home of many ethnic minorities, such as Tay, Nung, Bana,... Each ethnic group has its own traditional costume, but what they all have in common is that they are all very beautiful, unique, and colorful, with unique, sophisticated, and delicate motifs. You can absolutely rent these dresses to try once to become a graceful, beautiful, and elegant Northwest girl.

This is both a way to show your love for the beauty of the nation and also to help you get closer and closer to nature and the land of Sapa. Each outfit has designs and sizes for both men and women at a reasonable rental price, so don't be afraid to try it once.

3. Stroll around the city

Sapa town will take you into a world of modern, luxurious European-style architectural works, completely different from the villages above. There are restaurants, cafes, and hotels built in ancient, vintage, and poetically beautiful European style. Outfits with elegant, noble, and elegant colors will help you look extremely outstanding against this classy background.

Women can wear a long skirt, combined with a blazer or leather jacket, to look quite classic and luxurious. Or girls who want a dynamic style can try a midi skirt combined with a skirt, cover it with a cardigan, and wear long boots to look trendy. Men, don't forget to bring overcoats or elegant suits in quiet brown or beige colors to look elegant and youthful.

Outfits used to coordinate clothes when going to Sapa

1. Life jackets and windbreakers

Sapa's "town in the mist," with its fog spreading early in the morning or at night, is like a "specialty" that nature gives this place as a gift. The temperature in Sapa can drop to below zero, or there are very heavy snowfalls. Therefore, thick and warm windbreakers and life jackets will be indispensable companions to help you fight the cold and confidently take many beautiful photos.

2. Hoodie

The hoodie is one of the shirt styles that is very popular with young people. This type of shirt is made from thick cotton felt material and has a hood on the back to help keep the neck warm and cover the head. Hoodies can be combined with many different items, such as jeans, skirts, leggings, etc., to create stylish and trendy outfits.

3. Sweater

There are many types of sweaters today, with materials ranging from thin to thick and different patterns. In Sapa, no matter what season you go out, you should bring a few thin or thick sweaters to take extremely "standard" photos of the Northwest. The thickness of the shirt will depend on the time you travel, as noted above. Don't hesitate to buy yourself the most beautiful and colorful sweaters to go out in.

4. Evening gown

On days when the temperature in Sapa drops quite low, a felt shirt is an indispensable item to keep the body warm. Evening shirts are also fashionable shirts, meeting the needs of many ages and body types. Wearing a dinner jacket in the cold weather of Sapa and taking a photo standing among the vast trees or under a cafe makes you look elegant and extremely "lemongrass.".

5. Jeans

Jeans are an indispensable item that never goes out of style in everyone's wardrobe. Be sure to choose jeans with comfortable materials that are suitable for your travel schedule. The next factor to consider is the pants length and style to suit the weather and preferences.

6. Dresses

These are indispensable items for you when traveling. To have beautiful, sparkling photos, you can choose a bodysuit or skirt made of wool, jeans, etc. suitable for the weather when traveling. Flared skirts, straight skirts, or tight skirts are all convenient for you while traveling and visiting this place.

7. Shoe

Sapa has a lot of mountainous terrain, so bringing active shoes with you to facilitate movement is indispensable. Shoes or boots will keep you warm while still looking very fashionable. If taking photos in luxury restaurants and cafes, boots should be a priority.

On the contrary, if you love mountains and vast nature, wear dynamic sneakers. On warm days, if you feel that wearing shoes is too hot and your feet are tight, bring sandals to make walking more comfortable.

The above items, when combined together, create impressive outfits. However, to make the overall style more stylish and attractive, don't forget to choose the accompanying accessories. You can bring scarves, gloves, and woolen earmuffs; baseball caps, bucket hats, and wide-brimmed hats; a bag or backpack to carry things... These accessories will more or less enhance your beauty and the clothes you wear.

So now you know what to wear when going to Sapa and have suggestions for coordinating clothes when going to Sapa, right? HoaBinh Tourist hopes you will have lots of trendy and pretty outfits to check in for a truly "cool" virtual life here. For any information you need advice on, please contact us via hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.


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