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Where to travel in January? The top 12+ hottest tourist destinations in three regions

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Are you wondering where to travel in January in the mountains, plains, sea, or heart of the city? The North with blooming flowers, the high mountains, the Central region with whispering waves, and the South with vast rivers — all regions have their own beauty of heaven and earth. Here are the top tourist destinations in January that you should not miss that HoaBinh Tourist has compiled for you. Let's schedule a time together now to enjoy the beautiful scenery from North to South!

In January, where should you travel to in the North?

The North is the first place on the January itinerary to travel. Travel with us to the beautiful scenery of the North through the following places:

Travel to the North in January with its own unique color

Moc Chau is covered with apricot and plum blossom hills in white

Moc Chau is the ideal place to answer the question of where to travel in the North in January. Spring begins with all births and blooms; life seems to be overflowing in the highlands. Apricot blossom season, plum flowers covered with white, and the hills and mountains will surely delight visitors.

Places for tourists to see flowers and check in are beautiful, such as Long Sap border gate, Muong Sang, Moc Chau town, etc. Don't miss the plum blossom season in January in Moc Chau!

Traveling to Moc Chau in January, don't forget to admire the white banyan forest!

Sapa in January is the most beautiful time of the year

If you do not know where to travel in January, quickly visit Sapa. Sapa is known as the town of clouds, with majestic mountain views that will captivate your heart.

In the early spring days when you come to Sapa, you will admire the fragile beauty of cherry blossoms in full bloom. Don't forget to visit Fansipan, Cat Cat village, Ta Van village, O Long tea hill, etc. to check in on the picture of nature with 1-0-2 here.

Sapa travel in January: Immerse yourself in the life in the foggy town

Dien Bien: Cherry blossoms are in full bloom in the sky

It is impossible to ignore the blooming cherry blossoms in Dien Bien if you are a flower-loving tourist. Dien Bien, with its vast cherry blossom forest, will make the flower season more vibrant and passionate than ever. This place promises a jubilant cherry blossom festival season for tourists near and far.

Don't forget to visit the heroic historical sites of Dien Bien on A1 Hill or discover the lives of the people here in Ten, Men, etc. In January, if you travel anywhere, don't miss the heroic Dien Bien. 

Dien Bien travel in January - discover interesting destinations with family

Visit Bai Dinh Pagoda in Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh tourism in January with sacred festivals is a suitable spring destination for tourists from all over the country. Bai Dinh Pagoda Festival takes place in the first lunar month with cool weather and lively river scenery that will bring you a feeling of peace and tranquility.

You will be sitting on a boat to swim along the water to admire the limestone mountains and enjoy the poetic scenery. Book your tickets today to immerse yourself in the sacred Bai Dinh pagoda festival and enjoy the beautiful scenery of early spring in Ninh Binh.

Bai Dinh tourism in January - Finding a sacred place

Hanoi is busy in the early spring days

It will be remiss if you ignore Hanoi in your list of places to travel in January. With clear weather, many attractions in Hanoi, such as Uncle Ho's Mausoleum, the Temple of Literature, Hoan Kiem Lake, The Huc Bridge, etc., promise an interesting visit.

You will enjoy the dishes with typical Hanoi flavors such as Pho, bun cha, vermicelli, etc. to warm the hearts of visitors. And busy participating in the festival season in the Capital in January. Once you visit Hanoi, you will definitely be lingering forever.

Hanoi in January: People are eager to buy Tet to prepare for a lucky new year

In January, where should I travel in the Central Region?

The central region, with beautiful scenery stretching along the coast, a cool climate in early spring, and poetic nature, is an attractive tourist destination in January. Let's take a look at the following central tourist attractions:

Da Nang - a dreamy and fresh city

Where to travel in the Central Region in January? The first place on that list is Da Nang. A dreamy coastal city with a fresh climate, visitors seem to be filled with energy to start a new year.

Traveling to Da Nang in January, the weather is cool, you can explore all the places

Coming to Da Nang, you can also visit the famous bridges in the heart of the city, watch the clouds floating on the top of Ba Na Hills, etc. The people here are friendly and ready to help when you need them, and enjoy a lot of attractive dishes with bold flavors of the central region, such as vermicelli with seasoning, Quang noodles, etc.

Hoi An - Destination for those who love the ancient

Following Da Nang, the destination you should not miss on the list of places to travel in January is Hoi An. Hoi An is nostalgic, with ancient and peaceful houses that have been passed down through many generations. Here, you will be able to leisurely stroll through the ancient houses and play with the beautiful little lanterns without rushing or jostling.

Traveling to Hoi An in January, don't forget to explore VinWonders Nam Hoi An!

In addition to exploring the old town, visitors can also enjoy the specialties here, such as Cao Lau, chicken rice, etc. Enjoy a bit of peace and antiquity when you come to Hoi An.

Nha Trang - the famous clean sea, is of the same poetic nature

Nha Trang is the ideal destination in January for all visitors. At the beginning of the year, the sea is calm, the wind is light, and the waves are light with cool blue water that will satisfy tourists who like the sea.

Not only do visitors have a beautiful, clean sea and poetic nature, but they also have a wide view with beautiful scenery on Mun Island, Dai Lanh... And don't forget to visit the unique Cham Tower cultural relic here.

Traveling to Nha Trang in January is suitable to go to the temple to pray for happiness

Phu Yen - A beautiful check-in place at the end of the year

Phu Yen is an attractive tourist destination with many beautiful check-in points in the Central Region that you should not miss. The beautiful scenery of Ganh Da Dia, O Loan Lagoon, Vung Ro, Dien Cape, etc., combined with the magic of nature, makes you want to explore forever.

Not only does Phu Yen have beautiful scenery, Phu Yen also has many delicious dishes for visitors, such as: ocean tuna eyes, shallot soup cake, pork belly cake, etc. Book your tickets today to soon be in harmony with Phu Yen's nature.  

Explore Phu Yen in January with its eye-catching bays and islands

In January, where should you travel to the South?

Vung Tau, Phu Quoc, Dong Thap, etc. are the places to visit in January in the South for tourists. Let's take a look at the features of these regions.

The Central Highlands in early spring is so beautiful

The land of the Central Highlands is full of sunshine and beautiful winds for you to check in on the first day of spring. In January, the weather will not be too hot for you to visit places such as Bien Ho, the cultural space of gongs, and Mang Den to watch the stars. The coffee flower season is about to bloom, clearing a swidden field. Surely visitors will have photos to preserve impressive memories.

Traveling to the Central Highlands in January, don't forget to admire Bien Ho!

Visitors will enjoy the taste of famous Vietnamese coffee and many delicious dishes. Try once to set foot in this interesting red land with three compartments; you will definitely remember it forever.

Vung Tau Beach - Beach near Saigon

Vung Tau is an attractive tourist destination because of its beautiful beach, many delicious dishes, and proximity to the city. In Ho Chi Minh City, traffic is quite convenient. You will be spoiled for soaking in the cool ocean waves to beat the uncomfortable heat.

The Statue of Christ Lighthouse is a beautiful and impressive check-in point for many tourists when coming to Vung Tau. In addition, there are many ideal destinations, such as: Long Hai, Ho Tram, Ho Coc, etc., for you to freely explore and check in.

Come to Vung Tau in January, don't forget to experience the beautiful beaches here!

Phu Quoc's white sand in the sun is so beautiful

Phu Quoc is a popular tourist destination in Vietnam, so this is the place to go in January that everyone should visit. On the first day of the year, Phu Quoc Beach is sunny, the wind is beautiful, and it is really a great resort destination.

With many beautiful beaches and a long coastline, such as Bai Sao, Bai Khem, Bai Dai, etc., visitors are free to explore and visit the beautiful natural scenery. Dubbed the pearl of nature, so you cannot miss countless beautiful photos of nature here. Besides, you can also enjoy a variety of attractive seafood with the freshest flavor that the fisherman has just caught.

Phu Quoc in January the weather is extremely beautiful, suitable for checking-in beautiful beaches

Dong Thap: The West River with a variety of folk fun

Coming to Dong Thap in January, visitors will be immersed in the spring flower festival with a scene full of flowers. Enjoy the music performances and folk games and taste many delicious dishes here, such as Sa Dec noodle soup, spring rolls, etc.

Coming to Dong Thap, you will be able to check in with Sa Dec flower village, explore the Xeo Quyt relic site, and visit Tram Chim National Park. In addition, you will be able to travel abroad on the dinghy to explore nature and human life here.

Come to Dong Thap in January, don't forget to admire the beauty of flower gardens such as lotus flowers, sadec flowers... showing off their colors in the days approaching Tet!

Frequently asked questions about traveling in January

Where should I travel in January?

January is the first month of spring, and the destinations to travel to in January are the lands stretching across the country of Vietnam. Each region, each beautiful scene with its own charm and brand, is waiting for visitors. As HoaBinh Tourist shared above, places like Moc Chau, Ninh Binh, Hanoi, Hoi An, Phu Quoc, etc. are attractive destinations for all visitors.

Where to swim in January?

In January, when the weather is no longer cold, immersing yourself in the natural sea is the most enjoyable and refreshing thing. You can refer to the peaceful, clean, and beautiful beaches in Da Nang, Nha Trang, Phu Quoc, or Vung Tau that we have shared above.

HoaBinh Tourist hopes to clear your doubts about the tourist destinations in January. To have instant check-in photos, start choosing for yourself the most attractive destination right now. Do not forget to accompany us to receive more interesting tourist information in all parts of the country and diverse cuisines everywhere!



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