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Where should you travel in February? Top 10+ hottest tourist destinations in 3 regions

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February is the time when the weather is still cold, spring is coming, the fruits are racing to sprout and bloom. The weather is ideal to carry your backpack up and go around with family and friends, to kickstart the spirit for a productive year. If you are wondering where to travel in February, please also HoaBinh Tourist to find the answer in the article below.

February Where Should You Travel? Domestic February Travel Suggestions


February is the period when Sapa has completely entered the spring, the weather is warming up but there is still a bit of cold lingering in the last months of the year. The temperature fluctuates below 10 degrees Celsius, there is almost no rain, very suitable for tourists to visit and explore famous places here such as Fansipan peak, O Quy Ho pass, Ta Phin village, Ham Rong peak. , Muong Hoa Valley, ... This is also the ideal time to hunt clouds in Sapa.

Traveling to Sapa in February, visitors will experience the atmosphere of Tet until spring with flowers overwhelming the sky

Sapa is beautiful every season, but perhaps spring is really the time to peel off the inherent beauty of Sapa. The difference of Sapa in February is the appearance of peach blossoms blooming all over the mountains with the characteristic pink and purple color. In addition, the white color of plum flowers, apricot flowers and other flowers such as wild orchids, chrysanthemums, canola flowers, etc. have created a colorful Sapa.

Moc Chau – A great stopover 

If you do not know where to travel in February in the North, you can refer to Moc Chau - a great stopover. Like Sapa, February is the season of plum blossoms blooming all over the hillside, signaling a spring is coming to the village in the Northwest.

Moc Chau in February attracts tourists with traditional villages, splendid flowers, majestic beauty of Ban Ang pine forest, Dai Yem waterfall, Pha Luong mountain peak, ... and many other beautiful landscapes.

Moc Chau in February is brilliant with the white color of the blooming season, creating a beautiful and poetic scene

"Cloud hunting" will be an activity that gives visitors great emotions during their trip to Moc Chau in February. Green tea hills, white plum forests, children's smiles or ethnic girls charming…, all of which leave an indelible impression.

Pu Luong is so beautiful in February

Coming to Pu Luong in February, the weather is very nice, the temperature ranges from 18-25 degrees, suitable for exploring and trekking activities. Pu Luong has a simple beauty but no less poetic and peaceful. At Pu Luong, you can not only admire the magnificent beauty of the mountains and forests, the beauty of the absent clouds, the brilliant sunrises and sunsets, but also enjoy the endless stretches of rice fields. The terraced fields are so beautiful.

Going to Pu Luong to hunt clouds in February is an ideal choice

During your February travel itinerary in Pu Luong, you should not miss activities such as Trekking Pu Luong peak 1700m, participating in festivals of Thai and Muong ethnic minorities, walking Pho Doan market, Discovering Ban Don, Hieu, Thac Hieu,…

Con Dao

Con Dao is one of the pristine beaches, belonging to the sea territory of Ba Ria - Vung Tau. February is the dry season in Con Dao, the weather is very beautiful, the sky is clear, the sun is warm and dry, and the sea is clear. However, due to the impact of the northeast wind, sometimes the sea is strong, making fun activities on the sea such as scuba diving to see corals, boats traveling to visit will be limited.

Con Dao in February is like a charming blue pearl

Traveling in February in Con Dao, do not forget to visit places of historical value such as: Con Dao Prison, Phu Hai Prison, Tiger Cage, Chua Bao Palace, etc. Also enjoy the specialties such as: Fire lobster, grilled sea eel, moon crab here!

Nha Trang - Dreamy sea

The weather in Nha Trang in February is very beautiful, not too sunny, little rain, the temperature in the range of 22-28 degrees Celsius is very suitable for fun activities, swimming, adventure games... Hon Mun, Hon Tre, Hon Chong always attract a large number of tourists.

Traveling to Nha Trang in February, experience the peaceful space brought by the sea

Traveling in February in Nha Trang, if you miss the journey to explore the island in Binh Ba, Binh Hung, it will be a pity. Blue sea, white clouds, gentle sunshine, will definitely be the check-in place with great photos. In addition, if you are bored with the sea view, you can come to experience Vinpearl Land - known as a virtual living mecca. It has many amusement parks, water parks, aquariums and many luxury resorts.

Phu Yen

The weather when traveling in February in Phu Yen is quite cool, not subject to the harsh sun like summer. Whether you love the sea, like the forest, are fascinated by the pristine islands, or want to experience the idyllic life of the central land, Phu Yen will make you satisfied.

Phu Yen in February is not noisy, busy but quietly, quietly

In February, Phu Yen only shows the most clearly the image of the land of "yellow flowers on green grass". The yellow flowers blooming along the street, the rice fields stretching straight to the wings of the storks, the immense green beaches have created a beautiful and captivating Phu Yen. At this time, you also have the opportunity to participate in many special festivals of this land such as Fishing Ceremony, O Loan Lagoon Festival, Dong Cam Dam Festival, etc.

Da Lat is gentle in the pink color of the cherry blossom season

Da Lat has a cool climate all year round, but perhaps February is the most pleasant time, the temperature ranges from 19 to 24 degrees Celsius. This time, cherry blossoms bloom all over the city. the path with its characteristic pale pink color.

Sometimes the fleeting winds will carry the fragile peach petals in the footsteps of distant travelers, creating a poetic scene. To be immersed in this scene, visit Tran Hung Dao Street, Xuan Huong Lake, Tuyen Lam Lake, Doc Da Quy, etc.

Da Lat in February is gentle, calm and very modern

Da Lat this season is also flooded with a sea of clouds, so don't miss the activity of "hunting clouds in the mountain town" at Hon Bo Peak, Langbiang Peak, Thien Phuc Duc Hill, etc. Besides, you also do not forget to experience activities such as: Climbing. mountains, check in at Bali Heaven Gate, visit strawberry garden, …

Da Nang in the days approaching the Lunar New Year

Traveling in February in Da Nang is very ideal with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, pleasant weather, warm sunshine, and little rain. This time is quite close to the Lunar New Year, so it is very suitable for going to pagodas. If you are lucky, you will go on the occasion of the city holding fireworks to welcome the new year, the brilliant fireworks in the sky will surely bring unforgettable memories.

Da Nang in February always retains its bustling and bustling features of tourists

Where should you travel in February when coming to Da Nang? Surely you cannot ignore the white sand beaches, shimmering bridges and other famous attractions such as Hai Van Pass, Ban Co peak, Marble Mountains, Bai But, etc.

Ninh Thuan - Wild and idyllic beauty

Ninh Thuan is a new tourist destination of the Central region, attracting a lot of both domestic and international tourists. Favored by nature with many wild, majestic but equally poetic landscapes such as Ca Na beach, Vinh Hy bay, Ninh Chu, Po Klong Garai tower, ... Ninh Thuan in the days of February with cool weather Cool with beautiful beaches is the ideal destination for your journey.

Ninh Thuan in February has a lot of surprising destinations

No hustle and bustle, Ninh Thuan will bring you the most peaceful moments, temporarily forgetting the pressures of work or life. Enjoy a memorable trip at the green coasts, diverse national forest ecosystems, miniature desserts and especially the impressive Cham - pa cultural heritage.

The West is hospitable, gentle and affectionate

The West is beautiful every season, but perhaps the most beautiful is in February. In the springtime, near Tet, visitors will experience the customs and habits of Westerners to welcome Tet with the full color of flowers. spring fruit.

Traveling in February in the West, visit Sa Dec city of Dong Thap province famous for Sa Dec flower village. Every spring, this place jubilantly comes to life with thousands of blooming flowers, showing off under the gentle rays of spring sunshine, which will surely leave an indelible impression in the hearts of visitors.

The West of February always brings tenderness, hospitality and romance

Hopefully through this article, you have answered the question "where should I travel in February?". On the occasion of the arrival of spring, when the weather is in the most beautiful period of the year, let's explore the beauty of the S-shaped land with your loved ones to the fullest! Don't forget to follow HoaBinh Tourist for more interesting tourist destinations not to be missed.


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