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Established in 2008, HoaBinh Group is proud to be one of the leading
 companies in Vietnam in the field of event organization, conferences,
 and tourism, providing the most economical and efficient solutions
 for organizations, businesses, and government agencies both domes-
 tically and internationally.
 As part of HoaBinh Group's M.I.C.E ecosystem, HoaBinh Tourist - since
 its establishment, has continuously grown and made significant
 strides. Starting with a team of 4 staff members in the early days,
 HoaBinh Tourist's workforce now includes more than 200 profession-
 ally trained and experienced individuals in the field of tourism and
 travel services.
 HoaBinh Tourist's business operations are increasingly expanding in
 both domestic and foreign markets: providing airline tickets, hotel
 management, restaurants, event organization (MICE), etc. HoaBinh
 Tourist currently owns a system of 3 major branches in Hanoi, Da
 Nang, and Ho Chi Minh City, along with a network of agents in many
 provinces across the country.
 Serving with the spirit of Trust - Heart - Intelligence - Precision - Hu-
 manity, HoaBinh Tourist has made and continues to make significant
 contributions to the overall development of Vietnam's tourism indus-

 03                                                                                                                                                             04                                        Hotline: +84 913311911                                        Hotline: +84 913311911
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