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Where to travel in July? TOP 15 "ideal" tourist destinations in July

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July is one of the most beautiful times of the year and there are many beautiful places for you to experience and relax. So where should you travel in July? Let's with HoaBinh Tourist take a look at 15 ideal July travel destinations from North to South right in the article below!

Where should the 3 regions of Vietnam travel in July?

Where should you travel in July in the South?

In July in the South, the weather gradually changes season, which is very suitable for Southern tours to admire the nature and change new clothes. So which destinations in the South attract visitors in July? Please follow us.

Misty Da Lat

July is the low tourist month of Da Lat, showers begin to appear. But because of that, you can avoid the crowds. More specifically, this is the season when Lavender flowers bloom, so you can fully admire the charming beauty of this flower.

In July, experiencing the misty Da Lat and seeing the beautiful scenery here is so wonderful!

A little note is that you should bring an umbrella or a thin raincoat when going out, to avoid getting wet when it suddenly rains, friends!

Back to Can Tho – The West

If you are still wondering where to travel in July, traveling to Can Tho is the choice worth considering. This is the time when the fruit is full, you can roam freely and enjoy the fresh taste at the famous orchards. Some suggestions about places that you can visit are Thot Not fruit garden, Vam Xang - Phong Dien, garden in O Mon, Mr. Sau Duong's garden, Binh Thuy orchid garden...

In July, go to the West of Can Tho River to experience the idyllic life here

Ben Tre

June, July and August are considered the best times to travel to Ben Tre. During this time, the fruit begins to ripen. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the most delicious fruits in the Mekong Delta.

In Ben Tre, there are countless interesting tourist attractions such as: Cu Lao Minh, Lang Be tourist area, Cai Mon fruit garden, Con My ecotourism area... Coming to this place, you will experience Experience many unique cultural features and fun activities in many famous eco-tourism areas!

Come to Ben Tre in July to feel the peace amidst the chaos of life

Visiting Cu Chi Tunnels

For those who love history and cultural values, Cu Chi Tunnels is a place you cannot ignore. Here, you can admire the tunnels, where our army and people operated during the war. With a length of 120m and 2 floors, these roads will bring you many interesting experiences.

Here, you are also free to enjoy dishes with bold local flavors such as: Potatoes, cassava, ground tubers dipped with sesame salt...

Visit Cu Chi Tunnels in July to understand more about the heroic history of the Vietnamese nation

Where should you travel in July to play the North?

For the North, July brings poetic and romantic beauty. Let's take a look at the most prominent tourist destinations in the North with HoaBinh Tourist in July.

Moc Chau beautiful and touching autumn days

Where to travel in the North in July? Come to Moc Chau to discover all the beauty of this poetic land.

In July, you will be able to see the vast and green tea hills. One of them is Moc Chau Heart Tea Hill, which is a famous "check-in" place for many tourists. Another impressive place that you should visit in the summer is Dai Yem Waterfall. You will be completely "immersed" in nature when coming to the waterfall. The white waterfall with the majestic scenery of nature will bring you a pleasant feeling and relaxing moments.

Admire the gentle and lovely Dai Yem Moc Chau waterfall in July

Sapa – Warm and poetic sunshine

Sapa's weather in July is quite pleasant, with warm sunshine at noon. So you can fully enjoy the moments here. Sapa in July stands out with green terraced fields, layered on each floor. You can go to Ta Van or Ta Phin to see the "monkey" terraced fields. There is a small note that Sapa's rainy season usually lasts from May to September, so you should not climb the mountain to avoid danger due to slippery roads.

Sapa is warm and poetic with golden terraced fields in July

Hanoi – The colors of autumn

Hanoi's weather is characterized by a tropical monsoon, so there are 4 distinct seasons: Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter. In July, the weather has begun to be less sultry, and it is no longer as hot as May and June. Therefore, this is an extremely ideal time for outdoor sightseeing activities.

Some ideal places to visit in Hanoi are: Temple of Literature - Quoc Tu Giam, Dong Xuan Night Market, Duong Lam Ancient Village, Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.... On hot summer days, you can "cool off" with famous snacks such as Trang Tien ice cream, crocodile juice, sticky rice yogurt, pickled fruits or sticky rice ice cream!

In July, visiting Hanoi cannot miss the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

Mai Chau is quiet on autumn day

Each season, Mai Chau brings a unique and attractive beauty. Coming to Mai Chau at any time of the year, you can also experience the poetic scenery that only this place has. Thung Khe Pass or Da Trang Pass, is formed on a white limestone mountain, so when you stay here, you will feel like you are in Northern Europe. If you like to experience the local culture, then visit Lac village, where there are hundreds of stilt houses up to 700 years old.

Mai Chau is quiet and peaceful in July

Tam Dao is known as the Northern Da Lat

If you want to find a place "like Da Lat" in the North, don't miss Tam Dao. Coming to Tam Dao in July, you will feel all 4 seasons in one exciting day. So where should you travel in July when coming to Tam Dao? You can refer to some famous tourist attractions here: Tam Dao Ancient Church, Tam Dao Silver Waterfall, Tam Dao May Bridge, Tam Dao TV Tower...

Coming to Tam Dao in July, visitors think like being in a miniature Da Lat in the North

Where should you travel in the Central region in July?

So how is the Central region in July? Is it similar to the North and the South? Let us find the answer right below.

Nha Trang beach in the autumn months

Nha Trang is the dry season when it comes to July with a lot of sunshine but quite pleasant. The sea water is clear and calm, so this is the right time for relaxing activities, swimming and having fun. You can visit a few islands in Nha Trang to admire all the beauty that nature offers here such as Hon Tam Island, Hon Mun Island, Hon Tre Island...

Coming to Nha Trang in July, visitors will experience the cool blue water and great entertainment activities

Da Nang - The most livable city in Vietnam

Da Nang is known as a city worth living, not only because of its clean and beautiful city, friendly people, but also by nature's many beautiful landscapes. You can explore Da Nang in July through activities such as swimming, visiting the Marble Mountains, enjoying food at Con Cho, Han Market… and many other interesting activities!

July in Da Nang has many festivals, in which the wonderful fireworks festival is not to be missed!

Quy Nhon - Maldives of Vietnam

In July, the first rains of the season appear in Quy Nhon, making the air here fresh and not too hot. So this is the right time for outdoor activities such as swimming or visiting historical buildings. Quy Nhon Beach, Quy Nhon Beach, Eo Gio are famous beaches that you should visit when coming to Quy Nhon.

Quy Nhon in July puts on a loving and gentle look

Ghenh Da Dia – Phu Yen

If you visit Phu Yen, you must definitely go to Ghenh Da Dia, which is being honed by nature into extremely fancy shapes. The stone blocks here are up to 200 million years old with thousands of stone columns of various shapes such as round, square, and rectangular that are stacked tightly on top of each other.

Ghenh Da Dia, Phu Yen in July brings an impressive beauty to visitors

Ly Son Island

Ly Son is an island district in Quang Ngai province, loved by many tourists for its unspoiled beauty. April to August is also considered the most beautiful time to travel in Ly Son. Some famous places in Ly Son island that you can explore such as: Thoi Loi Peak, Garlic field, Cau Cave, Linh Tu...

Ly Son Island in July brings a beauty that makes visitors flutter

With the question of where to travel in July, hopefully the above answers have helped you make a choice for your upcoming trip. In addition, visit HoaBinh Tourist, to regularly update the latest travel news! Or contact us via Hotline: 0939.311.911 - 0913.311.911 for advice on tour packages, quotes and quick tour booking.



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