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Where to travel in April? Summary of Top 12 hottest tourist destinations in 3 regions

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April is coming, this is the right time to organize trips and resorts. Do you know where to travel in April? If not, let HoaBinh Tourist tell you some interesting tourist destinations all over the country!

Where should Vietnam travel in April?

What are the attractive tourist attractions in the South in April?

Let's follow HoaBinh Tourist to discover attractive tourist destinations in the South in April right below:

Pearl Island Phu Quoc - Famous for a long time

April tour in the South brings you to Ngoc Phu Quoc Island - a famous beautiful place that you should not miss. It possesses majestic, beautiful natural scenery and many interesting things that have not yet been discovered.

Phu Quoc pearl island - An attractive destination for tourists from all over the world in April

Visitors here have the opportunity to admire more than 3,000 individuals of 150 rare animal species from many parts of the world. In addition, we also have the opportunity to walk under the sea at Namaste Phu Quoc coral park. The colorful worldview at Ngoc Island will surely make viewers admire and praise.

Con Dao

Referring to Con Dao, people not only think of the infamous Con Dao prison, where many Vietnamese heroes were detained during wartime, but also a place that offers visitors many special experiences.

Con Dao in April leaves nostalgia in every visitor's heart

In April, Con Dao puts on a gentle, peaceful look with the sound of waves whispering every night. Blue sea water, vast white sand beaches satisfy the people who love the sea. There are also many beautiful check-in corners that will help you get million-like photos. In addition, do not forget to enjoy the specialties here: sunny squid, moon crab, shark salad...

The West - The capital of unseasonal fruits

If you are wondering what to do in the West, try a trip here. April is the time when the West enters the dry season, the weather is quite nice and convenient for traveling. This is also the time when the delicious fruit bowls are in the right harvest. You can comfortably enjoy fruit specialties here. In addition, do not forget the delicious regional specialties such as jaggery, An Giang burning chicken...

The West in April is always gentle, loving and nostalgic

What are the attractive tourist spots in the North in April?

What tourist destinations in the North are attractive to tourists in April? Let's explore with us:

Cat Ba Island - The largest archipelago in the Gulf of Tonkin

Traveling to Cat Ba in April is the right time for visitors to fully enjoy the beauty of this place. It is known that Cat Ba Island is the largest and largest archipelago in the Gulf of Tonkin. This place fully converges the quintessence of heaven and earth, plants with primeval mangrove forests, tropical rainforests, seaweed carpets, corals and beautiful long and wide cave systems. Visitors can travel by train or ferry to experience this beautiful space.

Cat Ba Island attracts visitors in April with its majestic and poetic beauty

Sapa fair - Highland beauty

If you are a travel enthusiast, take the time to visit Sapa and enjoy the unique beauty of the highlands. Sapa is located in the Northwest region of Vietnam with an average altitude of 1,500-1,800m above sea level. If you come here in April, you will feel the new vitality spreading in the green space of trees and vibrant colors of flowers.

Visitors should also not miss the highland markets, where you can see beautiful costumes and have the opportunity to enjoy many famous delicious dishes such as kitchen buffalo meat, armpit pork... It is also a place to exchange and send the fate of many highland boys and girls.

The bustling Sapa market in April attracts a large number of tourists to experience

Mai Chau - The valley that captivates people

Are you still wondering where to travel in April? Come to Mai Chau valley to immerse yourself in the quiet and fresh space here. The weather in April is extremely pleasant, the temperature ranges from 18-25 degrees, creating conditions for you to freely explore ethnic customs and culture in Mai Chau.

In the joyful and exciting atmosphere of the festival season, visitors can transform into Thai girls to dance unique dances. In addition, when coming to this interesting tourist destination, you should also try famous specialties such as Lam rice, maize or stream fish...

Mai Chau Hoa Binh in April always attracts tourists with its unique culture and nature

Moc Chau - Filled with flowers on every road

Moc Chau tourism makes tourists overwhelmed by the green scenery on the tea hills. Not only that, but after Moc Chau plums are also in the harvest season, you also have the opportunity to enjoy this specialty fruit. The weather in April in Moc Chau is very favorable for you to make your adventure. Tourist places that you should not miss: Moc Chau tea hill, Dai Yem waterfall...

Moc Chau in April is romantic and gentle, attracting couples to visit

Cao Bang - The mountainous region possesses majestic and unspoiled nature

If you are planning a holiday 30 4 where to travel then try to learn more about Cao Bang. This place is favored by nature by the majestic scenery of young water, the murmuring waterfall that makes visitors extremely excited. You can come here in any season, but perhaps April is the most beautiful Cao Bang season of the year. Some famous tourist attractions of Cao Bang attract tourists such as Ban Gioc waterfall, Nguom Ngao cave...

Cao Bang in April has a majestic and attractive beauty

What are the attractive tourist spots in the Central region in April?

So HoaBinh Tourist has been with you to discover interesting destinations in the North and South, what about in the Central region in April? Let's explore with us right now.

Da Nang beautiful sunny days in April

The beautiful sunshine of April is the right time for you to walk around Da Nang City. This most livable city in Vietnam will bring you a comfortable and pleasant feeling. Thanh Khe beach whispering sunshine and wind is a place where visitors relax from the summer sun and have extremely chilled virtual photos. Coming to Da Nang, you can visit tourist attractions such as Ba Na Hills, Bay Mau coconut forest, Than Tai hot spring fish.

Da Nang is always attractive to tourists every month of the year, especially in April

Hoi An is busy in April 

Hoi An is more than 1 hour from the center of Da Nang by motorbike. This place owns an ancient scene with an old style that makes visitors feel like they are reliving the old days. In April, the weather here is quite cool, very suitable for visitors to fully explore the scenery of Hoi An ancient town, My Son sanctuary or Cua Dai beach. Hoi An also has many delicious and strange specialties that you should try: Mot water, noodle soup, chicken rice with grease...

Hoi An Ancient Town in April impresses with bougainvillea spread throughout the neighborhood

Nha Trang – The sea voted in Vietnam

Traveling to Nha Trang is truly an experience that cannot be more interesting. The weather in April is relatively pleasant, helping visitors fully enjoy the beautiful scenery in this "land of Agarwood and Yen sea". Tourists have countless attractive options such as Hon Tre Nha Trang, Cam Ranh tourism, Ponagar Thap... You also do not forget to enjoy the famous fresh seafood dishes such as king crab or giant crab.

Nha Trang in April welcomes visitors with beautiful beaches and many famous landmarks

Beautiful Quy Nhon after a long rainy season

After walking around Phu Yen, you can continue your journey when you visit Quy Nhon - the city of poetry. If you are a lover of the sea, you must definitely come to see famous places such as Eo Gio, Ky Co island, Cu Lao Xanh... full of fun for you.

Quy Nhon in April is beautiful and attracts visitors by its beaches and fresh air

Above is all the information suggested in April where to travel that HoaBinh Tourist wants to suggest to you. It can be seen that, on this S-shaped strip of land, there are many interesting places to play. Take advantage of the beautiful sunny days to travel and explore this world!



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