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Where is the best place to travel in March? Top 10 extremely hot tourist destinations

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In March, the climate in 3 regions of the country is still spring, the climate is cool, the flowers are still blooming, the festival season is still going on, etc. In March, where should you travel? If you are planning a journey of discovery this March, let's take a look at the beautiful places to explore in the South and North of our country with HoaBinh Tourist!

Where should you travel in March to own beautiful photos?

Some super beautiful tourist destinations in the North in March

Where is the most beautiful place to travel in the North in March? March is the season of blooming flowers, the time of typical local festivals. You should not miss the following March tourist attractions in the North:

Moc Chau season of white flowers

Moc Chau is the first place on the list of places to visit in March in the North that you should pay attention to. Moc Chau in March is famous for the white banyan flower season that clears the mountains and forests of the Northwest, which will surely satisfy visitors. You will be immersed in the flower festival of the Thai ethnic group here.

Moc Chau in March is full of flowers, bringing a very poetic space

In addition to the flower ban festival, visitors can also explore other Thai festivals such as shooting apricot flowers, throwing or performing arts activities such as stall dancing, singing, dancing, etc. in Moc Chau such as: Moc Suong tea hill, Pha Luong peak, Ang village, ... are waiting for you to discover.

Sapa azalea season blooms red in a corner of the sky

Sapa - the season of azaleas captivates people's hearts is a place to discover in the list of where to travel in March. Sapa is not only famous for the white snow season, but also a place with the bright red azalea flowers in a corner of the sky that adds to the majestic natural beauty. Coming here, you will be spoiled for checking in with brilliant rhododendrons that come only once a year.

Sapa in March is immersed in the space of red rhododendron flowers, an impressive corner of the sky

In the March season of Sapa, you no longer have to worry about the bitter cold like winter. The weather in March here is ideal for you to travel, have fun, visit outstanding places such as Ham Rong mountain, Cat Cat village, Fansipan…

Coming to Sapa, you can not only see the bright red rhododendron flowers, hunt for clouds... but also enjoy the famous specialties here such as: Thang Co, salmon hot pot, pig armpit... with typical flavors.

Ninh Binh – The sacred land of the festival season

Ninh Binh is home to the most charming natural scenery in our country with the sacred festival season in March every year. If you are someone who likes to explore the traditional festivals of Vietnam, Ninh Binh is the destination in March where to travel.

Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival is a bustling festival that takes place from January to the end of March of the lunar calendar. This is the time when Buddhists come here for pilgrimage, an opportunity for tourists to discover the culture and beautiful scenery here. In addition to the Bai Dinh pagoda festival, there are also La temple festivals, Hoa Lu ancient capital festivals, etc. with many unique features waiting for you to discover.

Ninh Binh in March is busy with the festival season

Not only the festival, you will be impressed with the splendid imperial architecture, temples, pagodas and famous landmarks such as Trang An, Tam Coc Bich Dong, Mua cave, etc.

Ha Long Bay - The most beautiful month

Ha Long Bay is a tourist destination in March that you should not miss because of its cool climate and wonderful natural landscape here. Here you will be traveling on luxury yachts to see the natural wonders recognized by UNESCO. The majestic natural masterpiece with hundreds of thousands of large and small islands, different shapes like being immersed in the calm sea will surely captivate visitors.

Moreover, visitors will admire the beauty of Trong Mai island, Finger island, Con Coc island and cave systems with sparkling stalactites. More interesting is that you will be able to kayak smoothly on the bay to visit all the sights here.

Ha Long Bay in March puts on a new attractive green shirt

​Ta Xua cloud hunting

Let's make an appointment to hunt clouds on Ta Xua peak for the trip in March, where to travel. Ta Xua peak is surrounded by high mountains on all four sides, so it has dense fog, winding clouds on the mountainside. The weather in March in Ta Xua is not too cold for you to easily hunt the floating clouds floating on the mountains.

In addition to the cloud paradise here, Ta Xua is also an ideal trekking destination for young people and countless extremely attractive check-in locations. Prepare your camera to freely capture the wild and majestic scenery here.

Ta Xua cloud hunting in March is eye-catching and enjoyable

Dien Bien is so beautiful in March

A tourist destination in March for you is Dien Bien with its heroic history and heart-stopping natural beauty. You will be able to see the white banyan flowers blooming on the vast mountain slopes in March. Or you can admire the beautiful colors of Muong Thanh fields.

March is also the festival season in Dien Bien, visitors will be able to participate in folk games and learn about the culture of the people here. Especially, you will enjoy culinary specialties here such as kitchen buffalo meat, worm chit, etc.

Coming to Dien Bien in May is ideal because of the many beautiful scenes

Check-in in the South has beautiful pictures with these 4 destinations

The South with many beautiful places is also an ideal place for March to travel in the South. HoaBinh Tourist would like to introduce to you some of the following destinations:

Da Lat - Purple phoenix season

In the first place in the list of nominations in March, where to travel is Da Lat!

Not only with the poetic and romantic scenery inherent in the seasons, coming to Da Lat in March you will admire the dreamy beauty of the purple phoenix season. Purple phoenix color will start in March and last about 2 months and will definitely impress visitors.

With pleasant weather when walking on purple phoenix flower paths, you will feel strangely peaceful in your heart.

Da Lat in March possesses a charming beauty

Central Highlands – Coffee festival season

For a change of atmosphere and novelty, you can travel in March to the land of the Central Highlands. March is the season when the coffee flowers bloom white on the fields and the coffee festival begins.

Coffee festival takes place in the center of Buon Ma Thuot city, is a way to spread the image and brand of coffee to friends everywhere. You will enjoy the passionate taste of coffee here.

The Central Highlands in March is filled with fresh flowers

Phu Quoc with starfish island "blooming"

Where should you travel in March with the beautiful sea and beautiful weather? We would like to tell you that it is Phu Quoc! The weather in March in Phu Quoc has beautiful sunshine, cool wind and especially the starfish “blooming” season.

With clear blue sea like jade color, flocks of starfish immersed in white sand and waves patting the shore, this place is like a paradise. Surely this place will be a great "virtual living" place for you.

March in Phu Quoc brings its own beauty that is both gentle and strong

Hon Cau - Con Dao is as beautiful as a dream

Hon Cau - Con Dao will definitely be an attractive tourist destination for nature-loving tourists. So why don't you travel in March here? Hon Cau is a pristine natural place for you to learn and explore.

In addition, you can also participate in activities such as scuba diving and canoeing here. This is a destination that promises many interesting things that you should come to.

Con Dao Island in March is always an ideal destination for tourists

Above is a list of places to visit in March that we want to send to you. Book your tickets today to not miss the beautiful check-in locations and the bustling festivals of the lands. HoaBinh Tourist is a website that shares interesting destinations and regional culinary specialties to visitors. Please always accompany with us to capture many other attractive tourist information! For more information, please contact the hotline: 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for advice and a suitable tour quote.


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