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When traveling to Vung Tau, should you choose Truoc Beach or Sau Beach?

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Truoc Beach and Sau Beach are two famous tourist destinations in the coastal city of Vung Tau. But that's also why many people do not know whether to choose Truoc Beach or Sau Beach when traveling to Vung Tau. If you are wondering about this issue, you can refer to the information in the article to make the correct choice when traveling to Vung Tau.

When traveling to Vung Tau, should you choose Truoc Beach or Sau Beach?

Vung Tau city has a coastline of up to 42km, blessed by mother nature with many beautiful beaches. But the two most famous beaches when referring to this coastal city are Truoc Beach and Sau Beach. However, because they do not understand the characteristics of the two beaches, many tourists often wonder whether to choose Truoc Beach or Sau Beach when traveling to Vung Tau.

In fact, it is difficult to answer the question of whether to choose Truoc Beach or Sau Beach when traveling to Vung Tau. Because each beach will have its own beauty, tourists need to clearly understand their characteristics in order to choose the right location for themselves. So what's the difference between Truoc Beach and Back Beach?

Vung Tau Truoc Beach brings the beauty of peace

Truoc Beach is located on Quang Trung Street, in the center of the city's seaside. If there is one word to describe the beauty of Truoc Beach, "peaceful" is the most suitable word. Front Beach is like a small bay, surrounded almost completely by two mountains, Big Mountain and Small Mountain, at both ends. Because of such terrain, Truoc Beach has few waves, and the sandy beach is long but not wide. The sea water is very blue and clear.

The clear blue sea water blends with the blue of the mountains and sky to create a beautiful natural picture. It makes tourists feel peaceful and relaxed. Because Truoc Beach is calm because it is protected by two mountains, fishermen often choose this place as a place to anchor their fishing boats. In the evening, the fishing boats return with sparkling lights. Tourists standing on the shore watching the sea will see a sparkling, mysterious city in the distance.

Coming here, visitors also have the opportunity to enjoy many delicious seafood dishes. You can choose fresh seafood restaurants such as Thanh Phat seafood, Ganh Hao seafood, Tre restaurant, etc.

In addition to its peaceful and fresh characteristics, Truoc Beach is also close to many famous tourist destinations. Among them, we need to mention places such as Bach Dinh, Vung Tau cable car, Ho May tourist area, Truoc beach park, etc. However, Truoc Beach is considered unsuitable for swimming. Because this beach has shallow sand, few waves, and a deep sea.

Because of such characteristics, if you are wondering whether to choose Truoc Beach or Sau Beach when traveling to Vung Tau, you need to choose based on your travel purpose. Truoc Beach will be suitable for tourists who want to watch the sea and immerse themselves in the natural space to relax, rest, and take virtual photos.

Sau Beach has the beauty of dynamism and bustle

If Truoc Beach is characterized by being peaceful and poetic, Sau Beach is the complete opposite. Located entirely on Thuy Van Street, Sau Beach is suitable for those who love the bustle and crowds and especially want to swim at Vung Tau Beach.

Sau Beach has a 5km long coastline, is very wide, has no reefs, and has green, unpolluted water. Therefore, this is the ideal place for swimming. In addition, visitors here also have the opportunity to experience sports and adventure games.

Compared to Truoc Beach, Sau Beach is wider and is considered the widest beach in the coastal city of Vung Tau. Therefore, the atmosphere here is always bustling and exciting because there are always visitors swimming. Visitors will have a refreshing feeling when playing with the water, immersed in the white waves rolling towards the shore.

But because of that, on major holidays or weekends, this beach will be extremely crowded, sometimes overloaded. Tourists coming here from far away must book a month in advance to avoid running out of hotel rooms.

In the evening, especially on weekends or summer nights, the roads in the Sau Beach area are always crowded with customers. The later it gets late, the more sparkling and magical the space becomes with the lights shining into the sea. This is also an ideal place for those who want to watch the sunrise over the sea. 

If you come to Sau Beach to travel, try the feeling of waking up early, placing your feet on the cool beach, and immersing yourself in a peaceful space to listen to the sound of waves and watch the sun rise in the distance. Surely those were extremely wonderful experiences.

In addition to being immersed in the bustling space and cool green waves, Sau Beach is also close to many other landmarks in Vung Tau. Among them, it is necessary to mention places such as Pig Hill, Christ statue, abandoned house, Nghinh Phong Cape Heaven Gate, White Rabbit Park, etc., along with a variety of delicious places to eat and drink. Some places worth mentioning include:

  • Takoyaki Chochin Octopus Cake (163 Thuy Van)
  • Eat cheap seafood at Song Phung Grill Village (51 Thuy Van).
  • Fresh seafood Trong Tin (151 Thuy Van)
  • Eat delicious ice cream while enjoying a beautiful view at Yogurt Rainbow (149 Thuy Van)
  • Enjoy many delicious dishes at CSJ restaurant (169 Thuy Van).

Above are some outstanding features of Vung Tau's Truoc Beach and Sau Beach. Therefore, when traveling to Vung Tau, whether to choose Truoc Beach or Sau Beach depends on each person's purpose and preferences because each location has its own characteristics. Don't hesitate any longer; pick up your backpack and explore with HoaBinh Tourist right away. For any information you need advice on, please contact our hotline at 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for 24/7 support.


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